Auburn Strength of Schedule: The SEC’s 4th toughest schedule

NCAA Football: Alabama at Auburn

SDS takes a trip around the SEC and ranks the schedule strength of all 14 SEC teams. We’ll work our way down to the toughest schedule in the SEC.

2014 SEC Strength of Schedule Rankings:

How the NCAA ranks the SEC’s 2014 strength of schedule
#1: Tennessee strength of schedule
#2: Arkansas strength of schedule
#3: Florida strength of schedule
#4: Auburn strength of schedule
#5: Kentucky strength of schedule
#6: South Carolina strength of schedule
#7: Georgia strength of schedule
#8: LSU strength of schedule
#9: Texas A&M strength of schedule
#10: Ole Miss strength of schedule
#11: Mississippi State strength of schedule
#12: Alabama strength of schedule
#13: Missouri strength of schedule
#14: Vanderbilt strength of schedule

The SEC’s defending champions have a tougher strength of schedule than all main contenders in 2014. Of the six majority favorites – Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Missouri and South Carolina – Auburn has the toughest road to maneuver this season.

Auburn strength of schedule for 2014:

2014 Auburn Tigers’ schedule

  • Aug. 30: Arkansas
  • Sept. 6: San Jose State
  • Sept. 18: at Kansas State
  • Sept. 27: Louisiana Tech
  • Oct. 4: LSU
  • Oct. 11: at Mississippi State
  • Oct. 25: South Carolina
  • Nov. 1: at Ole Miss
  • Nov. 8: Texas A&M
  • Nov. 15: at Georgia
  • Nov. 22: Samford
  • Nov. 29: at Alabama

By the Numbers

  • 7 home games
  • 5 away games
  • 1 power non-conference game
  • 6 projected preseason top 25 teams (LSU, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Georgia, Alabama)

Strength of Schedule Rank

  • SEC West: 2nd
  • SEC overall: 4th


  • Cross-divisional opponents: South Carolina and Georgia
  • Opponents winning %: 93-61 (.604)
  • Bye weeks: Before Kansas State and South Carolina
  • Biggest swing game: Alabama

Auburn has the best SEC team entering 2014, but a brutal strength of schedule is the main reason why many analysts figure Alabama to win the SEC West.

Auburn’s strength of schedule is aided by road games at Alabama and Georgia in the same season. Along with the brutal SEC West schedule, the Tigers play two SEC East favorites in the annual UGA game and host South Carolina. That’s brutal.

The Tigers’ non-conference schedule satisfies the 2016 mandate of having to play one Big Five opponent in Kansas State. San Jose State, Louisiana Tech and Samford should be cakewalks, but a Thursday night road game at Kansas State could turn into a track meet with two wide open offenses.

They face a brutal road schedule against K-State, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Georgia and Alabama; three of the six preseason ranked opponents fall on road dates.

The toughest aspect of Auburn’s schedule is the brutal six-game stretch that features LSU, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Texas A&M and Georgia. The bye week falls prior to South Carolina, and the Tigers will play the Gamecocks, Rebels, Aggies and Bulldogs in consecutive weeks.

Auburn has the toughest strength of schedule for any of the big six favorites in 2014.



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  • No doubt about it, Auburn has one of the toughest schedules in the nation. It’s no wonder bama is considered the favorite considering they have one of the easiest schedules in the country!

  • While Auburn’s slate will be difficult, one early loss may be forgiven when it comes to playoff selection. Like Jon said, Auburn’s team is talented, but the schedule presented to them will be a true test to how great the Tigers will be this season.

  • Only problem is preseason SOS rankings are completely bogus! SOS will be a major component used by the committee to determine the 4 playoff teams, but schedule strength will be based on the end of the season and actual games played. There not going to use preseason SOS to decide on the playoff teams! Make sense to me!

  • are Samford and San Jose State better than any SEC teams worst two non-conference games?

    • SJS .500 and played in the MWC. Samford has to be in the bottom 20% of all SEC non-conference opponents. K-State might be good next year Bill Snyder will always be a top coach, but K-State could be down after 2 years of the Big 12 struggling to get any recruits following the blow up. My opinion Auburn has a very average non-conf. schedule among SEC programs. I will be watching K-State because I am a Bill Snyder follower.

  • Hope you guys enjoyed your two straight home games against the Dawgs. Now it’s finally back to Athens this year where Auburn has lost 4 of the last 5. No miracle this time around. Go Dawgs!!

    • We were up by 20 points against GA with AJ Murray at QB and Nick Marshall overthrew 2 wide open touchdown passes against you…I look for it to stay close till halftime then Auburn is going to light up the scoreboard..Bet that!!!

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