Texas continues chasing Alabama, the SEC


Gone are the days of the dominant force that was Texas football. Mack Brown is on his last stand, it seems, as the Longhorns’ head man. Texas kicked off spring practice yesterday, and Brown spoke to the Longhorn Network this week about the recruiting deregulations. He explained that if this is what college football is becoming, he wants to make damn sure the Longhorns copy exactly what Alabama does.

“Alabama is ahead of all of us with the number of personnel they’ve hired, and that’s something everybody’s looking very closely at. We are posting a position today for a director of player personnel that would oversee our recruiting.”

Brown is referring to Alabama hiring Kevin Steele as its director of player personnel, who took the first step at creating college football’s super staffs of the future. But the truth is, Alabama has been way ahead of everyone, not just since the NCAA deregulated recruiting.

This isn’t the first time Texas or Brown has tried to shadow or mimic Alabama or the SEC.

Brown bragged about how his Texas team had become like an SEC team prior to the start of last season, explaining why he hired three former SEC coaches in Bo Davis, Manny Diaz and Stacy Searels. The truth is, they couldn’t have been further from an SEC team, finishing 68th in the country in total defense (90th in rushing defense), and they couldn’t tackle air.

“I look at the SEC and recognize that’s how they’ve won,” Brown told the magazine. “At Texas, you don’t want to lose a game just because your QB is having a bad day. That’s why I hired three SEC coaches.”

Most recently, Texas AD Deloss Dodds took a shot at ex-Big 12 and current SEC member Missouri, via the Austin-American Statesman. Why? Dodds couldn’t muster enough ammunition against Texas A&M’s successful leap into the SEC. So, he has to try and put down the massive brand that overshadows Texas football.

“We’re going to have good years again,” Dodds promised. “Our bad years are not that bad. Take a school like Missouri. Our bad years are better than their good years. But we’ve created a standard.”

However, Texas is just 22-16 over the past three years, while Missouri is 23-15.

So, Brown posting a job opening for a director of player personnel shouldn’t be new news. It should be expected, because all the Longhorns are trying to do is trademark their football brand after the SEC without being in the SEC.

Meanwhile, Texas football continues to chase the most powerful brand in college football and deepen their famous “all sizzle and no steak” reputation.

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  • Texas is just now realizing that telling a kid he will be seen playing on the Longhorn Network in games that don’t matter is not the same as telling a kid he will be seen playing on CBS in games that actually mean something every week. The fact that they let Texas A&M escape to the SEC will haunt them for decades.

  • Didn’t Texas just open spring practice with a hurry up offense? I’m sure they said they were copying Oregon, but their trying to mimic Texas A&M’s elite offense. That won’t work with David Ash or Case McCoy, Mack. Texas’ garbage football team couldn’t win seven games in this league.

    • Please , you already saw what our Big 12 bowling pin team did in your confference in just one season. You dont want the big boy on the block living in your neighborhood

      • That was a COMPLETELY different A&M team that the Big 12’s never seen before. You UT fans are just upset that we embarrassed y’all in the national championship game in 2010. Didn’t you guys get absolutely wrecked by Oklahoma only for them to be destroyed in a bowl game by a team that lost two SEC games at home?

      • If that A&M team had played in the Big 12 this season they would’ve gone undefeated and probably played in the national championship or at least a BCS bowl for sure.

  • Where is the trash talking as this title suggests? I find it hilarious how you SEC homer writers have to try and stir up conference conversation. What is the deal with you people and your conference pride BS . We get it ! Now pick YOUR team and quit bragging when a rival beats you! Texas just sent A&M packing with another loss in its last Big 12 year. Texas is 7-1*-1 lifetime vs Alabama .The asterisk is of course the freak injury to Colt that saved Bama in NC game. I dont care what you say .The then ALL TIME WINNING EST NCAA QB would have made the difference down 3 with 4 minutes left in game! You “what have you done lately robots” must have forgotten Alabama’s nearly 30 year run of irrelevance. Fact is all programs have and will go thru down years. And lets see….Texas ran 10 years straight 10 plus win seasons ,beat the so called best team ever USC for 2005 title . Screwed over royally and should have played in 2008 NC game over OU. Lost the 2009 * NC game in the Asterisks Bowl . And yes 3 what would be called down years for THIS university. The last non SEC team to win a NC. So you will get your “steak” soon enough Jon Cooper. Thanks for the shout out though !

