Arkansas to sell beer, wine at Razorback Stadium this fall


Pending the approval of a liquor license from the state, Arkansas will sell beer and wine to club seat holders at Razorback Stadium this fall.

The SEC prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages in non-premium seating, but they’ve allowed club and skybox attendees to serve alcoholic drinks for years. reports that Alabama and Auburn allow premium seat holders to bring their own alcohol, and as of 2013, at least 20 FBS schools offered beer sales to non-premium seat holders during games.

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Beer sales at West Virginia generated $520,000 in revenue in 2011, and WVU’s stadium accommodates 60,000 people.

How long will it be before the SEC taps into another revenue string that is alcohol to non-premium seat holders? Will it ever happen?

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  • I think it will happen. I see in the next few years, everybody of age being able to buy alcoholic drinks inside the stadiums. I know some baseball teams are. Troy is selling alcoholic beverages at their baseball stadium this season. All people who want to drink will have to present their i.d. and they are given a wristband.

  • Awesome! One more reason to look forward to going to the Alabama – Arkansas game.

  • I do not see this happening at UGA. There’s enough drunks in the stands now and getting a bottle into Sanford isn’t difficult. With the push back on the WLOCP moniker and the overall health of the UGA Hartman Fund I doubt UGA seeks another revenue stream this way.

  • Here at Cajun Field, home of the Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns, we have been selling beer for a number of years now and has gone off without a hitch. Personally, I thought it was a disaster waiting to happen, however; it has provided a unique and plentiful revenue stream for us.

    • My first thought that this is a disaster waiting to happen. But, I guess kids won’t want to pay, or won’t be able to afford, the alcohol prices in the stadium, so they’ll probably continue to get all their binge drinking done beforehand. Those people who have the money and feel like paying may be more responsible about their drinking. I don’t know; I feel I’m reaching here, but there has to be an explanation as to why it hasn’t been a problem (that you know of) at Cajun Field.

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