Former Ole Miss and current Bama staffer hammered on Twitter

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Tyler Siskey, Alabama’s new Associate Director of Player Personnel, didn’t win the game for Alabama, but he’s taking the brunt end of Rebels’ fans’ anger on social media.

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Siskey, who came to Alabama from Ole Miss this spring, was shown during the game in the press box with binoculars, and ESPN’s Todd Blackledge said he had been ‘very involved’ all week in helping the Alabama defense prepare for the Rebels’ offense.

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Ole Miss fans took to Twitter to take out their frustration on Siskey.

Update: Saban was asked about Siskey’s role today, via

Saban said he didn’t help with the coaching and was in the same position he’s always been in. There’s no rule against what he was doing, Saban said.

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  • Ole Miss fans: Leave this dude alone. He obviously got a promotion going to Alabama. Tiskey — welcome to the big leagues. Ole Miss couldn’t do anything on offense, but yet it’s the Alabama staffer’s fault. PLEASE

    • Considering he was telling the DC the plays…it sure makes things easier. Bama’s the better team, yes, but they wouldn’t shut out the Rebs’ offense without that little trick.

      • They wouldn’t have shut them out if you Ole Miss had a coach that had a brain. He is on the road at Tuscaloosa and has the opportunity to draw first blood but instead he chose to go for it on 4th down. That is stupid! But stupid is as stupid does to quote the ever wise Forrest Gump, because your coach did it 3 more times! Tyler Sisk did not make him go for it on 4th down 3 times. Get over it!

      • Explain to us again how you know he was telling the DC the plays. And please explain how he would be able to relay that info, with no headset, to the coaches on the sideline, and then have the coaches signal the D players so that they can call the right packages on the field in a matter of seconds. If that is indeed true, then Bama deserves credit for being the most organized, fastest staff in the country. And Ole Miss deserves credit for being the most ignorant staff in the country for not changing up their signals and game plan since the last time Siskey wore an Ole Miss ball cap.

      • how did he give the DC plays? kirby smart is the DC and he is on the field, Siskey had no headset nor was he in the booth with a coach so how did he pull it off? is he telepathic?

  • I look at this like stealing signs in Baseball. It’s part of the game. Did they do it? Probably…but shouldn’t the Rebs have been more prepared for that? I mean if one of your staff members goes to work for the competition and knows your signals…shouldn’t you change them? I know it sucks to lose like that but I would be tempted to point the finger at my current staff.

  • And Alabama just played against their former OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR and still won by 25. Suck it up, black bear, you lost.

  • Here’s the part I’m wondering about…Only certain people are allowed in the coaches box. NCAA bylaw 11.7 says that only “countable coaches” can engage in “coaching activities”. I don’t think Siskey is countable coach, since he has an administrative role. So he shouldn’t have even been in the coaches box!

  • Ole Miss fans should be pointing fingers at their current coaches. If they are stupid enough to use the same signs as they did when he was there, then it sounds to me that he is genius. He gets paid by Alabama now. So he’s going to do whatever it takes to help them win. Although I don’t think it mattered much Saturday. Don’t blame your “high-octane” offense that couldn’t score on a former coach.

    • They changed the signs, but not the overall system for calling the plays. While they were different, Siskey knows how Freeze’s system works and how he organizes things, so he was able to pick it up.

      • What is he supposed to do? Unless Ole Miss is still cutting him a check, I don’t see anything wrong with it. He’s at bama now. He does what it takes to help bama win. And he was in the press box. Not the coaches box

        • It doesn’t matter if he was in the coaches box or press box….he was not allowed to participate in any way in coaching the team…

        • No proof he participated in any way in coaching the team. But I guess proof doesn’t matter for Bama haters. A lot of that been going on lately.

  • This is the worst argument ever. Ole Miss lines up and changes their plays at the line of scrimmage about half of the time. Was this guy able to recognize the play call and instantly send the new play to his team via telepathy? Get over yourself, Ole Miss. You will always be Ole Miss and will always be the whipping boy of the SEC, make whatever excuses you want to justify that.

  • Hey TYLER SISKEY, did NOT make Ole Miss go for it 4 times on 4th down. That was a coaching decision – a very bad one. Especially, when 3 of those times they had a sure field goal.

    Besides, what did you expect him to do when he hired on at ‘Bama, plead stupid, like the Ole Miss fans that are tweeting obscenities and threats at him?

  • I think it is sad that this guy is getting plastered on twitter for doing exactly what the Ole Miss fans would expect him to do if the roles were reversed.

  • This is what happens when Ole Miss fans forget they’re OM.

