Former Ole Miss OL Austin Golson will walk on at Auburn

NCAA Football: Alabama at Auburn

Touted Ole Miss starting right tackle Austin Golson will transfer to Auburn, and he’ll probably have to sit out a year in 2014. It was reported last month that Golson was looking to transfer, and it would probably be to Auburn.

“We wish him the very best,” Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze told the Clarion Ledger.

Golson will have to pursue a hardship waiver in order to play immediately, but he’ll probably have to wait until 2015 to receive a scholarship at Auburn.

Freeze didn’t block the transfer to a division rival, and that may be surprising to some. Golson’s two grandparents’ health concerns is the primary reason he’s transferring closer to home in Prattville, Alabama.

Golson was a national top 100 player and the 10th overall offensive tackle, according to 247Sports. Golson chose Ole Miss over FSU, Alabama, UNC and Auburn. Golson exited spring as the school’s No. 1 right tackle after playing in 12 games as a freshman, mostly at the guard positions in 2013.

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  • It sucks that he is leaving, but it shouldn’t hurt Ole Miss because 4 star Fahn Cooper will take over the right tackle position anyway. Something is fishy about the whole situation with Golson, because he had a great situation going at Ole Miss and his excuse for leaving was that he wanted to be closer to his family is BS. Golson could get to them if something happened prettty fast from Oxford. But I bet just about every athlete has someone in their family that is old and in poor health. Freeze should have not released him, if he really wanted to be closer to his family he would go play for a lower tier college.

    • Just a guess…but it seems more like maybe Golson has some info on Hugh Freeze and Freeze has been forced to appease him.

      • Freeze didn’t block the transfer because he has built his program around an ideal of family. Blocking the transfer would completely undermine his philosophical foundation due to Golson’s perceived family circumstances. I don’t see Ole Miss fans always taking shots at MSU. I wish the small minority of the MSU fanbase that you represent would grow up. No school is perfect in recruiting but factually speaking MSU is the one with the recent recruiting violation. So stop throwing stones into a glass house and worry about the MSU football team. You guys have a good team so your time would be better spent focusing on hyping them. Thanks.

        • Like I said….just a guess.

        • I just find it odd he was released to a divisional rival. If we truly wanted to be closer to home, Prattville is just as close to Troy and UAB.

        • Actually Prattville IS closer to Auburn than it is to UAB. And Troy is about the same mileage wise, but time wise Auburn is closer (all interstate). Maybe its just me, but if a player wants to he closer to I’ll family members AND play football, he shouldn’t necessarily have to drop his level of competition just to save a mile or two.

        • You guys ever think he went to Auburn instead so he could still play at the highest level, while still getting to see his family? Also maybe Auburn has a better program for whatever his major is.

      • The health of his grandparents is one component. The second component is that there are rumors that he was upset about Tunsil’s publicity and handling. Tunsil started and became the face of the program while Golson rotated in. Rumor has it that his uncles got into his ear about playing left tackle at Auburn because he isn’t beating out Tunsil anytime soon. Now the only reason I believe Freeze ultimately allowed the transfer is due to his close relationship with Malzahn. I don’t think this transfer happens if it is to Alabama. As well, Cooper isnt guaranteed to be better than Golson, but he does have a year of D1 experience at Bowling Green which can’t hurt.

    • Armyguy007 Fahn Cooper isn’t going to be starting RT. The new right tackle is Robert Conyers they moved him from center because that’s where Ben Still will be now.

  • Why is it when a player leaves or transfers the backup who has played very little was actually better than the starter who is leaving? Just wondering

    • You need to to do your research AU1986. Fahn Cooper is just now getting to Ole Miss. He was a 4 star recruit and was the best OT in the MAC when he played for Bowling Green. I’m not going to sit here and say he is going to be better or worse than Golson. But right now it looks like he is going to do just fine. Plus, Ole Miss has 5 star Rod Taylor and 4 star UCLA transfer Christian Morris joining the team this year. So as for as talent goes on Ole Miss OL, there is going to be plenty. Ole Miss left side is going to one of the best with LT Leremy Tunsil, I don’t need to explain how good he is, and LG Aaron Morris. Morris was an All SEC lineman in 2012 and would have been this year if he didn’t hurt his knee.

    • Well, there are fans that say say stupid things like this for every school, including us. I don’t believe this at all. He is a very talented player who likely would have started at RT for us this fall. We have a JUCO tackle coming in who is also very talented. We’ll see. I wish Golson the best, & I understand his desire to be closer to family. Nothing wrong with that. All I’ll hope is that he has one bad game a year for the next few years…..against us!

  • Wish him all the best he was an exciting piece to 2013 recruiting class and now he is gone time to move on or if you are a moo u fan rejoice a top tier talent is not at ole miss

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