Sumlin not a fan of Johnny Cam


CBS will have a camera on Johnny Manziel the entire game Saturday, appropriately dubbed ‘Johnny Cam’, and Kevin Sumlin isn’t thrilled that his star player will be singled out.

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During his press conference today, Sumlin acknowledged he just found out about Johnny Cam this morning, and he hates it, basically.

“You know, I just heard about that this morning. Basically I really just heard about it maybe an hour ago. To me it’s interesting – everything we do, everything I try to do, everything we try to do here at Texas A&M is about team. It’s about building our team, building our program and trying to not be an individual. Saturday afternoon you’re going to have two football teams on the field. I just don’t understand why there’s got to be one guy singled out and put a camera on all the time. That’s not what we’re about, that’s not what we’re trying to promote and, certainly, from my standpoint all the criticism about individualism on the football team, I don’t think this helps enhance the team concept one bit.”

As Sumlin stated previously this month, the criticism and the individualism spoken about the Aggies have actually built walls around their team, bringing them closer together.

As for Manziel and media time this week, there won’t be any. Sumlin said his advisors told him to keep mum, and Sumlin respected those wishes.

“Quite frankly, right now he and his family and his advisors have advised not to talk. I respect his wishes for that,” Sumlin said. “I think there’ll be a time, as I’ve said beforehand, there’ll be a time when he’ll be able to speak to the media. I’m going to respect his wish not to speak to the media at this time.”

The time for talking is over, really, and everyone is ready for college football’s biggest game. On a side note, why not throw a Johnny Mic in there strictly for the trash talk?

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  • so…. who’s the real boss here? the school? Sumlin? or… the Manziels?

  • What a crock! A&M has lost touch with reality — clearly, this is a ploy that the university approved. Shame on CBS for thinking it up and shame on the university for approving it without even consulting their HC. Sumlin is 100% right: football is about the team and not any one individual. What a morale killer for the rest of the team. If I were Sumlin, I’d be looking real close at the USC or Texas jobs coming open soon… What?!

    • You’ve got to be kidding me. What coach leaves the SEC? No need to say what..ya heard me

      • There are coaches who have left the SEC for other big name programs with less over all competition to make it to the top. Why wouldn’t one leave for another storied program if he felt like his concerns, goals, and emphasis for the program were ignored? I don’t think you quite hear what Sumlin is saying. How often do you hear a head coach call out his university for doing something that he thinks damages the team? He basically put himself at direct odds with the decision-makers above him. Doesn’t sound like he cares a bit for A&M’s handling of Manziel and if he thinks it’s that subversive to him coaching, why not leave? Not saying he will, but I’m sure the though has crossed his mind.

    • CBS doesn’t need A&M or Sumlin’s permission to add a ‘Johnny Cam’. It is part of the production value of the broadcast. Sumlin is right to make everything team oriented, as it should be, but that is his concern not CBS. Television, rightly or wrongly, is personality driven. That is why QBs, RBs, receivers and LBs get more attention a game broadcasts than most players on the offensive line, despite the fact that success is based on team effort. The media cult of personality is what has made ‘Johnny Football’ such a celebrity. His problems with handling it didn’t start when he got to College Station. It has roots back to discipline issues when he was a blue chip high school QB. When he won the Heisman he became more than just a quarterback, he became a celebrity. He seems to enjoy it as long as he is being praised, adored and asked for autographs. But he doesn’t seem to grasp that celebrity is a double edged sword and that everything he says and does will be critiqued. His fast and loose play on the field has made him a winner. His fast and loose play off the field has made him a marked man. He is not the first nor will he be the last young celebrity athlete to be like a moth and attracted to a flame that could destroy him. Perhaps he will gain some maturity and adapt to his fame but his history and cult of personality odds are against him. When the president of TAMU is photographed emulating J-Football’s money sign then its doubtful that those in positions of authority will be much help.

    • you seem to have forgotten the power of nat’l TV – i doubt if they asked Sumlin his permission! but why in the hell would Sumlin leave A&M for some broke down t.u. or usc teams – hes building a powerhouse at A&M – beside t.u. will end up hiring Saban after the penalties start landing on Bama!

  • WOW seriously? The Manziel Team is advising the Head Coach on media relations? This whole thing stinks like a bad episode of Dallas.

    • @JPDawg and balkanDawg – you two go stand in the idiot corner – yalls opinions matter about as much as a T-sips – you both take one sentence/one snippet out of a whole article and try to make a whitty cutting remark you can claim as your own! oh, btw – see you in Atlanta!~ Gig Em!~ BTHO Bama!~

      • Haha well…I’m honored that you would reply to my worthless opinion….and it’s really sweet of you to compliment me on my wit. Can we hold hands in ATL…that would be super

  • I love the Johnny Cam. I want a Johnny Channel.

  • My disdain for Manziel grows. What a selfish, divisive thing to agree to. I hope CBS enjoys the fantastic shots of Manziel’s insides, because he’s got his head way up his own a**.

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