Urban Meyer regrets the way his Florida tenure ended, said Alabama should have lost three games


Urban Meyer now coaches the premier team in one of the worst football conferences in the country, and he’s setting Ohio State up hopefully to make a run at a national championship behind the legs (and arm) of QB Braxton Miller.

Most predict OSU to run straight through the Big Ten and play a team from the SEC for the national championship.

And he sat down with CBSSports’ Jeremy Fowler to talk some college football, and he ended up talking more about Florida and the SEC than the Big Ten. Here are the better excerpts from the interview as it pertains to the SEC:

Meyer regrets the way his Florida tenure ended

“I didn’t at first. I thought we did a good job. We did our best. I look back now, the way it ended was certainly a regret. Does that mean it haunts me? Not at all. I’ve always felt our job is to do a good job and do it the right way, do it ethically and for the best interest of the student-athlete — check, check, check. I’ll always be associated with the school, and my great friends are there and all that. Absolutely none with that. It just wasn’t a normal way to move on. There would have been if I would have stayed out. I was worried about survival for a little bit.”

Meyer said there’s no question he’d still be at Florida if the health issues hadn’t surfaced

“I realized not too long after [around February 2011]. I called Jeremy [Foley] and said, ‘I made a mistake.’ Once I felt like everything was under control, it was like, ‘Oh my gosh, what did I do?’ I just told Jeremy as a friend in conversation. The talk was more about one day getting back into it. He was very supportive. Then I started at ESPN and had a ball with that, but is that enough? Is that what I was called to do? I planned to take more than a year [off] though.”

Meyer said Alabama should have lost three games in 2012.

“You look at [2012], [Alabama] should have lost three games. Georgia had them beat. LSU, I watched that one, it was over. Obviously they ended up beating them. I thought they’d be really good. I think there are some really good teams in the conference.”

The SEC’s recruiting success

“Just look on a map where the players are. There’s certainly a population shift. I also think that’s cyclical. There was a time New Jersey was loaded with potential NFL players. There are other times it’s not. Maybe we just got caught in a little bit of, you know, I think some of the good players from the Northern part or Eastern part went down South. When you’re losing Sharrif Floyd and Dominique Easley, those are usually guys who would stay up [in the Northeast].”

I know I’m not alone in hoping Meyer’s Buckeyes play an SEC team in 2013.

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  • “Meyer said Alabama should have lost three games in 2012, but he only points out two games.”

    The third was probably the A&M game, which Bama did lose.

  • I’ve always felt our job is to do a good job and do it the right way, do it ethically and for the best interest of the student-athlete — check, check, check.

    What a piece of BS!! He had by far the worst track record of players arrested in his time in the SEC and turned a blind eye to everything. When one of your own players comes out and says “If Urban where still here, I’d be playing” after being arrested TWICE for getting smoking MJ, you know the culture in Gainesville was corrupt.

    Chris “Time to die bi!ch” Rainey, Ronnie “Ak-47” Wilson ring any bells?

    • I agree, Meyer is one of the whiniest coaches in CFB! The fact that he even brings up Bama tells you how butthurt he still is. He should take a look at his own season and realize how many games OSU could have lost last year. One of the reason’s I love college football is how close some of the games are. He is playing in the worst conference in CFB and he wants to whine about how many games Bama should have lost but didn’t! I’m sorry but the guy is a loser because only losers talk “would of, should of, coulda of” !

      • SO true. That is all he has. Try to bring down someone else. Bama is so past him and his crying. He is at a great school and should concentrate on how many games his team will lose/win. I see him at OSU 5 years max. They will run his ass out on a rail when they see he is all blow and no show.

  • I am a life long Gator and like to win, but it was not Meyer, it was Tebow, Zook could have won it all with Tebow as QB. Meyer got sick because he found he could not regularly beat Sabin, and Tebow was soon to be gone. My biggest gripe was that he inherited a pretty good team, and left with the cupboard pretty empty.

    I still don’t like Meyer, and think he went back to coaching too soon, but is was probably now or never at OSU. Now I hope Michigan will make him sick.

