Athlon Sports pegs eight SEC teams in preseason top 25, ranks top 60 teams


‘Tis the season of preseason rankings, and several outlets are publishing them heading into June.

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It’s interesting to see which teams outlets peg to be not only in the top 25, but also the top four teams ahead of the College Football Playoff. The majority of preseason polls have Athlon’s top four teams: FSU, Alabama, Ohio State and Oklahoma. Sporting News had Oklahoma as the top overall team, as well as Oregon in the top four.

As we get closer to football season, more and more outlets will make their preseason top 25 known. Here are Athlon’s top 25 rankings, as well as the top 60 projected teams in college football:

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1. FSU
2. Alabama
3. Ohio State
4. Oklahoma
5. Auburn
6. Oregon
8. Georgia
9. South Carolina
10. Baylor
11. Michigan State
12. Stanford
13. Notre Dame
14. USC
15. Wisconsin
16. Arizona State
17. Texas
18. Ole Miss
19. LSU
20. Kansas State
21. Clemson
22. Penn State
23. Florida
24. Washington
25. Missouri

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The rest 25-50:

26. Iowa
27. Virginia Tech
28. Louisville
29. Nebraska
30. Miami
31. North Carolina
32. Michigan
33. Mississippi State
34. Texas A&M
35. BYU
36. Pittsburgh
37. Oklahoma State
38. Duke
39. TCU
40. Marshall
41. Texas Tech
42. Tennessee
43. Cincinnati
44. Vanderbilt
45. Arizona
46. Boise State
47. Georgia Tech
48. Maryland
49. Utah State
50. East Carolina
51. Northwestern
52. Minnesota
53. Oregon State
54. Utah
55. UCF
56. Washington State
57. Navy
58. Indiana
59. Bowling Green
60. UL Lafayette



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  • Poor Kentucky. Couldn’t even make the top 60.

  • Dang not even in the top 60 for Arkansas? What is this crap?

  • Still can’t understand the Mizzou thing. They should be in the top 10.

    • They have good players left, but my guess is that it’s because they lost too many starters on both sides of the ball.

    • It’s parrot journalism. Missouri used three backs last year. The two that did not graduate had good ypc, and Steward will add a new rushing dimension. To think that Mauk is a step backwards from Franklin is unexplainable ranking. It sure can’t be the defensive line, If anybody is reloading they are. So it has to be the o-line,,, ahhhh but Boehm is going to be a junior in the middle again and wasn’t he the major force?, that leaves only the pass defense, which wasn’t good last year so I don’t see how it could be worse this year. Missouri has a small but interesting class of sophs and rs fresh. I like them a lot. Two very good JC recruits. And I see a couple of 14′ freshman who can be difference makers. I really like SC and GA and to some extent TN, but if Missouri doesn’t repeat as East champs this year they will certainly be just a few executed plays away from doing so. Congratulations to Miss State and the Gcocks for a GREAT season last year capped by admirable bowl performances.

      • Confession: I never liked James Franklin, and all last season I was wondering how he beat Mauk for the starting position. (Don’t forget I live in Kansas City, so I see more Tigers coverage than Gamecocks coverage.)

        • Matt, thanks for returning the comment. Early in James Franklin’s career he over did it with the quarter-back/fullback persona. Can’t blame him, it was unique talent. Later his new qualifier was safety. He made very few mistakes. This fit the roster well because he had so many weapons surrounding him. Mauk has not always been the college ready talent you saw taking over the Georgia game. Pinkel believes in the concept of loyalty and the team thrives on this. The SEC was full of quarterbacks in 2013 that made their teams work on the concept of safety, management, distribution, deception. Football fans tend to want flash from quarterbacks but the real logic of the position is more of the previous sentence. You can only fully appreciate James Franklin, or Murray, or Shaw if you look at them through the same criteria.

        • For me, it was just that Franklin seemed cocky and fragile, which is a bad combination. Mauk reminds me of Connor Shaw in his early days. He’s gonna play no matter what, and he’s going to give it his all. Murray was the same way, although he didn’t have as much of a chance to use his legs in college the way Shaw did and Mauk seemed to last season. Whatever it is, I definitely prefer Mauk to Franklin, and I think he’s the real deal.

    • When Missouri lost DGB it was like the straw breaking the camel’s back. I hope I’m wrong but right now Mauk’s receivers are suspect and they may really miss Henry Josey.

