SEC Football News on Saturday Down South

Photo: Shirtless Steve Spurrier returns to South Carolina

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We salute you, Shirtless Steve Spurrier.

He broke the Internet with his swag a month ago, and everyone was just starting to recover from him tapping the Rockies in Daytona.

But the shirtless inspiration is at it again, this time at fall practice.

Don’t ever change, Coach.


[H/T Kegs 'N Eggs]

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Comments 5

  1. No shoes. No Shirt. No Problems.

  2. He is doing exactly what I would if I were a coach (besides being pretty successful). I’d jab other schools in press conferences, be seen at fast-food places looking like he did with a big ass smile, go shirtless and shoeless to practice. Hell if their wasn’t any asphalt or concrete on campus I’d never wear shoes.

  3. Slow news days in the land of the great SEC? GO GAMECOCKS!!

  4. The picture of professionalism

  5. Phil
    Commented : 8 months ago

    Please you and Mick Jagger need to keep your shirt on.