SEC West’s toughest three-game stretches


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Every SEC schedule features a rough three-game stretch that will present a survival of the fittest challenge, and we’ll rank the toughest three-game stretches in the coming days.

But for now, here’s a look at each SEC West team’s toughest three-game stretch – and yes, Alabama cannot play Alabama:


  • Aug. 31 – vs. Virginia Tech
  • Sept. 14 – at Texas A&M
  • Sept. 21 – Colorado State

Buzz: Alabama’s schedule is favorable overall, but the first two games against Virginia Tech and Texas A&M will test the Tide as they make another run at a championship.


  • Oct. 5 – at Florida
  • Oct. 12 – South Carolina
  • Oct. 19 – at Alabama

Buzz: The Razorbacks have a gutless four-game stretch in the middle of the schedule, and the three against Florida, South Carolina and Alabama are downright nasty.


  • Nov. 9 – at Tennessee
  • Nov. 16 – Georgia
  • Nov. 30 – Alabama

Buzz: Auburn’s three-game stretch against Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama is brutal, but a bye week between the Bulldogs and Tide will give the Tigers a chance to regroup before playing in the Iron Bowl.


  • Nov. 9 – at Alabama
  • Nov. 23 – Texas A&M
  • Nov. 29 – Arkansas

Buzz: LSU’s three-toughest games fall in the last half of the season, with a road game to Tuscaloosa and hosting both Texas A&M and rival Arkansas. What a nasty stretch.

Mississippi State

  • Nov. 2 – at South Carolina
  • Nov. 9 – at Texas A&M
  • Nov. 16 – Alabama

Buzz: Much like LSU’s back-loaded schedule, MSU plays a nasty three-game stretch featuring two road games to South Carolina and Texas A&M while hosting Alabama. That’s just brutal.

Ole Miss

  • Sept. 28 – at Alabama
  • Oct. 5 – at Auburn
  • Oct. 12 – Texas A&M

Buzz: Ole Miss’ toughest three-game stretch features trips to Alabama and Auburn before hosting Texas A&M. That is three consecutive weeks of madness.

Texas A&M

  • Sept. 14 – Alabama
  • Oct. 21 – SMU
  • Sept. 28 – at Arkansas

Buzz: Texas A&M’s overall schedule sets up favorably, and Alabama, SMU and Arkansas provide the toughest three-game stretch.

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  • All tough, but I’d say that State’s & Arkansas’ are the 2 toughest.

  • One thing to notice is that both Alabama and LSU both have BYE weeks before playing Texas A&M. To add on, LSU takes their other BYE week before playing Alabama. So both Bama and LSU both have BYE weeks before their two toughest division opponents. The main thing to notice is when these tough matchups occur during the season. Playing early runs the risk of your newcomers not being completely comfortable at their position, playing later increases the possibility of injuries (something A&M didn’t have to deal with as much as other teams last year).

  • The last time Saban lost a game in September was during his first year at Alabama 2
    (2007). The Tide lost to UGA in OT, and then fell victim to Florida State. Since then, Saban has been undefeated in September, with notable wins over Clemson, UGA, Virginia Tech, Penn State (twice), and four blowouts over Arkansas. Saban has only lost two “revenge” games – once to Spurrier while Saban was at LSU, and once to Les Miles.

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