  • Lets get something straight, not all OM fans are saying this.
    There is a huge problem with saying he was stealing our plays… The read option means we could have run, pass or QB carry. So even if he knew exactly what we were going to call, there would have been an option open. Instead, what I saw was a team prepared for our offense.

    Also, its kind of stretch to say that Siskey:
    1) Recognize a variety of plays that are run out of the same formation.
    2) Decode the new signals/signs
    3) Be able to recall what play it is
    4) Tell the DC the play call
    5) The DC decide what play to call
    6) The DC get that information to the players
    7) The defensive receive that info and set up accordingly
    8) ALL within the reduced snap time of our hurry up offense.

    • EXACTLY. Finally, a non Bama fan with some common sense. We’re talking about the HUNH. You have MAYBE 4-5 seconds to do all of that. Thank you for showing some intelligence. Your brothers and sisters seem to be forgetting everything you say because they’re still mad about the loss, and want to make excuses.

  • I don’t think any knowledgeable Ole Miss fan thinks this was the difference in the game. Alabama is just better & proved it Saturday night. We’re still a season away from competing with Bama. However, this was against the rules, period. An NCAA team is allowed nine coaches. Administrative Assistants are not allowed take part in coaching during a game (or practice for that matter). How much it helped is up for debate. May or may not have helped at all. The fact that it happened is what bothers me. I don’t think anything will come of it though.

  • I had to laugh when I read this.
    Ole Miss barely beat Vanderbilt and now they believe one former assistant caused them to look pitiful at Bama?
    Give me a break.

  • First of all…These limited # of posts are not the ENTIRE Ole Miss fan base – so quit blaming us all….Is it interesting/curious that someone who was associated with UM who is not an AL coach is SUPPOSEDLY in the AL coaches box with binoculars. YES! ~ Is it interesting/curious that one of the better SEC offense teams who has been avg 30pts all of a sudden got shut out! YES ~ If Al was “cheating” and doing this, is all on them? NO, Our own staff should have been better prepared for any and everything! There were a lot of bad plays all on our coaches/boys ~ Is bama all the innocent angel it portrays and above cheating? NO, they want to win and will do what they can to get that W! Do the refs show favor to Bama? YES, but that it is against any team…it just seems to be the most impt times when it is against MS teams. ~ Can we do anything about what happened in that game? NO ~ So in other words, To my Rebel fans, MOVE ON – it’s just game #4 – there is a lot of football left! ~ To JC & SDS, try some REAL reporting and to the other fans of other schools….just step off and worry about your own teams…it’s not like SOME of the UM fans are the first or will be last to accuse another team of bending the rules in some form or fashion! If we are going to that rout, I could say in MY OWN observation over several SEC blogs/chats that Ark fans are the whiniest fans, lsu/sc/al have the whiniest head coaches, fla/tam fans cry “cheating” the most, al/um/tam/lsu/fla/msu talk more overall trash….see, anyone can make assumptions/accusations about others…it’s all part of the sport. I’m just telling my Rebel family to forget the bama game, move on & worry about the next game! But on a side-note, I hope everyone has a great week & God Bless!

    • Could you tell me what credible defense OM had faced before bama? That could be a large reason they were averaging 30 points a game. I don’t really see anything curious about that. Makes sense to me

      • Dear wes, first, since neither UM or Al play florida this year (i’m assuming you are fla fan, since that is your fan symbol posted) it’s actually none of your business. Second, did i say ANYTHING against bama’s defense ~ that would be a no…they are a great def and not denying that at all. I simply stated that it was interesting/curious (for whatever reason) that we went from 30 plus points to zero…and in your apparent attempt to attack me and other Rebels you, missed the overall hypothetical scenarios and my use of the word “IF.” Also, for someone who I am assuming to be somewhat intelligent missed that I’m not blaming this loss on anyone but Ole Miss & telling my Rebel family to move on and quit talking about it bc we DON’T know what happened, and IF things did happen…NOTHING can be done about it! But again, Since this b/w AL & UM and not fla…so, I would say that you need to go on back to your swamp and worry about your own team…a team who does not currently own the series against neither UM or AL. But again, God Bless and have a great week!

        • Well considering I live in Alabama and was at the game, I felt like I had a place to provide input. I’ll be sure to ask for permission next time though

        • Wait, because he’s a Florida fan he can’t provide input on a game that people all over the country who aren’t Ole Miss or Bama fans watched? You should look up cognitive bias. It’s typically only used by really stupid people.

    • Did the ref show favoritism toward Bama when they made that bogus targeting call?

