AJ McCarron: I sacrificed a lot for Nick Saban and Alabama

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It’s been an emotional run over the last several months for former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron. The good news is that he landed on his feet in Cincinnati during the NFL Draft’s fifth round.

McCarron was said to be rated as high as the No. 16 overall prospect, and at worst the 35th overall prospect. Then, he started free falling during the NFL Draft and wound up all the way at the No. 164 overall pick with the Bengals.

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During the draft, reports spread that McCarron had rubbed teams the wrong way and that he’d been ‘cocky’ during his pre-draft interviews, ultimately turning teams off.

McCarron joined XMRadio to talk about what a tough process it’s been and explained how he wasn’t healthy while at Alabama.

“A lot of people don’t realize I wasn’t healthy at Alabama,” McCarron said. “I sacrificed a lot to play for coach Saban and that university; I played through a lot of injuries and we never leaked it because that’s just the way it is.

“I’ve played through a lot, just try to fight through for my teammates and my team.”

After receiving some negative feedback regarding his comments, McCarron went on a Twitter rant regarding the criticism.

The quarterback’s free fall wasn’t only surprising to McCarron, but it was surprising to many. Outside of the first-round picks and Michael Sam, McCarron’s draft slide is one of the draft’s most interesting stories.

McCarron skipped the Senior Bowl and didn’t work out in front of scouts. Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo replaced McCarron on the Senior Bowl roster and was picked 62nd overall by the Patriots.

However, through all the smoke and the rollercoaster, McCarron actually landed in a sweet spot with the Bengals. Andy Dalton and former Auburn quarterback Jason Campbell are ahead of McCarron on the depth chart, but patience is growing thin for Dalton. It seems the Bengals are just a quarterback away from competing for Super Bowls.

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  • Hmmm, I don’t know what to make of this. I wonder how many NFL players retire each year compared to how many try to get in? If we could just put every good college player in the perfect position on the perfect roster, I wonder how many more super-stars would emerge in the NFL. I wonder how many non-football players end up having to live their dreams in a slightly different path than they imagined? Prayers for every senior leaving college this year, may you all live your dreams, and if you can’t do that, may you all help others live their dreams. Perhaps in sacrifice we find can find satisfaction at a different level than in personal advancement.

  • I never had a problem with AJ. Always seemed like the quiet confident leader at BAMA, but he’s coming across a whiny little punk now that he’s away from the school.

  • McCarron will not be the answer for the Bengals!

  • We have a little poster’s jealousy showing…LMBO!!

  • I think he probably drank a little during the time of these tweets. I don’t know for sure but it just sema like it. No he won’t bring the bengals to the top that team sucks but I feel worse for the super star johnny football I mean what a death sentence

  • I always liked AJ Mccarron…BUT he sounds arrogant now. Did Alabama silence that mouth piece when he was there? He never sounded like a punk until now.

  • The bottom line is that his sacrifice was really for his own glory!!! He was not indispensable at Alabama. According to recent reports, he is having his upcoming wedding on a reality TV show! Don’t know whose dumb idea that was. C’mon that’s not the place for a true wedding.

  • Yes playing college football is a sacrifice. Your body takes a pounding. Oh wait, you are a quarterback, so you don’t get pounded all that much, unless you are playing LSU or Auburn.

    You labor in anonymity. Oh wait. You are a quarterback, not a lineman, everyone gives you get all the attention and adoration.

    You get blamed by Bama fans for loses. Oh wait, few Tide fans blamed you for loses. You have remained an idol to the Tide Nation. Heck, people name their kids A.J.

    It was awful being forced to labor with no compensation. Oh wait, you got a first class free education. You were the coaches pet. Fans adore you. You now have endorsements available. Your name is known coast-to-coast.

    It’s terrible being alone. Oh wait. You have a beautiful fiancée and a supportive family. But what is up with the reality TV wedding?

    How horrible it was to slide so far in the draft. Oh wait. You still got drafted. That is more than most college players can say. You have every opportunity to earn more money in a year than most people do in a lifetime playing a game.

    So now you were injured most of your time at Alabama. Sounds like a convenient excuse for some embarrassing losses at the end of last season.

    Quit whining A.J. and get on with your life. Stay off of Twitter A.J. and people will quit thinking less of you. Quit hanging around with Johnny Football, he seems to have been a bad influence on you. You did seem to become a little more cocky this past season. There are weaknesses in your game (not looking off primary receiver, lack of consistency on the long ball, etc.) you need to work on.

    A.J., I’ve enjoyed watching you over the years and until recently had great respect for you. You worked hard in your years at Alabama but you have also been rewarded for all the hard work and yes sacrifices you’ve made. The world is a harsh place and in the NFL you are protected like you were in college. Grow up and act like the man we all know you are capable of being. You have a chance in your life that few people get and most would want. Make the best of it and don’t be like Johnny Football. People like to see him play but don’t much like who he is publically.

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