Handing out Christmas presents to every SEC West team


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Merry Christmas from all of us at SDS!

Every SEC team needs something this Christmas, so let’s hand out a present to every SEC West team, shall we?

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Alabama: :01 left in Iron Bowl
Would you rather have the :01 back or the nearly 300 rushing yards Auburn put together? I would take the second back and either throw a Hail Mary or send the game into overtime. Who knows if Alabama would have even been able to pull it off in OT with a struggling field goal unit, but a second would ensure the ‘Kick-Six’ never happened, could have saved a national championship berth and kept the three-peat still intact. Win or lose – that was the best Iron Bowl ever and the best college game of the year!

Auburn: For Gus Malzahn to say he’s staying at Auburn forever
Do I think Gus Malzahn is going anywhere? He’d be foolish to leave Auburn, because he can do everything at Auburn he can do at Texas. But there will be questions and speculation until the Texas job is filled. There isn’t another college program he’d leave Auburn for other than Texas.

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Arkansas: Time travel
Whether time travel includes forward or backward, Arkansas needs it. You can open your mind to travel back in time to Bobby Petrino, and it will be so. You can also choose to fast forward with your current program and coaching staff, and it will be so. But anything is better than 2013 and the short-term future with the massive rebuilding project that’s ahead of the program.

LSU: A Les Miles reality show
The man is an American icon and national treasure. Could you imagine ‘Christmas with Les’, or ‘Les goes to Miami’? I’d watch it. I envision it being something like the Longhorn Network but revolving around Les Miles, but it would air on the SEC Network coming in August. When Les Miles goes all Les Miles during a press conference, it’s like Shakespeare traveling back in time.

Mississippi State: A win over a ranked opponent
Mississippi State played six ranked opponents in 2013, and they lost to all of them. Dan Mullen is 2-21 against ranked opponents while in Starkville, and next year may be his best team yet with Dak Prescott leading his offense. The Bulldogs will play at least three ranked opponents in 2014, and a win over a top-ranked opponent like Alabama, LSU or Auburn would be huge for the program and Mullen.

Ole Miss: System quarterback
I really like Bo Wallace and think he could become a real weapon and signal caller. He improved from 2012 to 2013, but he’s thrown 20 TDs and 20 INTs the last two seasons in SEC play. And I’m not sure if he even fits Hugh Freeze’s system. The Rebels have upside and talent, and the missing key is a quarterback who’s a hybrid between Wallace and Barry Brunetti. Still, after the Egg Bowl, I’m wondering whether Wallace is the quarterback who can lead this talented team and program to a championship.

Texas A&M: One more year of Johnny Manziel
There, I said it. If Johnny Manziel came back with all the talent returning on defense, the Aggies would compete for a national championship. The young defense would have another spring and season to mature and become championship level, and Manziel’s return would ensure the Aggies scored over 40 points per game. One more year! One more year!

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  • Did I read that correctly? Bo Wallace has thrown 20 TDs and 20 INTs the last 2 seasons? Not sure exactly what stats you’re using. He had 22 TDs and 17 INTs his first season, and 17 TDs and 9 INTs this season coming out to be 39 TDs and 26 INTs. And that doesn’t include the 12 rushing TDs he has for the team the last two seasons. Bo Wallace does a great job, but he makes mistakes at the worst times. Next year will be a great year for him and Ole Miss will compete highly in the West. So tired of all the hate on Bo. So many teams would kill to have Wallace as their QB next season.

    • You did read that correctly. The 20/20 is in SEC play, not overall against non-conference opponents. He threw 8 TDs and 9 INTs this year and 12 TDs and 11 INTs last year. Still not sold on Wallace being a championship QB. He may take his game to another level and become that player in ’14, but I’m not sure I’ve seen it thus far. He is one of the few returning veteran QBs in the SEC though.

      • In his defense, he did have off-season shoulder surgery, did not get to weight lift in the spring & summer, and has admitted to not having the arm strength this year that he is used to. That said, he has been boneheaded at times. Played more conservatively this season until the last 2 games, then he imploded. I hope with a normal off-season, he can put it together nicely for his senior year.

    • Devante Kincade would give us a better shot to win at QB. We will get to see him play Brunetti’s role next year, and I bet he ends up playing more than Brunetti did this year.

      • I’m not completely out on Bo just yet, but I sure am interested to see Devante next year. With 2 Springs and a redshirt under his belt, he should be ready for some game action.

  • Talent on defense? Did I read that correctly? Texas A&M has a high-school caliber defense.

    • There’s some young talent. They started several young guys on defense that will improve with another offseason and year to play. Can’t get any worse, right?

      • Unfortunately you would have to have actual knowledge of our (A&M) recruiting class and young talent on defense. Of which Bsums has none, obviously.

  • The biggest game changer for Florida is a real head coach.

    • The same head coach that led the Gators to 11 wins in 2012?

    • That’s stupid. They had 11 wins last year, and they had a ton of injuries this year. Despite all the injuries, the defense still managed to remain a top-20 defense. He just needs to find a competent OC than score more than 10 points a game. He’s a good recruiter too. The UF fans that already want him canned are not intelligent fans.

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