      • Do I agree with the overall targeting thing in general, no. I fully believe the current rule is BS. Do i believe that the AL player had time to slow up and/or go in a different direction since it was very obvious that our player wasn’t going anywhere, yes. Do I believe he hit our player on purpose, yes. Should it be called targeting, no…personal foul yes-maybe…but not “targeting.” Was it fair for bama to have the “targeting” yds tacked on after overrulled…no. Since I was at the game and then watched it again yesterday, I will say that the refs showed favoritism to bama with the first down that UM should haven’t gotten but didn’t place the ball in the right spot, the facemask that was overturned just bc the bama player didn’t get his hand in the guard even though our players head was completely yanked around or the intentional hit to BW after he ran off the sideline or when the ball crossed the plain yet was placed on the 1yd line or when our boy was on the ground and the whistle had already been blown yet a bama player jump straight into our player. but again, these are my observations and like i said several times, does it matter anymore or can anything be done about it, NO!

      • Yes, they did. They allowed him to keep playing.

      • Not really. Hell, personally I think a case could be made that the Ole Miss player could’ve been flagged as well, as the “no leading with the crown of the helmet” rule is still on the books and makes no clarification as to whether or not it only applies to defensive players.

        I also can’t believe everyone’s talking about that call and yet no one even mentions the Ole Miss player drilling one of the Bama players five yards out of bounds. They would’ve flagged any other team for that.

    • This is an SEC blog. We all love SEC football and watch these games. Don’t get pissy cause another teams fan shares an opinion cause god knows we all have them. And mine was just about the same as yours. It seems sketchy and inappropriate and I dont think Bama could have shutout Ole Miss based on their first three games this season. That being said, this is a forum and we all have a right to speak here. And yeah the refs are always biased, just pray those particular refs that day are biased in your favor. Geaux Tigers!

  • Jon Cooper,
    you’re dipping in the bottom of the barrel son, and lately, they all been this way.

    • You Bamer fans always attack the author when you are caught red-handed – which has been many times! Hell, you guys are on probation for the hundredth time. Bunch of cheaters in Alabamastan. Yep, sure are!

  • And you don’t think the Colorado coach from the week before playing Alabama knew lots of Saban’s tricks? There is always an advantage when staff moves on, it is all part of the strategy and the game.

    • Yes, but McElwain is the head coach of Colorado St., and is thus allowed to coach. Tyler Siskey is not a coach, and thus isn’t allowed to coach, help the coaches, consult the coaches, or in any manner do anything with the coaches or for the coaches. How do you not understand this???? This was against the rules.

  • Ole Miss fans quit crying you were still gonna lose regardless lol.

  • I’m an Alabama fan and for us to use this tactic to win a ballgame is shameful, embarrassing, and unethical. I know Alabama football is all about winning but if we have to dip to this level to be an Ole Miss team we all as Bama Nation should be on the look out for more NCAA sanctions. Hopefully Saban didn’t know this type of unethical behavior was going on but it hard to argue that point he’s the head coach. RTR

  • Even IF Siskey helped identify the plays Ol’ Miss has had since Spring to adjust their playbook…don’t blame Siskey for laziness on the part of the Ol’ Miss coaching staff. Also. If you thought you were ever in a serious position to beat Bama you’re delusional. Saban used that game to practice Bama’s running game–Ol’ Miss couldn’t even score against the 2nd and 3rd string during the 4th quarter–get real and wash the sand out of your va-jay-jays.

    • Yup. People don’t realize that even if Siskey was helping DURING the game, it’s an Ole Miss problem for not being smart enough to change up their signals, and not a Bama problem. Not sure I’d want a guy that incompetent running my team. But honestly, anyone that knows anything about football knows teams change their signals every game. I mean c’mon, they hold them up on the sidelines for the WORLD to see. Would be stupid to not change them before every game… especially with a former assistant on the opposition’s side.

  • Even if this was true, shouldn’t they make up different signs each season anyway? I mean hell, what’s the guy to do if he notices they’re dumb enough to use the exact same signals knowing he’s coaching against them?
    I’m sure Jim McElwain knew a few of the plays when he played them week before last (as he was their OC for four years). Do you think any coach in that position would just say “Oh hell, our coverage is totally wrong right now… well, can’t do anything about it. I’ll just give them a free play.”

    If so, I’ve got a big statue in New York Harbor that I’ll sell you for a really fair price…


    We lost 25-0 and it’s all because our former asst. is now an Alabama asst. Singlehandedly he out-coached our entire coaching staff…shoot, he outplayed our entire team!!!

