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Another game day is coming your way Saturday, and we get to see one of the SEC’s most underrated rivalry games: South Carolina at Georgia.

I finished 5-5 ATS and 11-2 overall in week one picks, while Kevin showed me up at 7-3 and 11-2 overall. Hat tip to you, Kevin.

On to week two we go…

Miami (OH) at Kentucky (-17)

Jon: Kentucky was a disappointment in week one, but hopefully they’ll get back on the right track this weekend against the Red Hawks. Kentucky 35, Miami (OH) 17

Kevin: I’ll go with a Kentucky win by not covering the 17 point spread. Cats win by two touchdowns. Kentucky 28, Miami (OH) 14.

#12 Florida (-3) at Miami

Jon: Florida won’t allow Duke Johnson to hit 100 yards rushing. The Gators win and cover. Florida 23, Miami 13

Kevin: My favorite spread of the week, Florida’s sweet spot is to win by 7-10 points. They don’t blow out teams, but they’re built to grind it out and out-physical a team like Miami. Florida 20, Miami 13.

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WKU at Tennessee (-13)

Jon: Tough game and tough matchup. Coaching will have a big impact, but Tennessee will win with a dominant O-line. WKU will cover. Tennessee 27, WKU 20

Kevin: I’m with Jon on this one. Tennessee wins but doesn’t cover the spread, despite Petrino’s best attempts to go 2-0 against the SEC. Tennessee 33, WKU 30.

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Toledo at Missouri (-17)

Jon: I’m loving Missouri’s offense now with James Franklin and the running game. Missouri wins and covers. Missouri 37, Toledo 17

Kevin: I think Toledo’s offense enjoys a major break regarding the opposing defense after playing Florida’s suffocating defense. I think they keep it mildly close and Missouri fails to cover the 17 point spread. Missouri 38, Toledo 31.

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#6 South Carolina at #11 Georgia (-3)

Jon: What a tough game to pick, and it is the SEC’s game of the week. Although I picked Georgia to win the East, South Carolina has dominated the running game the last three years. Carolina wins a close one in Athens. South Carolina 31, Georgia 30

Kevin: I think Georgia has to win this game, and they will. I also think we’re underestimated how good Clemson is and how tough that environment they played in on Saturday night was. Georgia wins 28-24 and covers the spread.

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Samford at Arkansas (-32)

Jon: Arkansas was the SEC’s biggest surprise the first week, and the Hogs are for real…and I love that physicality they play with. Arkansas wins and covers. Hogs 45, Samford 10

Kevin: Arkansas is physical! Love it. Bad for Samford. Arkansas covers and wins 48-7.

UAB at #9 LSU (-34.5)

Jon: LSU dominates games like this, and there is no letdown against non-conference opponents in 2013. LSU will run it down their throats. LSU 45, UAB 10

Kevin: LSU crushes UAB and covers the spread. LSU 45. UAB 7.

SE Missouri State at Ole Miss (-52.5)

Jon: What a massive spread. The Rebels are good, and they are good enough to cover, but I’m not taking the 52.5 spread. Hugh will call off the dogs. Ole Miss 45, SE Missouri State 10

Kevin: Too big of a spread. Ole Miss gets an easy win. Ole Miss 48. SE Missouri State 7.

Sam Houston State at #7 Texas A&M (-40)

Jon: Johnny Football starts the first half this week. That is great news for college football. The Aggies will score in boatloads, but so will Sam Houston State…more than you expect. Aggies win but won’t cover. Texas A&M 52, SM St. 20

Kevin: I think Texas A&M cruises to a win and a cover. Aggies get their game together ahead of Alabama. Texas A&M 57. Sam Houston St. 13.

Arkansas State at Auburn (-12.5)

Jon: Auburn did enough against Washington State last week. Nick Marshall won’t make that big of a jump, and Arkansas State can play. Auburn wins, but Arkansas State covers. Auburn 35, Arkansas St. 24

Kevin: I like Auburn to win easily here. I think they improve from last week and get another good win. Auburn 31, Ark St. 14.

