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Contenders and Pretenders Weekend

“Boy, that escalated quickly.  I mean, that really got out of hand, fast.” – Ron Burgundy

What a weekend.  What a mess.  It was fun, but what a mess.

Here is what I think I learned this weekend:

Alabama and LSU are the Best in the West

Alabama’s schedule has been largely pathetic but they have used the first half of their two month long training camp between the Texas A&M and LSU game to figure out their defense.  I’m mainly basing that on the Ole Miss win because none of the other teams can score against air.  We’re also seeing some signs that the Tide’s offense is starting to look as dangerous as everyone expected them to look at the start of the season.  T.J. Yeldon has the running game going, finally, as shown with this 124 yard two touchdown performance against Kentucky.  A.J. McCarron is, well, the same as he’s always been: good and safe.  If 2012 Amari Cooper ever shows up look out!  They still have another month of warm-ups before LSU comes to town, so maybe he has plenty of time to work it out.

LSU’s offense continues to impress.  On Saturday they controlled the game against what might be the best defense they’ll play all season, in the Florida Gators.  Equally importantly, the defense was improved after looking remarkably unimpressive for most of the season.  Now, that may have had more to do with Will Muschamp hating offense than it did LSU’s defense flipping a switch but, hey, you take what you can get.

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I really don’t know who will win that game on November 9th, in Tuscaloosa, but if I had to guess who will win the SEC West I’m sticking with Alabama.  LSU could quite possibly beat Alabama and lose the next week to A&M, thus giving the West to Alabama, who again, only has one lose-able regular season game left on their super soft schedule.

South Carolina is a Beast in the SEC East. 

When Connor Shaw is healthy, that is.  With Shaw playing, the Gamecocks are the most balanced team in the SEC East.  Running back Mike Davis is a superstar and despite the drama surrounding Jadeveon Clowney, their defense is getting better.

On Saturday, South Carolina played their best game of the season with a 52-7 win over Arkansas in Fayetteville.  Connor Shaw was fantastic, combining for four touchdowns in the air and on the ground.  Davis continues to be the most consistent running back in the conference with his typical 128 yard, one touchdown performance.  Those two guys allowed South Carolina to control the ball for 43:25 compared to Arkansas 16:35.  It was total domination.  South Carolina is figuring things out at the right time but is it enough to get back into the SEC East hunt?  It should be because…

Georgia is Broken

The offensive injuries combined with a terrible defense make Georgia very vulnerable against everyone else they play this season.  They barely beat a bad Tennessee team last week on the road and got crushed by a good Missouri team at home on Saturday, 41-26. Aaron Murray looked tired.  The physical and mental exhaustion of carrying the entire University on his back finally broke him.  Georgia’s defense continues to be a dumpster fire, as they made it very clear early on in the Missouri game that they have no intentions of stepping up their level of play in an effort to make up for all the offensive injuries.

Georgia’s schedule is manageable going forward, but @ Vanderbilt will be a challenge.  Florida in Jacksonville will be a challenge.  Hell, even the road game to Auburn now looks like a real challenge.  Todd Gurley will be back at it soon but I’m not sure he and Murray are enough to make up for their defensive limitations.  Regardless of a potential SEC East championship or even an unlikely SEC Championship, Georgia’s BCS Title dreams have been dashed.

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Missouri is Nice, But James Franklin is Hurt, Again

Even before Missouri could celebrate their biggest win in their brief history in the SEC, their magical run was over.  Quarterback James Franklin, who has looked great all season and again on Saturday in Athens, was standing on the sidelines with his arm in a sling, with what we later learned was a separated shoulder.  It was a good win for Gary Pinkel and Missouri, but without Franklin they won’t be a real player in the SEC East.  They control their own destiny and host both Florida and South Carolina, but winning both games with backup Maty Mauk would be shocking.

He’s a good quarterback, but James Franklin just hasn’t proven he can withstand SEC defenses.

Will Muschamp Still Doesn’t Get It

On Saturday Will Muschamp proved that he learned absolutely nothing from the loss earlier in the year to Miami.  The Gators rode their ultra conservative offense to two field goals against an LSU defense that has looked shaky all season.  In three of their last four losses (I’m not counting the Sugar Bowl Loss to Louisville, where half the Gators defense had already declared for the NFL draft) against Miami and LSU this season and Georgia last season, Florida has scored only one touchdown, and that one touchdown came with 2:08 left in the 4th quarter against Miami in a game that was already over.  These aren’t great defenses that are shutting the Gators down; this is Florida running and executing a frightened offense.  Muschamp is afraid of turnovers like Howard Hughes is afraid of germs.  The fear has crippled this team. The best defense in the country means absolutely nothing if you are too scared to try to score points.