  • I know that every fan will blame the officials when they lose, I do it all the time. What i don’t understand is how people are so sure that he was helping the coaches when they have no evidence, all they have is a guy standing in the press box at the stadium with binoculars. If I was that high up an that far away from the field I would use them as well.

  • it wasn’t a secret that the guy was hired. if ole miss is too stupid or naive to change their signs then that’s on them not alabama or the coach.

  • It is pretty suspect that the first team Bama is able to shutout is another decent SEC team, but they didn’t stop Colorado State. I mean there defense has allowed 58 points in their other three games this season. I think if Colorado state can score that Ole Miss (while not as great at they think they are, but still a good team) should have been able to put some points up. Either way, I think that Bama should not have allowed him in the booth with the play callers. They are asking for trouble… Bama would have still won the game, but I think Ole Miss would not have been shutout unless something a little bit inappropriate was happening in that booth. I wouldn’t put it past Saban to use every ace up his sleeve to get the W and a decisive one especially after a somewhat slow, questionable start this season. Either way, as long as no one from LSU jumps ship to join Saban’s ranks, I don’t think I would get so rabid about it on social media…of course I am not in Ole Miss’s shoes…

    • Colorado State was a game without 6 starters.. and it was a clean up game after a dramatic game vs Texas A&M.. and Colorado state had our former OFFENSIVE Coordinator as their head coach.. but you didn’t hear us crying about that being why we played so poorly did you? Exactly, its silly.. so stop it.

      • If you’re not crying about it then why bring it up here. I am just giving an unbiased opinion. Everyone is going to try to explain away a loss or scandal or mediocre win for their team, myself included if I was talking about my team. Is Bama the better team? Yes. Is it inappropriate to have someone who is not a Bama coach, in a position that appears he is helping coach (coincidentally against a team he worked for not to long ago)? Yes. Would any of this change the end result of the game, as in Bama winning? No. Would the final score be a little different? Maybe, there’s really no way to know. Did I watch the game? Yes. Am I entitled to post my opinion here, whether you like it or not? Absofuckinglutely! So nah, I’ll stop it when I’m finished if you don’t mind. Also, I don’t know if there is a forum full of Bama fans crying about playing against their former offensive coordinator in a game they look sub par in, cause I didn’t care enough about that game to read an article about it. If I felt so inclined I might just look for evidence of “crying about it”, but seriously i really don’t care enough so…yep now I’m done.

        • Been on a lot of Bama forums. Never heard any Bama whining about Alabama playing poorly against CSU because of a former assistant. Instead, they’ve been complaining about the lack of motivation from the players. Huge difference. Losers are critical of everyone else and make excuses for their losses. Champions are critical of themselves and make no excuses.

  • One major part that is missing is the fact that the NCAA allows a team to have so many coaches. What Siskey was doing was a rule violation, regardless of what Satan says. He was coaching, in the coach’s box and he is not designated as a coach. So, that gave Bamer an extra set of eyes in the booth. Saban put him up there for one reason and one reason only and that was to cheat by stealing signs and picking up on things that Ole Miss coaches do.

    One other issue – it is against the rules to tap in to the communications system of the other team. I see no difference in intentionally using spying equipment, binoculars, to steal signs and game plans and tapping in to the other teams headsets. What’s the difference? It would not shock me if Bamer doesn’t tap in to teams’ communications when they are playing at home.

    Finally, I notice that one of the other coaches receive cell phone calls during the game. I bet Bamer has someone call the coaching staff if anything useful is mentioned on TV and after they interview the coaches at halftime. If I was a coach, I would say very little info to the media. I would talk about the weather or how fine the cheer leaders are.

    Satan has proven that he will take every opportunity to skirt the rules and many times, he just breaks them, then flings the finger at the NCAA and the SEC. Bamer is their cash cow, right now, so, they aren’t going to stop the milk from flowing.

    Jon Cooper – what do you think? Does the NCAA or SEC look in to this?

    • Any other conspiracy theories you want to throw out there with no evidence whatsoever? I’m sure you can probably link Saban to 9/11 and the Illuminati somehow. I think he might be doing all these dang crop circles around the world too…

      • Oh yeah, I could list several: however, you can’t handle the truth. You and the rest of your buddies can’t see the forest for the trees. You’ll be back on sanctions, AGAIN, so own.a

        • funny that a gator fan wants to hate on Saban while ur head coach tries to emulate him…lol..

    • NCAA Rule….one head coach, 9 assistants, 2 GA’s… one else can be involved in coaching whether it is during a game or practice. Grey area sure, but it raises a lot of questions. Ole Miss was reprimanded for the same thing a few years back and Danny Nutt was removed from the sideline.

