Video: Alabama fan goes crazy on Oklahoma fan during the Sugar Bowl

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Comments 21

  1. welcome back to reality bama……HAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Classy…typical Bama fan.

  3. Haha I love it!! Damn proud of her. I myself wouldn’t attack anyone. But she has guts, just like Bama fans should!! Roll tide Roll!!! Until next year♥

    • Eric
      Commented : 4 months ago

      Geeze, it’s a good thing y’all didn’t make it to the NCG. You folks would probably riot if you lost in Pasadena, and then proceed to pat each other on the back for how loyal you are.

    • proud of her? Her poor kids were there with her crying. Guess i shouldn’t be shocked that some are supporting this.

  4. So this Jim Ross play-by-play probably wins the Internet today.

  5. Every fan base has drunk obnoxious idiots…but Bama fans always seem to take it to another level.

    • Every fan base has drunk obnoxious idiots…but Bama fans always seem to take it to another level. That being said…bet she’s fun to party with.

  6. I’m an SEC fan, but I have to admit that I didn’t shed a tear when Alabama lost. Too many bandwagon fans (I think UGA’s already jumped off, which is a good thing.)

  7. Class act, lol!

  8. That is why you don’t mix alcohol, sports and women..

  9. I live in Kentucky and just last year two old guys, one a louisville fan and the other a kentucky fan, started arguing and began fighting in a dialysis center. When your team is really good at something for a long time sometimes they take things too seriously. Just saying it’s not all bama fans.

  10. If you ask me, the whole thing was caused by that boy wearing them pink pants. Beignets do funny things to some people.

  11. ADB
    Commented : 4 months ago

    Hey !! Whats the big deal? Nobody got murdered or Teabagged nor did any trees get poisoned. Just another day at the game for Bamer fan.

  12. Wow. Classy. Her husband should be embarrassed.

  13. Let’s be honest…..when you saw altercation/assault & Bama fan in the same sentence, were you really surprised?? Nope. With Bama fans, this shit just writes itself. They wonder why everyone makes fun of their fanbase…..

  14. Check some facts before you criticize. She and the OK guy had been playfully bantering back and forth then he said something harsh to her son. The mother hen in her took over. Unfortunately, she was drunk which didn’t help matters, making her look idiotic. For all of you who are judging it is nice to know that there are perfect folks out there who don’t drink and act stupid at times. At least she was defending someone. Also, since when do AL fans have a reputation of being violent? Except for a select few nuts we are a class act, just like the school and team. Not like the teams who cheat, throw things in the stands and onto the field and intentionally try to hurt the opposing teams players. The only problem you haters have is plain JEALOUSY. ‘Nuff Said.

  15. how drunk was that Bama broad? Let’s see, Bama fans poison trees, shoot their own, act like this and ruin people’s bowl experience, and one I know said he wouldn’t leave the house for 2 weeks after losing to the Boomer Sooners – what a bunch of whack jobs