Auburn, Georgia presidents want to keep Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry intact

NCAA Football: Georgia at Auburn

With all the talk surrounding the SEC’s future scheduling model, traditional cross-divisional rivalries are at stake.

The current 6-1-1 scheduling model holds the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry intact, and both university presidents want to keep it that way.

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“I absolutely support continuing the Auburn series,” Georgia president Jere Morehead told the Macon Telegraph.

Meanwhile, Auburn president Jay Gogue also shares the same mutual feelings towards the rivalry, telling that he ‘strongly supports continuing the south’s oldest rivalry’.

Should the SEC move toward a nine-game league schedule, it would keep the rivalry intact, likely taking on a 6-1-2 model with two cross-divisional rotating opponents, along with the permanent rivalry. However, should the SEC stay at an eight-game league schedule, there could be a potential for the conference to adopt a 6-0-2 model, where the two cross-divisional opponents would rotate, thus ending the annual rivalry.

Auburn has the one-game lead in the said series against Georgia 55-54-8, and we’ll never forget that epic ending with the tipped pass that will live in Auburn lore.

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive said the conference’s scheduling future should be decided before next month’s spring meetings in Destin.



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  • Meh… I would rather lose the Auburn matchup and gain another intriguing out of conference game. I don’t like the 9 sec game suggestion at all…we already beat up on each other enough as it is. Do 6 and 2 rotating and bring in a big name from another conference like Clemson or FSU or Texas or Notre Dame. Or Ohio St if they aren’t scared.

  • I say try to keep Auburn at all cost. Can’t hardly think of something more interesting than playing Auburn late in the year. Just look at last years game for a reference just in case one is needed.

  • I do not care about keeping Auburn. I am happy either way. But I do want a 9 game league schedule. That is one more good game to watch. And the SEC has not always been so good and won’t always be so lets get the best games we can. And with a playoff, one that I am sure will expand eventually, going undefeated during regular season is not as vital.

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