Toledo WR: ‘We can eventually wear Florida down’


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Florida hosts Toledo in what most of the country calls a snoozer. However Toledo could be the best team in the MAC, and the Gators can’t take the Rockets for just another team.

The Gators started slow in the first half last season, eventually wearing down their opponents in the second. Florida was the SEC’s best fourth-quarter team, outscoring opponents 128-33 and notably had second-half revivals against Texas A&M, LSU and Florida State.

But Toledo WR and All-MAC returner Bernard Reedy sees it the other way around, saying they don’t play as hard in the second half as they do in the first half.

“Since I’ve been watching film on them, I see that late in the game they like to…they still don’t go hard as they do in the first and second quarter. So, I feel like if we can just keep the pressure on them, we can eventually wear them down. I mean, they have depth, but they don’t have a lot of experience on their team.”

You can watch his video interview here.



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