Adidas unveiled a New PINK football uniform for Mississippi State


Uniform Critics, a new website launching next week about sports uniforms, was the first to release a breaking news image of an Adidas display tonight that unveiled a pink uniform for Mississippi State. Here are the uniforms:


Mississippi State revealed three new uniforms last season. Dan Mullen announced the new Adidas TechFit uniforms for the 2012 season, and MSU also had two new uniforms for the Snow Bowl and Egg Bowl.

UPDATE- Scott Stricklin, the Mississippi State Athletic Director, responded to the uniform:



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  • Those jerseys are for a great cause…if it happens.

  • I understand that the uniforms are for a worthy cause, but it always seems like State resorts to gimmicks like this in order to increase fan support – Blackout games, Snow Bowl uniforms against A&M, hash tags in the end zones, new logos. I agree with wanting to keep your fans excited, but there comes a time when doing these gimmicks actually decreases the focus of the team. They become more worried about what they’re wearing than how they play. Think about the most successful programs in college football (Alabama, Penn State, USC, Oklahoma) – you rarely see them change up their uniforms. And I think it has to do with them becoming distractions.

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