Austin Peay at Vanderbilt (-49)

Jon: Austin Peay was hammered against Tennesseet, and this one could get ugly. But James Franklin will call off the dogs in the second half. Vanderbilt 41, Austin Peay 7

Kevin: I have a rule to never bet on a team named Austin Peay, but I’m going to say they cover the spread. Too wide for Vanderbilt. Vandy 38. Austin Peay 3.

Alcorn State at Miss State (-44.5)

Jon: MSU is looking to get back on track after a dreadful offensive performance last week against Oklahoma State. And Alcorn State is the perfect team to do so, even without Tyler Russell. But 44.5 is a huge number. Mississippi State 38, Alcorn State 14

Kevin: The 4th spread over 40 points? That’s ridiculous! Mullen doesn’t cover. Miss State 41. Alcorn State 10.



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  • USC/UGA game would be a tough one to choose! Agree with all of the other picks though!

  • For the second week in a row, UGA has the toughest game on Saturday of all SEC teams. Another quality top 10 opponent. The dawgs just can’t get a break. Have a lot to prove early on, but beat USC and LSU and these young pups will be in the SEC Championship once again. Bank on it.

    • And on the flip side, if USC wins, they can pretty much go ahead and book their trip to ATL. Fla and UGA both have to play each other and LSU. USC’s only ranked game after Saturday is against Florida. SEC opponents that is. They do still have a date with Clemson which is what keeps their schedule strength up.

  • Kentucky 34…Miami, OH 17 ………. Florida 33…Miami, FL 24 ………. Tenn 35…WKU 31 …..
    ….. Mizzou 34 Toledo 28 ………. South Carolina 28 Georgia 30 ………. Arkansas 55 Samford 07 …..
    ….. LSU 45 UAB 21 ………. Ole Miss 48 SEMO 17 ………. Sam Houston 21 Texas A&M 52 …..
    ….. Arkansas St 24 Auburn 35 ………. Vandy 38 Austin Peay 10 ………. Miss St 41 Alcorn St 17

  • UGA is going to need to speed up the tempo if they want Clowney to exhaust again. Go Dawgs

  • I like Kevin’s assessment on the Auburn win. Marshall and the Defense will both play a lot better. Arkansas State is a decent team but won’t be able to match Auburn’s team speed. Which is why Wash State lost last week.

  • I was lucky enough to go 8-2 last week (my two bad guesses were about Georgia and Kentucky). So here is round two:
    – Miami (OH) at Kentucky: Last week I gambled that Kentucky would win against WKU 3 to 2. This week I’m not trusting Kentucky. Miami (OH) 20 – Kentucky 17
    – Florida at Miami (FL): This is my upset pick of the week. Last week I had NDSU beating Kansas State, but this I’m going on the opposite end of the popular Florida pick. I think Duke Johnson will cement his place in U history with a historic game against this tough Florida D. Jeff Driskel is proven to be a mediocre QB (again) as he leads Florida to just 10 first half points, and 0 in the second half. Miami (FL) 31 – Florida 10
    – Western Kentucky at Tennessee: There isn’t a Sun Belt team alive that can start 2-0 against the SEC, unless both games are played against Kentucky. Tennessee 35 – WKU 21
    – Toledo at Missouri: Missouri looked good against a cupcake last week. Toledo might have won 10 last year, but they don’t get off to a great start this year. Missouri 48 – Toledo 3
    – South Carolina at Georgia: This is easily the hardest pick of the week. Georgia lost a hard fought game last week. And I think this week we see the Dawgs take out that frustation on the ‘Cocks like they did with the Huskers in the 4th quarter last year in the Capital One Bowl. Despite it being close most of the game I think the Dawgs win 41 – 27
    – Samford at Arkansas: Gimmie. Arkansas 1,000 – Samford -1
    – UAB at LSU: Gimmie #2. LSU 2,000 – UAB -4
    – Sam Houston State at Texas A&M: If JFF plays, gimmie #3 (TAMU 3,000 – SHS -7), if he doesn’t much closer game than people think. But he will play, so it doesn’t really matter.
    And two more gimmies in which I see the SEC team winning by 35 or more.