With all that said, Florida can actually still win the SEC East. They have a James Franklin-less Missouri next week and broken Georgia after that.  Their defense IS elite.  If Muschamp can take a look at these losses and learn something, there is still a chance that the SEC East will be decided on November 16 in Columbia, South Carolina.

Oh, and Johnny Manziel is the Best Player in America

Who needs a defense when you have Johnny Football?  Manziel continued his ridiculous statistical existence with nearly 500 total yards on his own in a shootout win against Ole Miss.   On the year Manziel has 19 total TD’s and only five interceptions and despite whatever madness Lou Holtz is spitting, Manziel is the best and the most valuable player in the country.

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2nd Worst Stoops of the Week

Despite Kentucky losing by 41 at home, Mark Stoops wasn’t the most disappointing Stoops of the weekend.  That title goes to Big Game Bob, who somehow managed to lose to Mack Brown only moments before the mortician came in with the embalming fluids.  Stoops, who has been highly critical of SEC defenses this season, somehow managed to give up 36 to a Texas offense that only managed 23 against Ole Miss in Austin.  I’m sure his apology is coming, SEC defenses.  The good news for Mark Stoops is nobody even noticed his terrible loss to Alabama as they were all too busy laughing at Bob.

Plays That Mattered

LSU’s J.C. Copeland takes it in from the one yard line on the first play in the second quarter and because Florida hates offense, this ended up being the game winner.

Johnny Football looking like, well, Johnny Football.  This would tie up the game in the 4th and A&M would go on to hit the game winning field goal on their next possession.

Bud Sasser hits L’Damian Washington for a 40 yard Touchdown on the Trick play.  This is the kind of stuff you have to do after your quarterback’s arm falls off.

What They Meant To Say

“I’m tired, man.  I’ve never heard of this white dude I’m handing the ball off to.  My receivers are sharing ACL’s.  Our defense is… I don’t have the words.  And the whole time I’m out there I’m thinking, ‘Why didn’t Richt let me spike the ball last year against Alabama?’  I could be starting for like half of the NFL tomorrow.” – Aaron Murray, Quarterback, University of Georgia

“I look forward to asking my clown brother his theory on why an SEC defense like Ole Miss was able to dominate Texas and his Sooners got smoked.  He’s had a lot of theories lately, so this should be a good one… What an idiot.” – Mark Stoops, Head Coach, University of Kentucky

“I tell my players all the time, ‘Never, ever, turn the ball over.’  That’s all I tell them.  I’d rather them punt on 2nd down than throw a jump ball to a wide receiver.  A running back that breaks a tackle is just making himself more likely to fumble in the future.  I teach my guys to go down on first contact, take a three and out and we’ll try to block a punt.  So…I don’t know why we keep losing.” – Will Muschamp, Head Coach, University of Florida

“I wonder if this is how Psy felt after he recorded Gangam Style?  Do you think he instantly knew he was going to be a one-hit wonder?” – Gary Pinkel, Head Coach, University of Missouri



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  • The best defense in the country is going to be a part of at least four losses for Florida. The philosophy, leadership, personnel (something!) has to change for Gators. I’m looking at you, brent pease. How much does Florida trust Muschamp to hire the right coordinator? He’s hired Charlie Weis and Brent Pease.

    South Carolina is going to win the East, and I can find some comfort in knowing it’ll be Spurrier I assume.

  • MAD, I feel like UF fans are as sick and tired with the offense and UGA fans are with the defense. There simply is no excuse for pissing away the talent both teams recruit. I think the bright spot for UF is that something has to give in the WLOCP and that something will be UGA’s D. Even with Gurley and Bennett back, I don’t see us having much success against UF’s D. Lastly, I hope you are dead wrong about SCar emerging out of the East. I’d rather see Missouri pull it off without James Franklin. I know, fat chance.

    • Dawg, if both teams keep it up, the WLOCP will be the biggest joke of a game ever. They both need to figure a whole lot out between now and then

      • Well, at least they make it easy for the fans. The only thing I need to figure out between now and then is whether to rent a party bus Friday night or reserve a room at a local bar…haha

  • 1. We don’t know yet how long Franklin will be out 2. sorry to break the news to all the new team haters but there will be no significant difference between Mauk and Franklin (and Berkstresser has more experience in the league than 2013’s new starters) 3. All Richt and his pancake Tanya Harding boy did was make Missouri harden their resolve.

    • Who is just now hating on your team? And who is Richt’s “pancake Tanya Harding boy”? What does that even mean?

      • Tanya Harding was an olympian who when she found out she couldn’t win, took a bat or something to Nancy Kerrigans leg. I think he is making refernce to the play that Franklin was injured is being reviewed by the SEC for displinary action. He was stopped, had thrown the ball and a second [player came over and slammed him down. The dawg I was watching the game with thought it was a crappy play, I’m not sure.

