Muschamp on UGA’s winning streak: It’s not going to be long, I assure you


Will Muschamp has done a fantastic job as the head man for the Florida Gators, especially coming off an impressive 11-win season, but what he hasn’t done is beat Florida’s biggest SEC East rival, which happens to be his alma mater, Georgia, either of his first two seasons.

But when speaking to the Jacksonville Gator Club, Muschamp vowed the Dawgs’ winning streak wouldn’t be a long one, via Palm Beach Post.

“Well, it’s not going to be a long winning streak, I can assure you,” he said. “We feel very comfortable.

“Obviously, last year, when you turn the ball over six times, you’re not going to win many games. We fought through a lot of adversity we created for ourselves in the game. It just didn’t work out… Very disappointed for our football team and the Gator Nation that we didn’t get the job done. Looking forward to the game this year.

Take his words with a grain of salt, considering he was riling up the Jacksonville Florida fans, but it just fuels the ever-burning ember and the mystique that the Florida-Georgia game possesses.

Georgia beat the No. 2-ranked Gators 17-9 last season and 24-20 in 2011.

The Florida-Georgia rivalry is the second-biggest in the SEC for 2013.

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  • Damn right it ends this year. Love ole’ Willy.

  • Didn’t realize that Muschump could guarantee something like that… Seeing as if it was in his power they wouldn’t have lost 2 straight years. But I mean how could you not expect them to win with their explosive offense and Jeff driskel right? Ha! Yeah they will be really good. UGA 28 UF 17

  • This is the first time in living memory where this game is as big a game for Florida as it is for Georgia. And I’m 22! Gotta love that. Willy can chatter all he wants, it must make a nice break from crying every night about the Sugar Bowl.

  • Listen I love to beat the gators but two games isn’t a streak. Especially not after the previous 20 years. That being said Im certainly not scared by anything Ive seen from them on offense and am honestly more concerned with beating Spurrier’s bunch. I will worry about UF when the third week in october rolls around. As for Muschamp I wouldn’t expect him to say anything else…I think he’s a hell of a coach and I would welcome him back home if things didn’t work out down the road in Gainesville. Hell it would be worth it just to see him hulk the F out at least once a game.

  • This will be good bulletin board material. Florida was the luckiest team in the world last year. So many times they should have lost and it took Louisville to expose how they are when they’re unmotivated. Still that was last year and this upcoming.

  • I wonder if he knows Louisville beat them.

  • I am sure he likes the reasoning he used that Florida turned the ball over 6 times. I am sure Mark Richt would counter with the fact Georgia turned the ball over three times in the first half. If he can take away his 6 turnovers then yup Florida ends the streak. However.. .Take away Georgia’s 3 turnovers also and the rout is on and the streak is alive and will run well into the future!!!

  • Being “comfortable” doesn’t win games. I feel like Georgia has lost quite a few games in the past because they got too comfortable. This is going to come up again later in the season and I look forward to watching Muschamp’s boys suffer because of it.

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