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Photos: New South Carolina football uniforms

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Under Armour and South Carolina unveiled new uniforms for 2013 on their official website GamecocksOnline.

South Carolina wore new ‘Battle’ uniforms last year against LSU and wounded warrior uniforms in 2011. Which uniforms do you like better?

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Comments 11

  1. I think the shoulder stripes are a bit of a downgrade, while the pants are a bit of an upgrade. Overall not bad at all though. Go Cocks!

  2. Not too shabby. But there are a few too many stripes for my taste.

  3. It will be interesting to see what kind of year the cocks have this year.

    Go Dogs!!!

  4. The gamecocks tramp stamp is fitting…

  5. There are 11 stripes on the uniform, for each of the original buildings on the Horseshoe (the historic and original part campus).

  6. Don’t like the curved stripes on the pants or the fact the UA put their logo on the under-shirt sleeve (they’ve already got it on the jersey and now that I look again everyplace else) but other than that they look pretty sharp.

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!
    SO GLAD to see the team back in STRIPES.
    I think the whole football players looking like action heros look is played out.