Two Tennessee football players arrested, 7 others cited


The offseason is in full swing.

Tennessee had two current players arrested in LB AJ Johnson and DT Danny O’Brien, along with former LB Dontavis Sapp, according to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

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According to, O’Brien was charged with criminal impersonation (fake ID), resisting arrest and underage consumption. Reports indicate police were called to a loud 80- to 90-person party at an apartment addressed to Sapp and Johnson (they are roommates), and the police returned to the apartment a second time after they heard reports of a fight breaking out around 12:30 AM Sunday. (pay wall) reported that both Sapp and Johnson were arrested on resisting arrest charges, although KCSO said reports for both haven’t been finalized.

Arrests to Johnson and O’Brien are the first known legal incidents since Butch Jones was hired, and he released a statement that he was immediately aware of the situation and in the mode of gathering facts.

“We are aware of the situation and are still in the preliminary stages of gathering all facts and information,” coach Butch Jones said in a statement. “We have very high standards and expectations within our football program at the University of Tennessee, and appropriate action will be taken.”

Johnson is one of the SEC’s top linebackers, and he returned for his senior season instead of heading to the NFL.

Updated 3:40 PM ET: Sapp and Johnson are being charged with providing alcohol to persons under 21 and resisting arrest.

Seven other players cited:

LB Curtis Maggitt: providing alcohol to underage persons
LB Jalen Reeves-Maybin: providing alcohol to underage persons
LB Jakob Johnson: providing alcohol to underage persons
OL Dontavius Blair: underage drinking
DL Dimarya Mixon: underage drinking
CB Justin Coleman: underage drinking
DL Malik Brown: underage drinking

The following photos were taken from the Knox County Sheriff’s office:

Tennessee LB AJ Johnson

Tennessee DT Danny O’Brien


Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports



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  • Another 3 idiots thinking they can do what they want to, and can possibly wind up being convicted felons and not even have the right to vote, much less be top MNFL players. Just stoopid, no matter what school you go to.

    • Yes. Just stupid. And that’s not a knock against tennessee. Auburn and every other team in the league has problems. I’ll never understand how these kids are given free rides to school and they blow it away by making dumb decisons.

  • And I don’t see Tennessee kicking these guys off the team, but then again we haven’t really had to see Butch Jones in this position. Usually these type of arrests just call for a one or two game suspension. It’d be a huge loss for Tennessee though if Johnson were to be kicked off the team.

  • Hilarious. Where is that idiot Tenn fan who was saying he bet that UGA would have the first off season arrest? People need to realize that no team is beyond having a few bad apples. The only difference really is that some local police departments are more lenient on players than others.

  • At least it wasn’t drugs, rape, robbery, etc… I’m not condoning their behavior, but Alcohol? College kids drinking, who woulda thunk.
    % chance that an alcohol related arrest would’ve happened in Tuscaloosa… I’d pretty low. College towns that are “all-in” and “win-at-all-costs” typically would just have the cops take them to Saban and they’d be punished within.

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