Auburn fans have baby in the car during Atlanta’s Snowpocalypse


Of all the troubling stories and scenes over the last days in Alabama and Atlanta (hope you’re safe out there!), some great stories have also emerged about Good Samaritans helping out and handing out water and food.

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But this story is one of the best, and it’s making its rounds on the national news.

Auburn fans Nick and Amy Anderson had their baby on the side of the road because they were stuck in traffic and couldn’t get to the hospital in time. And baby Grace Elizabeth Anderson is doing well, and she has no choice but to be an Auburn fan. The assist goes to the police who helped deliver baby Grace.



You can watch the video below, or you can watch it on the 11Alive News website.

Photo Credit: Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports



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  • Yeah,
    So I was on I-285E Tuesday morning when I saw this guy waving his hands frantically stopped on the shoulder, and I WAS gonna stop,,,,,,,,,,,,,promise.
    Maybe next year…………….. ;)

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