SEC Week 8 Predictions


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Week eight welcomes all conference games. No teams play non-conference opponents, and Kentucky and Mississippi State are the only two to have bye weeks.

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I still have a narrow lead over Kevin, and I’m 40-23 ATS and 56-7 overall, while Kevin is 36-27 ATS and 53-10 overall. My four-game lead can come to an abrupt halt at any time.

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Let’s roll to week eight…

#15 Georgia (-7.5) at Vanderbilt

Jon: Georgia is a program in disarray with all the injuries, but Vanderbilt isn’t as good as we anticipated entering the season. This will be another shootout, and the Commodores are hungry for an upset. Dawgs win and cover. Georgia 38, Vanderbilt 30

Kevin: I too am picking Georgia, however, with that defense, I don’t have much faith in covering spreads over a few points. I’ll take Georgia in a close game. Georgia 31, Vanderbilt 28.

#11 South Carolina (-7.5) at Tennessee

Jon: South Carolina is playing their best football, and they look primed to go on a serious run. Tennessee played well against Georgia, but I like Carolina to win and cover on the road. South Carolina 35, Tennessee 24

Kevin: Jon and I are in agreement here. South Carolina is ready to go. I like them to win and cover. South Carolina 27, Tennessee 16

#22 Florida (-3) at #14 Missouri

Jon: This may be the toughest game to pick this week, especially with Mizzou breaking in new starter Maty Mauk. I’m going to take Florida for the win but Mizzou on the cover. Mizzou is out to prove everyone wrong. Florida 21, Missouri 20

Kevin: New quarterback against Florida’s defense? I don’t like it for Mizzou. Florida’s offensive woes against LSU help Florida this week as they are tasked with opening it up a bit to get points on the board. Florida 17, Mizzou 13.

#24 Auburn at #7 Texas A&M (-13.5)

Jon: This is a big spread, considering the best defense in the game is Auburn’s. I like Texas A&M to win the game, but I love Auburn to cover the spread. Aggies 41, Auburn 35

Kevin: I’m going to go with a big win by the Aggies here. I do like Auburn, and I hate the Texas A&M defense, but I think Manziel is ready to win this by a couple touchdowns. Texas A&M 44, Auburn 30.

#6 LSU (-8) at Ole Miss

Jon: Ole Miss is really banged up on defense, and the LSU defense showed signs of life last week against Florida. I like LSU big in Oxford. LSU 38, Ole Miss 20

Kevin: I agree with Jon on this one. Ole Miss puts up some points, but LSU’s offense is way too much for the Ole Miss defense. LSU 41, Ole Miss 21.

Arkansas at #1 Alabama (-28.5)

Jon: Alabama is improving week after week, while Arkansas looks to be regressing. And going into Tuscaloosa at night isn’t what the doctor ordered for any type of rebound. Alabama wins…big. Alabama 38, Arkansas 7

Kevin: South Carolina steamrolled Arkansas and I think we might see a repeat. The Tide win big. Alabama 41, Arkansas 13.

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  • Florida Missouri is a tough one to pick. Mizzou’s not a great run defense but without Gaines I would pass if I were Florida. even though we’ve got just about everybody on defense with an interception. but between the low point spread, playing at home, the negativity of a lot of Florida fans of their own team, and in the preseason it look like Mauk might unseat Franklin as a starter, and i’ve got absolute faith in the other 10 guys on the field I think Mizzou wins and possibly wins big.

    • this was not a game I would have expected to win when I said we would go8-4 in the preseason.

    • Mizzou wins big with a QB that’s never played a game in the SEC? Against one of t best Defenses in the country? We’ll have to see on that one. Little advice don’t bet the farm.

      • too late! but thanks for your concern

      • ADB, all you are saying when you write this is that, 1. you haven’t see Mauk vs Franklin in intra-program scrimmages (because the stats are almost identical). 2. you don’t know the distinct style differences that give Franklin the edge in some ways but Mauk the edge in just as many. 3. you are forgetting that the growth curve for young players can be dramatic and Mauk is in the middle of his second season watching Franklin. 4. Franklin threw 4 interceptions last year against Florida, are you saying that the high school player who threw for 18,000 yards in Ohio, can’t throw one less pic against Florida 2013?, or are you saying that Missouri will score less against Florida with Josey back, Murphy’s national ranking yards per carry, or Hansborough leading the team over both of them? Florida was a good team last year, and they are maybe slightly better this year, all respect due and given to Florida…..Missouri is “Three times as good a team this year” (quote national television football broadcaster) and i don’t think this broadcaster is very far off the mark.

      • Love that folks aren’t afraid to give their opinions, but I do love when my team is continually counted out. I’ve even been guilty of that myself in the past…

    • You may accuse me of underestimating Mizzou’s offense, but I think you vastly underestimate UF’s defense if you think Mizzou has a chance to win big. Mizzou very well may win, but I assure you if that happens, it won’t be by much. It’ll be fun to watch regardless.

