QB Tyler Murphy headlines seven Florida transfers


Florida will endure some player turnover on offense, with seven offensive players planning to transfer. The Gators still have not hired an offensive coordinator or offensive line coach.

The player transfers are highlighted by backup QB Tyler Murphy, who filled in for starter Jeff Driskel after he went down with a season-ending injury. Murphy, of course, was injured himself and didn’t finish he season. Murphy threw for 1,216 yards, six TDs and five INTs.

Florida also announced sophomore TE Kent Taylor (former 5-star), freshman QB Max Staver, freshman FB Rhaheim Ledbetter, freshman OL Quinteze Williams, freshman OL Trevon Young and junior offensive lineman Ian Silberman will all transfer.

With Murphy and Staver out, it only leaves Skyler Mornhinweg, Jeff Driskel and incoming freshman Will Grier as scholarship QBs.

Change is good for Florida’s offense, but Murphy is the QB they needed to keep, not Mornhinweg.

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports



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  • Yikes Jon. Florida is re-defining rebuilding. Hope it works out well for Muschamp and all the Gators. The fans there better get ready for some some change alright. If re-loading every year is not possible for everyone/anyone (evidentally not since Auburn beat Alabama), then what are the possibilities for quick rebuilding vs….. everything else that could happen. The idea that the State of Florida has FSU, Florida, UCF, Miami, and more to roster-refuel cannot go without notice.

  • Given that Grantham will be gone after 2014 one way or the other, this is perfect timing for the Dawgs. There is a serious morale problem at UF right now and it will translate to another miserable season, barring a miraculous, Auburn-esque turnaround. Muschamp gets fired, Georgia brings him home as DC and, hopefully, he becomes the missing piece of the puzzle for UGA to become a dominant program.

  • I dont care who you have a QB, without an OL to block for them it doesn’t much matter. I thought Murphy should have been the starter all along, and Mornhinweg didn’t do horrible being thrown into the mix that quickly. Changing the qb at that point was like rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic

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