    • I agree. I remember a show I watched where Meyer was talking about the recruitment of Tebow and he said he was outside with his wife when Tebow committed and he told his wife that if Tebow did not come to Florida it would set the program back 10 years. I never understood that comment. If your a great coach do you put that kind of stock in one player? Don’t get me wrong, Tebow was a great player and did great things for the Florida program but a program should not depend on one player. Saban told Julio Jones that Alabama would win with him or without him and he has told countless other top notch athletes the same thing and that’s what I like about him as a coach.

  • Hey Urban, was it Bama that gave up 7 TDs to Indiana? Or that nearly lost to Cal or Purdue? Surely you don’t mean to suggest that Bama wasn’t the best team in the nation. I KNOW you aren’t taking a swipe at that team.

  • Meyer gets all the credit for the success at Florida, but, it was more Charlie Strong and Dan Mullen! After they left, Meyer made some idiot hires and things went down from there! He went from being possibly the best coach UF has ever had to being very disliked by most Gator fans. I really like Meyer, even when he was having a tough time; however, I lost all respect for him, after the way he left. I am convinced that there were behind the scene deals set up for him to take over for Joe Pa and then it all fell apart. He lucked up when OSU opened.

    As far as Bamer goes – yes, they should have lost to LSU and they backed in to the NC game, against a team that shouldn’t have been there, themselves. Meyer can’t talk – they should have lost 3 games, in one of the weakest conferences. OSU will lose 2 or more games, this year and will not play for the NC. Bamer will lose to A&M and LSU and will not luck up and make it back to the NC game, either.

    If Meyer were to walk on to the field, at Florida, he would be boo’ed out of the stadium. Isn’t that something? Win 2 NC’s, at a school and can’t even visit the place. That tells you just how low Meyer stooped and how Gator Nation lost respect for him. We have a real Coach, now and wouldn’t trade him for any other Coach. It’s just a matter of time and Muschamp will be the premier Coach of college football!

    GO GATORS!!!

    • You made predicitons about Bama but failed to make one about Flurda. What are they going to do this year? As far as Bama “backing into the NC”, that is a joke isn’t it. DID BAMA WIN? Did A&M “back into” the win against Bama? Did you actually watch that game? A couple of plays helped them win. Johnny Football had the lucky fumble/TD and AJ had the bad pass. Just as Murray had the bad pass against Bama. Hell even the refs helped them a bit. I suggest you go back and watch the game then come back and talk smack. Bottom line though is Bama beat them.

    • Charlie Strong is a great coach!!

  • Urban Meyers left Florida on his wife’s ultimatum, “leave your coaching job at Florida or leave me!”

    Notice how odd it was because he was supposed to move away from the game. Suddenly he comes back. Doesn’t really sound like the guy was too sick.

    The real reason behind his sickness and his abrupt departure from Florida was because he was caught in a sexual relationship with a Florida student who was a friend of his daughter.

    When his wife found out, the trouble set in. He never wanted to leave Florida. This is the real reason. His wife told him to leave Florida or leave me.

    Urban Meyers is a man of very low character and he is good at it.

    • I have to call BS on your allegation! That’s not what happened. I have no respect for Meyer, any longer; however, I don’t care for people spreading BS, either!

    • Damn human, are you a fiction writer? This is the 1st time we have heard about this. Do you not think this type of crap would have been headlines if even remotely true? I DO and millions more do. Myers is a POS but Holy Cow!!! Get a life and quit watching soap operas. It makes you sound goofy.

  • Urban LIAR should feel bad about how he left the Univ of Florida…it was with his tail between his legs. He had heart problems alright, it was covered with yellow. Urban LIAR not only looks like Norman Bates fro PYSCHO, but has the same demeanor.

  • “I know I’m not alone in hoping Meyer’s Buckeyes play an SEC team in 2013.”

    Yeah…it should be a real good Outback Bowl. Sit back and enjoy…or at least admire…the coming reign of Michigan football.

  • This writer admitted the Buckers play in a horrid conference. So they’re a big fish in a mudpuddle. Why would anyone want to see them play for a Nat. Conference?? There is always a chance they play the one good game of 13 and steal a National Conference.

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