Will Alabama and USC play in Arlington to open the 2016 season?

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Alabama vs Oklahoma

Dan Patrick better be right, for selfish reasons of course.

This morning on The Dan Patrick Show, Patrick let out a nugget about Alabama and USC hooking up in Dallas to open the 2016 college football season. At this point, it’s mere speculation with nothing finalized, but the idea of the Trojans and Crimson Tide hooking up is phenomenal and whets the appetite.

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Two of college football’s biggest NFL factories hooking up at Jerry’s World is riveting. Patrick was citing somebody important at USC who said it may not be a done deal, but his source sent it to him as a heads up.

Meanwhile with speculation chumming, Nick Saban said Alabama is still looking for a 2016 opponent, as Penn State backed out, in order to satisfy the SEC’s mandate to play a non-conference opponent from the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten or Pac-12.

“We’re always looking but not anything I can share with you right now,” he told AL.com. “I don’t think we want to create speculation.”

Alabama-USC would be the premier college football non-conference game of the season. Nick Saban vs. Steve Sarkisian; SEC vs. Pac-12; Lane Kiffin vs. USC.

The storylines would be endless.

Can Alabama and USC please make this happen?

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