Seven SEC teams in’s way-too-early top 25 rankings for 2013


SDS already released the never-too-early rankings for 2013, and Sports Illustrated just released theirs, too. All preseason rankings are magnificently wrong and will change during the offseason depending on how long we think about how wrong they really are.

For example, most talking heads, including me, had USC and Arkansas ranked in at least the top five in the early predictions for 2012. Those were, um, yeah, way off.

Here is SI’s top 25 for ’13:

1. Alabama
2. Texas A&M
3. Stanford
4. Oregon
5. Ohio State
6. Notre Dame
7. Louisville
8. South Carolina
9. Florida
10. Clemson
11. Georgia
12. Michigan
13. Oklahoma
14. LSU
15. TCU
16. Florida State
17. Texas
18. Boise State
19. Kansas State
20. Baylor
21. Northwestern
22. Nebraska
23. Vanderbilt
24. UCLA
25. Northern Illinois

Everyone get ready for Ohio State to run the Big Ten, prompting everyone to think they are at least the #2 team in the country, because it’s coming. In no way do I think OSU is a top five team just because they have an exceptional quarterback. Even Urban Meyer will tell you the difference between his undefeated Buckeyes and a good defensive team like South Carolina. The weak Big Ten schedule should get hammered by strength of schedule rankings from the always-joyous BCS.

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  • I guess SI hates UGA putters Clemson ahead of them . Guess they’ll have to prove them wrong opening weekend.

  • I like seeing the top 2 teams from the SEC!

    It will be a fun game when those 2 play in the 3rd week of the season…

  • I understand that UGA constantly underachieves, but I do not understand ranking UGA under Florida. UGA Defense will be rebuilding this upcoming year, but the offense SHOULD be fairly unstoppable. Florida, on the other hand, collapsed in their bowl game, showing little offense (most of the season) or defense (in the bowl game).

    I’m not saying that I think UGA will be better than Florida, just saying that based on what I’ve seen, UGA looks better on paper to me. If the Gators get something going through the air, I think they could win the East.

  • This is once again a popularity poll…
    Overrated: Tamu/OSU/ND/UF/L’ville/Mich/Boise St/NIU
    A&M isnt a solid 2…OSU and ND arent top 10 teams and where the hell is Ole Miss? They will be in the top 20 by the end of the season next year. write it down.

  • Are you kidding me? UGA should easily be TOP 10 if not TOP 5. They return all starting offensive players from last year except, T.K and M.Brown. Entire O-Line, Murray, Gurshell. The QB that broke plenty of records, the freshman TB to be the first since H.Walker to rush for over 1,000 as a true freshman, this is an offensive squad that put up more points than any other UGA squad ever. So to put them at #11 is foolish. Whoever wrote this obviously has an Football IQ of 11.

  • Please Georgia, please. Just dominate Clemson, you shouldn’t have a problem really

  • anyone else hear that elephant laughing ??

  • ND ahead of UGA, UF, and SC!!!! hahhahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahah

  • Teams played from the West 2013
    USCe: @Arky, Ms State (funny that SOS or ‘Cock fans aren’t talking about not playing Bama/LSU from the West this year)
    UF: Arky, @LSU
    UGS: LSU. @Aub

    Advantage USCe this year in the East.

  • Meanwhile Bama gets Kentucky and Tenn from the East this year…….

  • Florida is too high. They lose their biggest offensive weapons, plus a lot of defensive players. They lost much more than UGA. Notre Dame at 6? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter where they’re ranked. Preseason rankings mean absolutely nothing, waste of time. I don’t have to remind anyone who was ranked number 1 last year in these rankings.

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