Looking at the numbers: South Carolina vs. Wisconsin


SDS will break down all 10 SEC bowl games from a numbers perspective, and here is a look at this year’s Capital One Bowl between South Carolina and Wisconsin.

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This is quickly becoming a more anticipated matchup around college football. Two things that jump out about the numbers from Wisconsin is their running game and their redzone defense. The Badgers are averaging 283 yards per game, while their defense has been stout in the redzone, allowing a Big Ten-low 11 TDs. That’s less than Michigan State’s great defense has allowed.

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South Carolina has dominated turnover margin, and they’ll need to force a couple against Wisconsin’s offense.

South Carolina Wisconsin
Scoring Offense 34.1 PPG 35.8 PPG
Rushing Offense 205.25 YPG 283 YPG
Passing Offense 248.3 YPG 203.8 YPG
Total Offense 453.3 YPG 486.8 YPG
Scoring Defense 20 PPG 14.8 PPG
Rushing Defense 142.25 YPG 101.33 YPG
Passing Defense 202.8 YPG 192.7 YPG
Total Defense 345 YPG 294 YPG
TO Margin +11 +3
3rd Down Offense 75/171 (43.86%) 68/163 (41.72%)
3rd Down Defense 58/157 (36.94%) 53/177 (29.94%)
Sacks 24 24
Red Zone Offense 85.71% (34 TDs, 8 FGs) 88.89% (37 TDs, 11 FGs)
Red Zone Defense 82.93% (25 TDs, 9 FGs) 73.33% (11 TDs, 11 FGs)

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