    • There isn’t any trash talking because we don’t need to. Why are you even a member of an sec website? Kinda pathetic, go puff up your chest somewhere else please

    • Welcome to irrelevance, it is a tough pill to swallow isn’t it? Texas is on a long decline and I really don’t think it will recover. The hubris that led to A&M bolting the conference has opened up the state to sec recruiting and top talent will continue to flee the stat

    • Give Mack a raise! When you can win you’re conference then you can start your trash talking. I live here in Texas, and see first hand how it eats y’all up that A&M is getting more publicity that your Longhorns-heck, TCU gets more press than y’all do! Also, please explain why for the past several years-NOT counting this last signing day-that your team could rank in the top 5 signing classes in the country but do NOTHING with the star recruits! Round here in North Texas folks call it being able to buy the groceries, but not being able to cook the meal! And while we’re at, tell us ow ou feel about the star recruit from Ft Worth decommitting from TX after a year and signing up with Bama-the program YOUR coach even admits in the national press that he’s attempting to emulate! So take your inflated ego, learn quickly how to lose with class, quit making excuses for your losses, and once again-save your SEC envy and hatred trash talking for when after your team wins your conference! Just do that and then maybe you’ll have some credibility and not seen as a whining SEC wanna be fan! Oh yeah, right now I’m making the Hook ’em Horns hand sign-pointing down in your honor!

    • Should have, could have BUT DID NOT!! Texas won’t stay down, it is too big and powerful of a brand name. However, you don’t gain respect by trashing other teams or conferences. Just do what most teams do (or should do); accept the reality of being down, vow to rebuild and show some class when you get back where you want to be. All teams have trash talkers and they embarrass their school and conference when they do. Unfortunately, posts on websites live off trash talking. Whether you support Texas, Alabama or Timbuktu College; give other teams credit for their success, support your team and enjoy the competition. Despite the hype and playup of College Football as a religion — It is Still Just a Game!

    • Lol Colt couldn’t last a quarter with that Bama defense, that’s why he went down. That hit was barely a love tap compared to the tackling we had been doing the rest of the season.

    • The asterisk is of course the freak injury to Colt that saved Bama in NC game. I dont care what you say

      LOL dumbest remark ever. I guess everything is bigger in Texass especially delusion.

    • “Alabama’s nearly 30 year run of irrelavance”…We won the NC in 1992 and 2009, 2011 and 2012. Seems more like 17 between titles. Alabama had a significant down time but despite that hiatus between NC’s we still played in a couple BCS games (Orange and Sugar). Keep in mind the 90’s had Fla and Bama in the SEC championship most years. I believe Texas has had hiatus’s in excess of 30 years. When was the last NC before Vince won it for you in 2005? The Mack years have returned…different Mack but same results. You have gone 500 in a shitty conference.

  • Does Mack Brown or Deloss Dodds remember the last time they played Mizzou? They lost! What a bunch of idiots. Thank you SEC so much for taking us in and getting us away from those losers in Austin.

  • SEC is soon over rated and this year proves it…aTm barely makes a bowl last season, the Horns drum them! This season, the Aggies get a beat down from teams that lose to Louisville and Clemson in the bowls! With a win over the sooners, a team with an unimpressive year, and the aggies/sec want to declare more power than the big 12…realize the team that beat LSU in the peach bowl is the same team that got tossed in last seasons’s orange bowl by our big 12 mountaineers! SEC nice conference but not the best!

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