Why is AJ McCarron the draft’s biggest faller? Report says he rubbed teams the wrong way

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One of the more surprising turn of events in the 2014 NFL Draft was AJ McCarron’s slide, and his team interviews may have had something to do with that.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter first reported that the two-time national championship winner McCarron rubbed teams “the wrong way” when he met with them before the draft. NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport said that McCarron came off as ‘cocky’, and there have been questions of whether or not his teammates liked him and followed him.

McCarron claimed before the draft started that some teams told him he’s projected as high as the 16th overall pick and wasn’t anticipated to fall below the 35th pick.

McCarron tweeted today: “& y’all thought I played with a chip on my shoulder, JUST WAIT.. God has a great plan & I can’t wait! #blessed #historyinthemaking.”  The tweet has since been deleted.

Prior to the draft, McCarron said he felt like he’d been disrespected his whole career because he won, as scouts were quick to talk about his lack of arm strength.

McCarron was taken with the No. 164 overall pick to the Cincinnati Bengals, one pick after Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray.

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  • Every Pro team needs 24 starting players minimum. QB = one twenty-fourth. 32 players per round. It is so hard to see so many great college players never get a chance. We need an NFL 2nd division, with about 3 times the number of teams the top division would have.

    • While I would love a full minor league system for the NFL like hockey and baseball have, I think it would destroy college football, because who would want to waste four years being a slave when they could be paid to play? Of course I hate the NCAA i would call it a good thing. To start they would just need 1 minor league team for each current NFL team, and that league could have players as young as 18, with a roster size of 100 or so and any NFL team could sign any player on these teams to a full NFL contract at any time.

      • I don’t think it would have to hurt college football. The reason to get a college education remains sound no matter how many football jobs are available. Players could get tech school educations and play minor league football instead of 4-7 year degree programs. Minor league football would not pay better than getting 100,000 dollars worth of free education and minor league football would give the union the appropriate place in football.

        • First off, David Silva is an idiot. Any kind of minor league for Pro football would hurt college football. College athletes should not be paid! They should just be happy to get the chance to go to school for free and get a chance to play football and maybe one day earn millions playing in the pro’s. People who think that players should be paid are what is wrong with the country. Everyone thinks they are owed something. That is something in this country that we aren’t teaching kids. They have no clue how lucky they are. Some kids that don’t get drafted act like it is the end of the world, but at least they went to college for free and should have a degree. And one more thing, if I never hear or see Micheal Sam again I will be happy. The only reason anyone is even talking about him is because he is gay. What happened to this being about football. Now the NFL is trying to be politically correct. If they are going to talk have some, talk about someone that deserves to be talked about, we don’t need ESPN showing Sam kissing his bf on tv.

  • I have often wondered how AJ would have faired working behind UGA’s O-Line. Over the last 4 years Arron Murray took some of the most vicious hits I have ever seen.

    Nothing against AJ, but I suspect if Murray had been playing on those Bama teams he would have been just as successful.

  • I believe A.J. will prove himself in the NFL to be the quality QB that he is. It surprises me that some teams thought he was “Cocky”. With Manziel spouting off about how he’s gonna take his team to the Super Bowl his first year and all the stupid crap he’s done you call A.J. cocky. A QB and a Man that decides to live his life as an honorable person on, and off the field, and he’s called “Cocky”. Easy to see what the world, and the NFL has come to.

    • And now you say my comment is awaiting “moderation” I thought we have freedom of speech. I was neither disrespectful, nor profane, and you want to “moderate” my comment. Just sounds to me like a lot more of what my comment was about.

    • The bigger point is: nobody seems to really like the guy, teammates included. You will not find one player that played with Manziel that wouldnt follow him into war. He also is a much better QB.

      • Oh my gosh!!! I am laughing so hard at this comment. “players would follow him into war” ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! T A&M are GLAD to be getting rid of such a cocky, arrogant, mouthy, JERK of Johnny Football. He should have stayed in college and got his degree because he’s going down in the NFL. There’s no way little Johnny can handle football with the big boys!! Thanks for the laugh today. A.J. – everyone loves, including his teammates. Is he cocky? Who knows, but only losing as little times as he has, I know I sure would be. But all I’ve heard is that he’s very humble with good morals and values.

        • AJ is a very humble man….with much to be humble about.

          Just who is it at TAMU that wants JFF out??? I’ve been here since the 70s, and there has never been a better player or one that will be missed more.
          The great thing is, we will get to see JFF play AJ twice a year; that is if AJ makes the team.

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