      • So much for it not being by much.

        • I think people are underestimating Mizzou’s defense, not so much their offense.

        • No friggin’ kidding…boy was I wrong. I surrender. Mizzou is damn good and will easily win the East. Welcome to the SEC and I hope you guys represent the East well in the game against Bama.

  • I’ve seen Kevin’s pics week in and week out. you’re 4 game lead won’t come to an end “abruptly”. I think I would pick Auburn if they were playing at home. Carolina has to go on a run, the east is theirs for the taking. but they will have to TAKE it. no one’s going to roll over.

    • Not so sure I wouldn’t take AU on the road. Ole Miss proved that if you can score with A&M, you give yourself a good shot to win. And Auburn certainly has an offense that can put up some points.

  • Watched the UGA Mizzou tape. UGA defense was on the field in very bad situations. Unlike other games. Mizzou also scored once on a fumble by Murray. Which by the way the receiver was wide open and the play took forever to develop.
    UGA almost tied the game up with a 2 point try. So were they beat or over-matched in the game? YES. But, could it have easily gone different with a play here and there? YES . A team bent on winning and a team reeling from 6 offensive starters and 2 defensive back starters out. Norton and Mathews.
    With Franklin out I think MIZZOU has their hands full. With a couple of SEC losses it could come down too “the cocktail party” in Jax. With a healthy Gurley and Mathews and maybe Bennett back. Different team.

    • a play here or a play there in Missouri could of have won 8 last year. I don’t care what Georgia could’ve would’ve should’ve done. and I love Franklin too, but he won’t be playing this week. we’re going to put our best 11 on the field and I feel good about them being at home.

      • Who said anything about what they could have done? I said they were missing 6 starters and 1 All American on offense. They csored on a fumble and a flea flicker half-back pass.. Hardly a drumming. Mizzou was the better team that day. They were not the better team that lost all those games last year… sorry. I think Florida is a 7 or 8 point favorite in Columbia. So it should be easy for you to get a big win for Mizzou bet in.

  • I’m a Mzzou fan…. and if we still had Franklin I’d be feeling pretty good. His ability to connect with his speedy sure-handed receivers on slants across the middle would give even Florida’s defense fits. Mauk’s one big pass in the Georgia game was a wounded duck (watch the replay) as was the very fortunate trick option pass that sealed the deal. Against Florida I’m afraid they would both have been int’s. I heard all the great reports on Mauk this Spring, but Franklin is something special. Still, I haven’t been overly impressed with Florida’s offense (SC scares me more!) and we’re at home. But Georgia was missing players and didn’t play well…. So, the long and the short is, Missouri’s got to prove all over again this week that they’re a contender with Franklin out. Coach Pinkell has to keep his team on an even keel the next few weeks. Another upset or two against Florida, SC, or A&M would be great. But with Franklin out, jsut beating the teams we should beat would still get us 9 wins and a decent bowl game. We’ll know a lot more about this team by Saturday evening.

    • looks like we’re going to have to prove it every week. that were legitimate that is. we were told to prove it against Vandy. I thought we did but then we were told to prove it against Georgia. I thought we did but now we’re told to prove it against Florida. and we might. but already we’r being told to prove it against the Gamecocks. and if we did no one would believe we proved anything. such is the life of being a newbie in the SEC. but it works for me being from Missouri you can show me better than you can tell me.

      • check the Vegas line

      • but you gotta understand all Mizzou seemed to prove was they could beat a very unhealthy banged up GA team that has played the toughest schedule…do i think Mizzou is a good team? YES! but at the end of the day the ball just seemed to fall Mizzou’s way, its just a shame we had to play ya’ll when we were missing half of the offense, and two key players on D

        • Yeah, and it was just a shame we had to play the entire SEC last year without 3/4 of our O-Line, our starting QB, and our conference leading RB. And we still managed to play UGA close through three quarters.

    • The days of leading receivers for catches in unbroken stride, went out the window with zone double coverage. If you can’t see advantage placement back-shoulder, inside shoulder, outside shoulder, slow down and wait targets, gap timing, short defender ball breakers, then you are not learning modern football and Missouri is leading the nation in experimenting with some of these strange looking deliveries. They are also leading many programs in anticipating other teams deliveries and getting interceptions.

  • No love for Mizzou, Vandy, or Auburn. I see three toss-up games here. Any three of those teams winning will shake things up a bit. I don’t see Vanderbilt winning, but they will play Georgia close, especially after a much needed bye-week, and a team hungry to make a statement after several disappointing losses. Vanderbilt has played close three out of the past four years. I already picked Missouri to top Florida 24-21, and, naturally, I have Auburn ahead of Texas A&M, 42-41, with Lumby missing a very important PAT. War Eagle!

  • James Franklin is still looking for that first real big win. This is his best shot.

  • How does that crow taste? I’m told it has a very gamey flavor.

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