Did UConn just reveal the worst helmets in college football history?

Did UConn just reveal the worst helmets in college football history?

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UConn recently revealed a new helmet design where the goal must be to make you remember that UConn has a football team. I think the discussion went something like this:

Person A: Look, when only 8 UConn fans attended the 2011 Fiesta Bowl, it made us look bad. We need a way to make people remember that we’re not just a women’s basketball school. 

Person B: But, we are a great women’s basketball school!

Person A: We need ideas people.

Person C: Let’s take a page from Maryland’s playbook and make our football team wear the ugliest helmets ever. Then people will talk about our football program!

…and here’s the result:

UConn helmets uconnhelmets2


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  1. Glad you mentioned Maryland. At least they had the excuse of trying to look like a state symbol, as ill-advised as that move was. No excuse for this though.

  2. Guess I’m crazy but I kinda like em…better than Maryland for sure and an improvement on their OL ones in my opinion.

  3. If you are going to criticize something maybe you should learn to spell so you don’t look like such a jackass. You wear a helmet, you don’t “where” it. More education and less football may benefit SEC students.

  4. Honestly I think that’s a pretty good design it’s just to bad the only thing they had going for them is basketball.