2014 All-SEC Signing Class Team


The SEC set a record for the most dominant National Signing Day in history. Things are only getting bigger and better in college football’s best conference

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With signing day now in the rearview, let’s take a look at the SEC’s all-signing class team, and there is some big-time talent we’ll be hearing about in the future and coming to a stadium near you:

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Pos. Player School Stars
QB Kyle Allen Texas A&M *****
RB Leonard Fournette LSU *****
RB Sony Michel Georgia *****
WR Speedy Noil Texas A&M *****
WR Malachi Dupre LSU *****
TE Jeb Blazevich Georgia ****
OT Cameron Robinson Alabama *****
OG Rod Taylor Ole Miss ****
C JC Hassenauer Alabama ****
OG Braden Smith Auburn ****
OT Brian Wallace Arkansas ****
ATH Jalen Hurd Tennessee ****
K Cole Hedlund Arkansas ***


Pos. Player School Stars
DE Myles Garrett Texas A&M *****
DT Gerald Willis Florida ****
DE Da’Shawn Hand Alabama *****
OLB Lorenzo Carter Georgia *****
ILB Tre Williams Auburn *****
ILB Clifton Garrett LSU *****
OLB Rashaan Evans Alabama *****
CB Marlon Humphrey Alabama *****
CB Jalen Tabor Florida *****
S Jamal Adams LSU *****
S Ed Paris LSU *****
P Logan Cooke Miss State ***

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports



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  • Jon, I know it is hard to predict how these players will translate to the college game, but how many sec teams, if any, do you think this team would beat?

    • Good question..probably not many. On paper, these guys could a few teams, but it’s likely half or more won’t make an impact as a freshman. It just works out that way, especially along the offensive and defense lines.

    • They wouldn’t score to start with. Nor would they be able to get their defensive team off the field. They are 17 years old. They are just figuring out how to get up in the morning by themselves, much less get through a college football practice day/season. Read some data on a fixed stat like calories burned at a high school football practice day compared to a college football practice day. Yes some will see playing time this year but they will be supported by 22-24 year old men. Almost all college freshman are significantly challenged to just get through the psychological demands of a complete semester/sports season in college. See if your favorite team publishes some info about how the team nurses the boy wonders. Some programs show a lot of this to the media.

  • Why Wallace over Sharpe? I would’ve chosen Grier over Allen as well, but hey, I’m biased.

    • Could have gone with Sharpe. Should be a great player. I’m in the way minority here, but I actually think Treon Harris is going to be better than Grier. I may regret saying that in three years.

  • Wallace over Andy Bauer? I don’t think so. Wallace chose Arkansas cuz he couldn’t compete with Bauer at Mizzou.

    • Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight….that’s why Wallace was the #1 recruit in Missouri and Bauer was #2. Keep thinking that chuckles.

      • I know you are from Missouri and slow but Wallace is an Offensive tackle and Bauer is an Offensive guard

        • They both played tackle in high school. Bauer is projected as a guard but may play tackle and will be better than Wallace wherever he plays. Think of that while kissing your sister Hog.

      • The St. Louis Post Dispatch ranked Bauer #2 in St. Louis and Wallace #4. The local sportswriters know more than a national ranking service that looks at thousands of kids from afar. Sorry to pop your balloon!

        • It’s too bad they won’t go head-to-head on the field. I wouldn’t be surprised to see both of them on the All-SEC Team in a couple of years.
          …..but I still say Wallace is better. ;)

    • I say it all depends on who becomes a college football player and they both have a chance to be great. BUT, if they have to be rated, the St. Louis Post Dispatch has it dead on.

  • How is Gary Wunderlich not listed at K? He’s the number 1 kicker recruit in the nation.


    • Depends on what recruiting site you look at. Tabor was ranked higher on some. Even Adoree Jackson was ranked higher on some. By all mean, there’s not much difference between one 5 star corner and the others. Generally, they all end up first round picks in the NFL and are rarely busts. If you can think of any, please let me know as it would be interesting to see if there were any at all.

  • Should have done a two deep @ each position

  • Every year SC doesn’t have a “All Star” class but still finish really good. Maybe it’s time

    • Thanks for writing this. And exactly right. How can all these terrible low ranked kids be doing so well. And if you look at all the opinions you will see that lots of people besides the coaches at SC and Missouri believe those recruits have at least equal chances to be All-Americans

  • I would have gone with Bijhon Jackson over Willis at DT. Jackson is an absolute bull, and his overall strength is off the charts for an 18 year old.
    Will Willis start for Florida?…because it won’t be a big shocker if Jackson starts for Arkansas…he’s that good.

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