      • Jayredd, Only in the last half of the 2013 season did DGB start to look like he deserved to get the ball more than any other receiver on the Missouri roster. Of course every time the throw went to him the media made a hoot about it. You never heard them say, “He should have separated better, or his hands were a little weak at times, or he broke off of route he should have stayed on. Meanwhile Missouri had Hunt, Sasser, an army of tight ends, and the best hands on the team Otte, just waiting for 2014. The top starter 2012 receiver corp., would not have a ghost of a chance to start in 2014, with one exception, Washington. How could a program like Missouri get so many good recievers?, because they built the modern identify of the program on top receivers and some pro qbs. In 2014 Missouri could sit all their receivers on the bench and just play their tight ends and they would have one of the best receiver corps in the SEC. Don’t get me wrong, they can still improve. The coaches don’t get execution quickly enough, and that Chase Daniel to receivers accuracy is not there often enough, but Chase Daniel was one of a kind. Henry Josey was one of a kind as well. He was arguably the best running back in the SEC 2013 and no debate the best running back in the Big 12 2011. Running backs win games in more ways than you imagine however. You will see this from Missouri in 2014.

        • Are you smoking? Best receivers in the SEC? Tennessee’s receiving corps makes Mizzou’s look like a playground joke and their probably not yet in the top 3 best WR’er groups in the SEC… yet.

        • I agree with Enki Mizzou is no where near the best in the SEC

  • I think (know) both lines on offense and defense are as good as most in the SEC. With three returning starters and Andrew Gatti who has started three games last year that makes 4 players with considerable experience returning to the offensive line. then Andy Bauer may end up playing this year. at this point depth is the only issue Mizzou has. and that really seems to only be at wide receiver linebacker and possibly the O line. But it’s not where you start that matters its where you finish. And I think we’ll finish just fine. I expect to be better than Georgia.

    • Could you explain exactly why you think Missouri will be better?

      • I could answer this again but I think you could make a strong argument that GA or SC or maybe FL or TN might also be the favorites. So since i told my opinion bout Missouri then please do the same for GA?

    • I am curious as to why you expect th

      • I hate this computer, I am curious as to why you expect that? I mean Georgia had serious health issues last year and pending that doesn’t happen again, it’s hard to say Georgia isn’t the front runner for the East. I respect SC and Mizzou but I think most people know the East is Georgia’s to lose.

        • I’ve seen a lot of people call Georgia early favorites and a lot of people call Carolina early favorites for the East. I think it will just be fun to watch it all unfold.

        • I think the East is going to be thrilling. It’s funny to me that MIzzou strengths are now the lines. I expect us to slant toward running more this year. Mizzous offensive line is now 325 avg up from 295 when we joinded the conference. I expect this to take the pressure of the recievers and Maty. That being said I think Maty is quite the upgrade from Franklin. I would rank Georgia and SC as being more favored than Mizzou except that the QB positions seem to me to be big question marks. I like the fact that Georgia goes to Mizzou and that Mizzou has a bye week seems to make that a more challenging game for the dawgs. Mizzou’s chance will to 3 weeks at SC bye then Georgia. Before that UCF at home. Tough Month. Florida will get some wins this year if not be back to full pain status, as will Tenn and the Wildcats have had so many good recruiting classes at some point they have to begin to be spoilers. SC lost alot of starters and a QB who was awesome. At this point given the recruiting depth I would say Dawgs, Cocks (pick em) Mizzou and Gators next rung. Anything can happen. I would rate us higher but I think we are thin at to many places and lack the goto WR, thanks DGB. I think once again injuries will decide most of the conference. Obviously everyone is thin at QB. As far as the rankings go who cares.

    • I’m a Missouri fan but Georgia and Florida are going to be a lot better and Steve Spurrier will have his guys ready to go. After losing DGB on offense I just think it will be too hard to win against some of these better teams. I really hope I’m wrong but the O-line has been shuffled plus dbacks, wr’s, and lb’s are unproven. The biggest strength is at QB and D-line. I hope that’s enough.

  • Who will be Florida’s next head coach. Florida has and will have the talent, the only missing Piece is a head coach, not a D.C. pretending to be a head coach.
    Ranking Florida 23 is not deserved, with Muschamp as head coach.

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