    • Arkansas LSU and TAMU score a combined 6k points? Hmm. I’ll take that bet any day.

    • Florida’s defense giving up 30+ points? Not likely. Their strength is the run defense. Which is what Miami’s offense is built around. And the offense is better than what they show. Ever since Muschamp has gotten there they have played well, the scoreboard just doesn’t light up like it used to when Urban Meyer was there. They do what it takes to win. Florida wins this one by ten or more.

    • Where do you come up with your UGA-USC score other than the fact that you are a Georgia fan? They’ll have frustration that’s for sure but harnessing that frustration against Nebraska in a meaningless bowl game is a lot different then defeating a strong, talented team like the Gamecocks. It’s quite absurd that you think the Dawgs will win by double digits, two touchdowns, let alone win at all. If they do, it will be by no more than one score.

      As a Carolina fan, I’m hoping for the best but expecting for the worst. Can see it going either way but I really think our running game will prove that it can go shot for shot with Gurley and Marshall and our defense will overwhelm Murray again to send USC to a close victory.

    • And by the way, since 2000 both teams have won this game by double digits twice, that’s 4 out of 13 games. Don’t think the UGA team is better than the USC team and certainly not by two scores. UGA’s great hope is that the game is in Athens. Quote me on this please, no way does UGA win by more than 7 if they get the victory.

      • No but both teams were about the same talent wise last season. This season is completely different as anybody you would ask would say that this year, USC is much more talented.

        • No would say USC is more talented, and especially not “much more”. They are about the same this year as they were last year. Second of all, all you are basing your prediction on is the fact that you are a Gamecock fan, just as you accuse me of basing mine off of me being a Dawg fan.
          Let me tell you why the Dawgs will win big. Because Gurley and Marshall will hsow you just how different talentwise they are from South Carolina’s backs. Because Shaw may have a nice win-loss record, but that doesn’t make him a good QB. We see this all the time. A QB is on a good team, and for some reason they automatically must be a great QB. Tebow, Flacco, Mark Sanchez, Matt Cassell, Alex Smith…just because the team wins, doesn’t mean that win should be assigned to the QB. Murray is actually a talented QB, despite his win-loss record, and is constantly overlooked due to it. As if each of those losses are his fault. Georgia’s defense isn’t playing a top 5 offensive squad like they were last week, with the best receiver in the nation and a top 5 QB. They are playing Shaq Roland and Conner Shaw. Sure Shaw and Roland are decent. But they aren’t Watkins and Boyd. And by the way, how does South Carolina plan to stop the passing game? Clowney looked lackluster last time I saw him, and that was in Brice against North Carolina. You’re telling me that somehow he will be better away and against Georgia? How will he stop a passing that attack that is literally packed to the max. There are so many receivers for GA (Conley, Scott-Weasly, Rome, Lynch, Bennett…). What is your plan of attack to stop the passing game? Rush all day long? Screen pass. Let me guess though…you think South Carolina has this fantastic secondary that will just run UGA up and down the field. This is the problem of South Carolina and Mississippi State. You both think that after just a few short season of doing better than awful, you suddenly run the SEC. You haven’t even won a championship and have lost the SEC East Title to Georgia two years in a row. Have you even played in a BCS bowl once? Both teams constantly overrate themselves, and come Saturday Georgia will show you just how overrated South Carolina is and why you should have stayed in the cellar.

