A statistical comparison of Alabama vs. Oklahoma


SDS will break down all 10 SEC bowl games from a numbers perspective, and here is a look at this year’s Sugar Bowl between Alabama and Oklahoma.

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Oklahoma is fundamentally sound; the stats show that. They don’t have as much talent as Alabama, but they are pretty comparable to the Tide. Obviously, Oklahoma will have to generate some type of passing game to hang with Alabama; they won’t be able to just line up and run it down the Tide’s throat like Auburn. The Sooners have allowed opponents to score over 90 percent in the redzone, while Alabama has allowed opponents to score just 64 percent.

Alabama Oklahoma
Scoring Offense 38.8 PPG 31.8 PPG
Rushing Offense 212 YPG 235.83 YPG
Passing Offense 236.9 YPG 186.7 YPG
Total Offense 448.9 YPG 422.5 YPG
Scoring Defense 11.3 YPG 21.3 PPG
Rushing Defense 108.33 YPG 138.33 YPG
Passing Defense 166.3 YPG 198 YPG
Total Defense 274.7 YPG 336.3 YPG
TO Margin +6 +5
3rd Down Offense 64/135 (47.41%) 70/180 (38.89%)
3rd Down Defense 54/161 (33.54%) 54/166 (32.53%)
Sacks 21 26
Red Zone Offense 82% (34 TDs, 7 FGs) 86.54% (26 TDs, 19 FGs)
Red Zone Defense 63.64% (11 TDs, 3 FGs) 90.32% (19 TDs, 9 FGs)

Photo Credit: Marvin Gentry-US PRESSWIRE



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