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Photo: South Carolina unveils chrome helmets

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The Gamecocks look to be getting into the helmet swag game.

After Steve Spurrier broke the Internet with his fast food swag last week, the Gamecocks’ equipment managers tweeted a photo of a Gamecocks’ chrome helmet. It’s unclear whether or not they will actually wear them, but they are still pretty slick.


[H/T @GamecockEquip]


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Comments 5

  1. That’s all Clowney needs, blinding helmets so you can’t see him coming. These are pretty sweet. Did Carolina take a sticker off Oregon’s helmets and put their logo on it?

  2. LOVE! IT! I gotta agree with MADGators (as much as it pains me) last thing Clowney needs is a bigger advantage…Very cool though! GO BIG ORANGE!!! VFL

  3. I wonder how those will play out on TV on a bright, sunny day. Camera glare anyone?

  4. Put some curb feelers on that bling.