Alabama freshman running back Alvin Kamara transferring


Alabama freshman running back Alvin Kamara is transferring, according to Alabama granted Kamara his release, and he’s free to transfer anywhere outside the SEC.

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Kamara was the No. 1 all-purpose running back exiting high school in Norcross, Georgia, and he was one of four running backs to sign with Alabama last recruiting cycle. He was suspended for the Sugar Bowl.

Kamara never seemed to buy into Alabama once he got on campus, and he battled through some minor injuries and behavioral issues this past fall.

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  • Should have stayed home young man… could have been part of a “3 headed” monster with Gurley and Marshall.

  • I’m curious about the “free to transfer anywhere outside the SEC.” I would think that when college kids leave a college, they can enroll at any other college they want that will accept them. I understand the sitting out a year stipulation, but not the stipulation on where they can or can not enroll. Is this a condition Alabama puts on their signees? Or is this an SEC condition? Certainly not NCAA, they don’t care where kids go as long as they sit out the year. Say he wanted to go home, enroll at Georgia as a regular student, and walk on to the football. What legal recourse would Alabama/SEC to prevent that?

    If this is an accurate statement I think it sucks, moving these kids further away from being student athletes and closer to pro athletes with contract stipulations, etc. What next, buy-outs for transferring?

    • It is legit for a school to do this cause he is at Alabama on a scholarship which is a contract he gets an education for his football play. So a school has every right to have a stipulation that a person leaving and breaking this contract not be allowed to go to a rival school.

    • Or perhaps they learn commitment and accountability? Perhaps the release allows him to play immediately vs. sitting out the one year. I don’t know that stuff anymore.

    • A school can limit where they let a recruit transfer, because the kid could just transfer to a regular opponent and share everything they know about the play calls and schemes and whatnot with their new coaching staff.

    • Schools can put restrictions on where a player can transfer to. However, a player can transfer to a Jr College for a year and then go where ever they want to. In fact, they can go to a Juco and sit the year out and it is considered a redshirt year as long as they haven’t already redshirted.

      • I know there is an exception to be able to transfer to another DI (FBS) school without having to sit out a year. Not sure how that works.

        • In rare cases like Penn St when the NCAA gave the special ability to do so when they got completed overkilled by sanctions.

  • Good luck young man, hope you are thinking about how to make a living with your mind and not just your legs.

  • Well you knew when Bama signed 4 running backs last year that 1 or 2 wouldn’t make all 4 years. Henry, Tenpenny both played as frosh last year and Jones redshirted. It is much the school’s fault as they should had never had signed 4.

    • Luckily we weren’t as rattled by injuries as other schools were or else they would have definitely seen some playing time. I do believe we only had one injury from the stable of RB’s and that was in the offseason.

  • It’s too bad to hear this, but I guess with TJ Yeldon and Derrick Henry really stepping up along with the other backs, It would be hard to get playing time. That doesn’t excuse the behavior issues. He should have chosen Georgia. Hopefully everything works out for him.

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