Auburn fan who stormed the field post-Iron Bowl found guilty of disorderly conduct


According to the Opelika-Auburn News, one Auburn fan who stormed the field following this year’s epic Iron Bowl was found guilty of disorderly conduct.

When thousands of Auburn fans stormed the field, Britt Thomas, 21, was said to be “uncooperative”, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, and he was arrested on a Class C misdemeanor.

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Why was Thomas arrested when thousands of other fans did the same thing?

That’s the question Thomas’ attorney asked Captain Chris Wallace and argued for his client during the bench trial on Tuesday. Authorities testified that Thomas scuffled with deputies who were patrolling the area following the game, and Captain Wallace said Thomas was only one of a few people to get out at that time.

Thomas will have to pay a $100 fine with a suspended jail sentence. He also said the deputies caused abrasions to his pelvic and armpit area.

Thomas’ attorney said he is strongly considering the possibility of appealing the decision to a jury.

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  • Having grown up there, I’ve always found it strange that most of the Cops in Lee County are Alabama fans.

    • I find it Ironic, that you know this much about the cops who live in Lee county, and even a bit dumber that one guy can determine who and who hasn’t been to college because they are cops. Also a bit more strange is why in the hell does it matter what team they pull for? So you are saying it’s ok for a fan to scuffle with the cops? Oh and they arrested him because the cop was a Bama fan get real!

      • Not okay to scuffle with a cop? But cops surround the field after every game. So the chances of 80,000+ people running past them without hitting them is not very likely. Can’t arrest one and not all the others

  • like a lot of them, most have never been to college and just find it cool to route for bama — I call it an uneducated decision.

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