SEC Football News on Saturday Down South

PHOTO: North Carolina taking cheap shots at Jadeveon Clowney

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North Carolina tried to cut Jadeveon Clowney from behind well after the play. It was a dirty, classless move.

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Comments 12

  1. Hopefully the SEC players have more class than the ACC ones.

  2. Georgia Tech players have been doing it for years….

  3. It was a blatant cheap shot. Not as glaring at the cheap shot on Vic Hampton that the refs totally ignored…

  4. It didn’t surprise me. Fedora has always been a “win-at-all-costs” type coach. No one really liked the guy during his time in Hattiesburg. Just sayin….

  5. Sickening. If NCAA wanted to truly protect players, they would review dirty play like this and suspend the perpetrator for 1 or more games. There should be zero tolerance on this crap and strict enforcement. Too bad the NCAA is a joke when it comes to suspensions.

  6. If the NCAA had any balls, they would review this kind of stuff and issue punishment even after the game is over. I would think that Monday would be a good day for that.

  7. Not saying it wasn’t a cheap shot but would have to see the sequence leading up to this to be sure.

    • I believe they have since added a video, which shows a blatant attempt to fall and roll over on Clowney’s legs. I do change my previous position, though…attempts like this should result in year long suspensions because if he had cause a ligament tear, Clowney’s season would be over and his pro aspirations could have taken a hit.

  8. this guy should be suspended, no questions asked

  9. ACC refs called an ACC game.

  10. I hate UNC. Go Blue Devils.