        • Was aware of who Tanya Harding was, but that is a poor comparison. Watched the replay over and over and Jenkins did nothing dirty. He already had his hands on Franklin when he threw it and tackled him. Franklin landing on his shoulder was just a bad result of the tackle. Almost every defender would do the same thing in that scenario. When a player gets hurt, fans of that team are prone to find ways to make the player who “caused” the injury seem dirty. It’s natural to not want to believe injuries just happen.

        • Yea well Dawg780, I said I don’t know because I thought it was a football game. We’ve has 2 targeting penalities and I think when the DL grabs a QB he’s supposed to throw him down

    • Hahahaha!!!! Ah I really am starting to love mizzou more and more.

    • I’m no uga fan but Mark Richt is a class act, if you honestly think he told his guys to purposely hurt franklin you are even crazier than I thought.

    • Dawg780, I rewatched the play about 5 times before I wrote this. The ball was not only gone, it was out of bounds. It would have been a questionable late hit if they had just shoved him out of bounds hard that late, but two players gang tackled him and made sure the one could pancake on the tackle. Mark Richt made a point to say when interviewed after the game that he didn’t even see any contact, that’s bologna. If he had said something like, I don’t think my boys could stop their forward momentum, then the comment might have been an oversight. As a coach this is where you say, we might have been a little late, we will talk about this as a team. Otherwise this can ruin a good rivalry, hurt both teams, and hurt the division, and league.

      Missouri inc, grow a backbone, or talk to some real football players, If you’ve played the game then you know how to hit hard, on time, and minimize the kind of injuries knock other players out. Heads, eyes, knees, fingers, toes, and numerous other season ending injuries can be dished out on every play, every pile up, every forward progress tackle, and other situations. What makes the game manageable is not the rule book, it is ethical players and coaches. Every team has to work on this from time to time and GA needs to work on it now. Just so you don’t think I’m picking on Georgia, I was the most vocal blogger after the cheap shot by Alabama on Murray last year. The rule that allows the quarterback to be hit as a possible tackler after the interception was an excuse to commit un. roughness in this case and every reasonable person could see it. Murray was not going to make a tackle on this play, especially with a blocker already ball side of him. It was clear to see that Murray was relaxed and not in pursuit. (like Franklin was Sat.)

      • Wolfman, you have your opinion and I have mine. If you think the “pancake” was intentional, then so be it. From my point and others I have seen, it was not. From yours and others, including Pinkel, it was. Agree to disagree. There is no evidence to establish it as a fact one way or the other.

      • Wolfman, I said I wasn’t sure and I wasn’t. I watched the game from a mobile device and was unable to view multiple replays. A player tackles another player. The ball was out of bounds. Irrelevant.Was it late ? Probably. Was he trying to put him out of the football game. I’m not sure. That’s what I saw, that’s what I said

  • Check this out:

    Georgia Bulldogs: Don’t Blame Injuries, Bulldogs’ D Let Us Down


  • Just keep telling us what we can’t do #Mauktober

  • If you’re going to include Missouri in your articles, at least make the effort to learn about the team before you go making stupid comments about how the ride is over because of the Franklin injury.

  • First of all, I greatly enjoy this site and find most of the content excellent. But your comment on Missouri no longer being a part of the SEC east race seems ill-informed. Let’s start with the basics:

    First of all, Missouri is all alone at the top of the SEC east, with the tie-breaker over the preseason favorite. Secondly, if you think that Missouri has gotten to 6-0 purely on the back of good quarterback play, you have not watched a whole lot of Missouri football. Even this Saturday, Missouri was driven, more than anything else, by an opportunistic defense forcing so many turnovers that it would have been hard to lose no matter who the quarterback was.

    What you say, furthermore, assumes that Maty Mauk is not an adequate replacement to Franklin. I don’t know whether this is true. Neither do you. The only people with any real idea is the Missouri coaching staff. The only thing we DO know is that he came out there in front of 92,000 roaring fans as it looked liked Georgia was about to swamp Missouri. And he immediately ran for a gritty first down. But to say that the leader in the SEC east is not a real contender shows that not even beating the #7 team in the country on the road can garner the proper respect from our conference mates. It appears the only way to do that will be to go into Atlanta and take down the Tide. And yes, we are in the mix to do exactly that.

  • William Wallace, let me guess…you and your beer drinking buddies first scoffed at Mizzou joining the SEC, then laughed your way thru a 12 pack about our abilities to compete in the league. Love it or hate it, we’re here to stay…… and COMPETE. I’ll be sure to tune in next monday, for my weekly douse of Mizzou hate.