    • Doubt it, especially after Freeze said he hasn’t discussed it with the SEC.

    • hahahahahahahaha….OMG r u serious?!?! you think the coaches interviews at halftime have to be relayed to bama?!?! do u ever listen to the interviews?? “coach what do u need to do better?” we need to get pressure, make plays, and execute better…..SOMEONE MAKE SURE SABAN KNOWS THAT THE OTHER TEAM IS PLANNING ON EXECUTING BETTER AND GOING TO TRY TO SCORE!!! lol….you’re an idiot…but thanks for the laugh

  • Absolutely hilarious that Ole Miss fans and Bama haters seem to think that Freeze and his staff are too stupid and incompetent to realize that Bama has one of their former employees, so maybe… just maybe… they should change up their signals and game plan. These tweets and corresponding posts are indicative of how moronic Ole Miss fans view their coaching staff to be.

  • Hey morons! We lost. Get over it swallow your pride and quit making lame sissy excuses. You are an embarrassment to yourself and the face of Ole Miss. End of discussion.

  • Ole Miss runs a ho huddle, there is do dam n way he could read a play, relay it then the coach call it in and then the players adjust all in 8-12 seconds. They hardly have time to get set much less all this other stuff. Ole Miss is really reaching now, refusing to accept who they are despite the years and years of evidence.

  • Wow…..Ole Miss plays the number 1 team in the nation whose defense was called out by a middle of the pack QB running his mouth, and the only reason why Bama wins is because a former Ole Miss staffer was stealing plays. WOW! It wasn’t because Freeze went 1-4 on 4th down attempts in field goal range. The only 4th that was converted led to another failed attempt. It also wasn’t because Bama nullified the little speedster Scott by splitting the defensive ends out wide and forcing Ole Miss to try and run inside with a 180 lb back. Could it possibly have been because Bama got great pressure on Wallace and the DBs did a pretty good job in containing Montecrief and Treadwell? Nope it only because of stolen play calls.

    You guys are freakin sad. Freeze should have opted to get on the board first with a field goal instead of going for it on 4th down. Plus Bama’s defense was challenged and simply stepped up. Ole Miss hasn’t beaten Bama in Tuscaloosa since ’88 and have lost like 9 in a row recently. While your freshman class is a good one, they are no where near ready to challenge the #1 team in the Nation. Maybe next year but not 2013.

  • Who cares you rebels? Alabama was the better team. He didn’t do anything wrong. Quit whining and just accept defeat.

  • guess all the Ole Miss fans ignored the part where Coach Freeze said they changed their signals when Tyler left for BAMA….lol…not to mention with the up-tempo offense not sure how he would have had time to read the formation (not the signals) relay it without a headset to kirby, then have kirby relay it to the players before the ball got snapped…maybe the Ole Miss fans should be hating on their QB for running his mouth before the game instead of an old coach for getting a promotion…

  • I want to start by saying I’m a die hard Ole Miss fan. Here’s my two cents. I am disgusted at the way many rebel fans handled this loss. While yes I wanted OM to win, I knew it was a long shot. Whether or not Siskey was involved in the game/practice that’s not an excuse. Alabama has not played as well as expected this year, in my opinion. They had a statement to make Saturday night and they did just that. I realize siskey was an easy scapegoat for the loss, but let’s be honest. Bama played great and our offense did not and Bo should have kept his mouth shut and just played. And Shelby is right, Freese said that they changed the signals. We just have to move forward and get ready for Auburn. Ole Miss fans, we got a little ahead of ourselves. We still have work to do to compete with Bama and Georgia, hopefully this was a wake up call to our guys.

  • This whole discussion is totally insane. First, it is all based on the comments of a tv announcer. Todd Blackledge claimed that Siskey had been “very involved” in the game plan that week. Where did he get this information? Why does everybody assume it is gospel truth? If Siskey had illegally “coached”, either during the week or the game itself, you think Alabama would have been so open about it…telling Blackledge, knowing he would surely share it with his audience….or allow Siskey to openly violate rules knowing that tv cameras would be present?
    Secondly, the Alabama defensive staff has prepared teams that have won 3 of the past 4 national championships. Their defensive plans and players completely dominated both LSU and Notre Dame, both top-ranked teams at the time. To think they needed Siskey’s help against the #21-ranked Rebels is insane! if they can whip Notre Dame so easily, and not even allow LSU across midfield, I think they can come up with a plan that could shut down even a good Ole Miss team. Coach preparation and player execution won that game, not illegal coaching from the skyboxes.

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