Why is Lane Kiffin going on College GameDay?

Coach Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin is appearing on College Gameday on Saturday? What, will he be standing in the crowd holding a homemade sign or something? It’s been less than two weeks since USC kicked him to the curb and while most people would be licking their wounds or working on a strategy with their agent to identify what opportunities are available, Kiffin chooses to go on National TV and give a live interview in front of the entire College Football world. Weird choice, Lane.

Oh, did I mention Gameday is in Washington, for the UDub – Oregon game? For a man famous for making terrible decisions, this one might top the list. Kiffin choses to give the interview that will help mold his future as a football coach in front of an unfriendly audience who are more than happy to kick a man when he’s down, specifically this man. Granted, he would have that response most anywhere. This guy has no fans. Why is he doing this? What is the possible upside? Maybe ESPN is using the airtime and Ivan Maisel’s feel good piece to pave the way for a future hiring? Or maybe they just want to milk the ratings with a public flogging of Kiffin at the hands of Chris Fowler?

This isn’t a brave attempt on Kiffin’s part to right a wrong. He wasn’t unfairly fired. No, he was very fairly fired for underachieving at USC. Is he hoping to take a little of the spotlight away from USC’s victory against Arizona on Thursday? Is that it?

Under the guidance of lovable lunatic Ed Orgeron, the Trojans held off Arizona 38-31. The players doused the beloved Coach O with Gatorade after the win. The players, postgame, sounded as if they had just survived a four-year battle with depression. They remarked over and over again about the joy of playing for a coach who truly cares about them. Athletic Director Pat Haden was thrilled to finally see the players happy. Happy? They get to live in LA and play football. How did Kiffin manage to make that a miserable experience?

Instead of privately, quietly regrouping, Kiffin rushes back in front of the spotlight, hoping to remind everyone of the sanctions he faced as coach of USC and explain how this disaster isn’t entirely his fault. Like he did before at Tennessee and Oakland. I’m sure it will go over great.

Lane, here is some advice… you can do what you want with it. Stay out of the spotlight for once. Take a job at a small school, if you can find one that will take you, and prove that actually know how to coach, because most of the evidence says you can’t. You were born on third base of the World Series and just got thrown out trying to steal home. Now it’s time to go back to the minors and work on fundamentals. You’ve proven that being shot out of the penis of a great coach doesn’t necessarily mean that you too will be great coach. Now is your chance to go learn how to actually be a head coach instead of a guy acting like a head coach.



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  • “You’ve proven that being shot out of the penis of a great coach doesn’t necessarily mean that you too will be great coach.” Freakin great!

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