  • Billy boy has been a Mizzou hater this whole season. it’s really not worth reading his crap. but we knew when we join the SEC we were going to have to dumb it down a little bit. or in Billys case a lot. hey Billy how many games does a SEC team who is undefeated on the road lose at home! let me give you a clue seeing as how you’re so clueless. its a round number. don’t worry about it Zou fans. we are smart enough to know that people who don’t respect themselves can’t give respect to anyone else

    • “Mizzou hater” is inaccurate. To date, I’ve been underwhelmed by Missouri. Most of that has to do with their 5-7 record last season and 2-6 SEC record. This season they are playing well, but I’m not exactly flipping out about wins over Vanderbilt and a decimated Georgia team. Oh, and their best player will miss the two most important games in their quest to win the SEC East and they still have A&M. Missouri won’t be favored in any of those games. The opinion is shared by Vegas (http://linemakers.sportingnews.com/ncaa-football/2013-10-14/college-football-lines-point-spreads-week-8-vegas-odds-florida-fsu-clemson). If they win the next two games I’ll be wrong and I’ll admit it, like I did last year with A&M.

      As for David’s theory that beating Bama and winning the SEC would earn respect? Yeah, that would pretty much do it.

      • you speak with a forked tongue and out both sides of your head. Missouri lost all 5 of it starting o-line last year before we ever got to play a game. so don’t talk about injuries to Georgia and then bash Missouri for only winning five last year. if injuries made that much of a difference then they shouldn’t have been ranked number 7. why do you give you so much credit to Georgia for their injuries but not to Missouri last year for their injuries. you can’t have it both ways Bilbo. choose one Missouri was the better team this year damn the injuries. or Missouri was a better team last year except for injuries a******!

        • so basically we have to win the SEC Championship to get your respect. 9-3 wouldn’t do it. why stop at last year’s record how about eight winning seasons before that. and in those 8 years we stopped South Carolina Arkansas and Ole Miss oh and also Texas A&M. oh I don’t respect them for last year oh I don’t respect them for last year tired of hearing it. why don’t you coming to the here and now.

      • Don’t add more fuel to the fire, Mizzou fans. This guy is either trolling us (most likely) or he does not watch Missouri football and has never gotten past the “Old Man Football” propaganda of September 2012. Yes, we were 5-7 in 2012. No, that doesn’t mean a darn thing about a 6-0 start where we took down the #7 team in the country on the road. I don’t know what SEC team you follow. But unless it’s ‘bama, your team has been more underwhelming that Mizzou this year.

        • bama is not that great. don’t forget 2 years ago they were the third best team in the conference and were given a national title. given. didn’t earn it they were given. nope that should have been Oklahoma State game to play. they wouldn’t have made it against a healthy Missouri last year. but we were depleted and I certainly was “underwhelmed”! nonetheless if you’re not the best of your conference your certainly not the best in the country.

  • and by the way we’ve already exceeded your expec.tations for us this year. so you don’t even respect your own poop.

  • you’re probably one of them Paul Fin.ebaum drones that wanted West Virginia instead of Missouri. how the Mountaineers do. have they been to the big 12 championship game yet?. we have. are they going to the big 12 championship game this year? What’s that Billy nothing to say? exactly!

    • Buddy, you’re right. I don’t have the first clue how to respond to that.

      • buddy? I don’t think so. the only reason I’m on this story is to hear from the fans of the other teams. the most loyal fans know more about their teams than any pundits. MADGators, Dawg780, etc. the list just goes on. Auburn fans and Tennessee fans. these guys are all tuned in and worth reading

  • and our best player are the 11 that are on the field just like any other team.

  • Nice to see the Missouri fans all riled up. I guess they started drinking earlier in the week than usual ;) That being said, I do see Missouri pulling out a win against Florida this week. Nothing against Florida and their team, but after losing Matt Jones, it will be even more difficult to score points. Regardless of how good Florida’s defense is, I don’t see the offense putting many on the board.
    Remember y’all, this is just a humorous article, even though I respect William Wallace, I would take his words with a grain of salt. That’s the beauty of the shock jock, to rile everyone up.

  • William – it’s so funny to see the Mizzou fans riled up this year. You wrote for the last couple years pissing off multiple fans, and looks like Mizzou has put a TARGET on your back. This is hilarious. MIZZOU fans – William has been around for a few years and one of the BEST reads on any CFB site.

    • Whatever. All we are saying is don’t use injuries for an excuse if we couldn’t use them for last year. We weren’t deep enough remember. AT the same time he’s right that Mizzou has to win on the field for respect. Bring on Florida, Temp is supposed to be 41

      • In fairness, I was also unimpressed last year when all 7 of of those teams crushed a dinged up mediocre Missouri team.

        • Don’t let this guys get you down William, these mizzou fans are the winiest group of fans I’ve ever seen. Always wanting someone to notice them.

      • Yep. Need to win for respect. To be fair, if we had taken care of business and started 6-0 no one would be disrespecting us like this. Wait.

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