        • Jecmoore, I enjoy how your UGA fandom just completely blurs how you think this game will finish. I am in no way saying USC is going to win for a fact, I hope they do, but I think using reason that it will be a close game. And history doesn’t matter, neither of us were alive for UGA’s heyday so that is irrelevant. Yeah USC was a crap/mediocre team for much of our history but we have turned a corner. Competing against UGA and UF in the SEC east has helped us become a better team no doubt and now we can hang with the big schools. Just relax and realize that this game will be much tougher than you think.
          > We all know Connor Shaw isn’t the greatest qb ever, but he is a leader and leaves it all out on the field. No doubt, Murray is much more talented and will probably be a good qb on Sundays but Shaw has so much more heart and desire to win, in my opinion. I’m just excited for a great game and hope that whoever wins does it by merit and not luck.

        • And lastly without Mitchell, give me a break, your wide receiving core is not better than USC. That is just ridiculous for you to lampoon our receivers and then talk up yours when with Ellington we probably have the talent advantage. Need I not bring up Shaq Roland’s catch last year.

  • It’s really interesting that we are going to see Missouri and Florida with a common non-conference opponent so early in the season. 2012 Florida and Missouri played a fairly even head to head game but now ranked 20+ spots ahead of Missouri (source Bleacher Report, Harris, AP). So should Toledo beat Missouri based on the rankings? Will the voters eat crow if Missouri beats Toledo by about the same margin as Florida. What will happen if Missouri “Murray States” Toledo?, because James Franklin only played about half the game last Saturday and that should put Missouri ahead of Florida in the rankings.
    I’m pretty sure we are going to see Missouri score a lot more points against Toledo and equally sure that Missouri will allow at least one more score from Toledo, so what will a Missouri 44 over Toledo 20 do to the rankings?

  • Hope State can get their stuff together…

  • Love SDS and SEC Football!

  • Noway Tenner beats WKU, WKU and it won’t be close. SC over Georgia also.

  • I think a lot of people are discounting WKU too much. Bobby Petrino has a really bad taste in his mouth whenever it comes to the SEC. He is no one to be taken lightly. We all know what he can do with a football team. Especially if you’re an Alabama fan. Arkansas ALWAYS gave us an absolute fit EVERY time we played them. I think WKU beats the Vols by 3 points!

  • Kentucky 17…Miami, OH 21 … Florida 28…Miami, FL 24 … Tenn 21…WKU 28…. Mizzou 34 Toledo 28 … South Carolina 34 Georgia 30 …..Arkansas 62 Samford 10 … LSU 48 UAB 14 …. Ole Miss 48 SEMO 17 …. Sam Houston 10 Texas A&M 54….. Arkansas St 7 Auburn 20 …. Vandy 35 Austin Peay 5 …. Miss St 24 Alcorn St 23

  • Jon, I’ve got to go with you because I’m hoping you are correct in that the Gamecocks come out on top Saturday against Georgia. It is a tall order. It is Athens. There is the overall record that is significantly in Georgia’s favor. But I saw “that look” in Murray’s eyes after the second sack against Clemson, and it was the exact same look we all got to see more than a few times during last year’s 35-7 drubbing. There is the 3 game winning streak for the Gamecocks against Georgia. Even related is the 4 game winning streak against Clemson, due to Georgia’s loss to them last Saturday in Death Valley, the site where the Gamecocks last beat Boyd and Clemson back in November.

    Something which is even more telling is interviews from the Georgia head coach in which he has stated a loss wouldn’t be the end of the world, so its great the Gamecocks have Georgia thinking about losing this Saturday. Murray made some of the same comments so it is great the Georgia quarterback is thinking about losing. On the other hand, Conner Shaw is biting at the bit to prove a point as he returns to his home state with a legitimate shot to be playing in December in Atlanta.

    And most important is the Gamecocks are on a mission this season…they have grown tired of beating Georgia and then watching Georgia represent the East because of missteps later in the season. And if anyone has looked at next year’s schedules, Georgia returns to the cupcake schedule everyone has gotten used to seeing them have, so if the Gamecocks are going to do it, with Shaw, with Clowney, it is this year, it is now!

    It’s time! Go Gamecocks! Beat Georgia! Beat them all! Don’t look back!

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