Texas president talks Nick Saban


Twitter nearly shut down two nights ago with talk of Nick Saban and Texas.

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Reports and rumors have been linking Saban’s name to Texas this week. And those rumors made it all the way to Texas’ president Bill Powers, who commented publicly for the first time regarding Saban and Texas, via Austin American-Statesman.

“I’ve never met Nick Saban. I’ve never talked to Nick Saban. We have not hired Nick Saban. Mack’s our coach, and I can say flatly that the rumors we have hired or come to an agreement with Nick Saban or even talked to him are false.”

Powers did acknowledge that a current and former Texas regent had met with Saban’s agent last January about possibly replacing Brown. You can read that report here.

“There was an outreach to his agent, and I exempt that from this discussion,” Powers said. “Whatever happened then happened. We don’t have any plans one way or the other (to replace Brown). And we don’t have an opening.”

Saban has said on multiple occasions he’s not going anywhere. He said he’s ‘too damn old’ to start over anywhere else, and just last month, his wife told the Wall Street Journal they planned to ‘end their careers’ in Tuscaloosa.

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  • “I’m not going anywhere. My wife and I love East Lansing and we plan to retire here”
    -Nick Saban in 1999
    “I’m not going anywhere. My wife and I love Baton Rouge and we plan to retire here.”
    -Nick Saban in 2004
    “I’m not going anywhere. My wife and I love Tuscaloosa and we plan to retire here”
    -Nick Saban in 2013

    • “I’m not going anywhere. My wife and I love the dark underworld and we plan to retire here”
      -Nick Saban in 250 B.C.

    • “I’m not going to be the Alabama coach. I’ve said it over and over and over again. I’m going to put [the rumors] away right now. I’m just making a rule that I’m never going to comment on something like that again because every time you comment, it makes another story. So I’m done.” – Nick Saban just before moving from Miami to Bama.

    • Saban has been in Tuscaloosa since 2007. During that seven year stretch, Tennessee has had only two winning seasons and five different coaches. We’ll take our chances with Saban.

      • Yeah? Let’s talk about what happened in Tuscaloosa prior to 2007, as if winning games and coaching stability has only ever been a problem in Knoxville. Hint, you’ll have a strong of much longer than 5 years where the elephants roamed the wilderness looking for another coach to fire. Let’s not even forget that Saban was the back-up plan, when Rich Rod bolted at the alter.

        • Ugh, typing on this tiny keyboard.

        • I didn’t say this was only a Tennessee problem. I just thought it was odd that a Tennessee fan was mocking Saban when the coaching situation at Tennessee has been a dumpster fire in recent years. Kiffin alone was one of the most embarrassing moments in the history of head coaching hires.

    • This time Nick didn’t say it, the Texas president did!

  • Nope, I’m staying” It’s just to much fun beating TN every year, watching them once again make a coaching change and hearing that Gruden will be the next head coach, or hearing the GA fans whine after choking yet once again!”
    – Nick Saban (You know he’s think that)

  • Forrest Gump was once quoted as saying “stupid IS as stupid DOES” . . . seems some of these agitators refuse to see the writing on the wall that Nick Saban is NOT going to Texas. Yeah , Forrest was a fictional character, but the wisdom of that saying rings true here. If you are dumb enough to keep spreading the rumors and believing them, then so be it. But, whatever your agenda – its NOT going to harm or deter this University of Alabama’s team mission of being the best they can be… Roll Tide!

  • This link will lead you to an article on the CBS Sports website devoted to the subject of “Over-signing”, the advantage some schools take (ONE SCHOOL AND ONE COACH DESCRIBED IN PARTICULAR) by bending the NCAA rules on over-signing, and the harm suffered by some recruits because of this shady practice.


    The author does a great job explaining this subject that goes to the very heart of the integrity of college football. I encourage every fan of college football to read the article, but recruits and their families should be especially interested on educating themselves on this practice as it could affect a recruit’s career for the rest of his life.

  • Jon, you’ve got to be kidding with this. You guys posted this to your Facebook account as “Nick Saban to Texas?”. Have some pride in your reporting, please.
    Any successful coach will always be able to take a job at another school. This is what coaches do, if you haven’t noticed. Can we all just agree to this and stop acting like this is such a Saban watch.
    People keep acting like he’s going to do to Bama what he did to Miami. Guess what? He’s been at Bama for seven years. But you still have idiots out there just waiting for him to leave us so you can laugh it up. It’s too late. He has already put in an entire career at Bama and brought us three titles. I don’t care what he does from this point on. He can go pick blueberries or coach at Texas. The empire has been built.

    • I’m just glad you’re here to be our media conscience. Alabama is going to give him a lot of money to pick blueberries, for sure.

      • I hope this sparks another 24 hour media blitz over whether or not Saban is going to retire to pursue his passion for blueberries. Now, the only question is whose blueberries will he pick…

        • I think the main question is whether Nick Saban can coach Alabama and pick blueberries at the same time. My guess is he can, or he will hire someone to do it for him.

      • Your an idiot!!! Just saying!!!

        • Actually, Bamafan111, you’re an idiot, for not knowing the difference between your and you’re. War Eagle!

  • That means negotiations are ongoing. Not there yet but they are talking.

  • I’ve never seen so many trolls out from under their bridges at one time.

  • You think Bill Powers has a say in who they hire? Ha.. Those Texas boosters will let ole Bill know who the new coach is when they’re ready for him to know.

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