Uncensored BCS Championship Recap: 2nd Half


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3rd Quarter:


Everyone spent weeks talking about Gus Malzhan but the name I keep hearing tonight is Ellis Johnson.  This defense is forcing a lot of third and longs, and Jameis just hasn’t sharp tonight.  He’s looking like E.J. Manuel when he got pressured.  A lot of high balls that tend to become interceptions if they happen enough.  Three and out on the first drive after the half.  That’s a big deal.

Auburn follows this up with their own punt after a driving killing hold on what would have been a long third down conversion.  Still, FSU didn’t get that momentum boost they have been getting in every other game this season.  At least not yet.

If it’s third down down Auburn is coming hard at Jameis and FSU hasn’t adjusted yet.

Auburn has bobbled two punts and one kickoff.  What the hell? But as bad as they are at fielding punts they are equally amazing at trapping their own punts inside the five.

Damn, Auburn is hitting hard.

Florida State:

Jameis is getting hit a lot.  I keep mentioning this because he doesn’t get hit, like ever.  I mean, Maryland isn’t hitting like this.

Where the hell is Kelvin Benjamin?  He’s looked like Calvin Johnson for most of this year.

Jimbo Fisher is doing a great job calling plays that calm Jameis down.  He’s not letting the moment get too big.

Oh, there’s Kelvin Benjamin.  At some point 6’6” athletic freaks tend to be found.  He’s been a huge factor on FSU’s second drive of the half.  FSU grabs a field goal.  Probably needed a TD.  I don’t know if they can keep Auburn quiet for too long.

Florida State’s defense showed up, everyone.  Three and out and momentum is on the Nole’s side.

FSU starts a drive late in the third quarter on the four yard line.  Jameis tends to score on drives like this all season.


Barkley is here!  I love Barkley.  How are he and Johnny Manziel not partying right now?  Johnny might declare for the draft by the end of this game just so he can go hit Vegas with Chuck without the NCAA giving him shit.

“If I know Charles, he made a stop in Vegas on his way out here.” – Brent Musburger.

I don’t like Musburger taking shots like that.  When did he become such a moralist? I like my Brent talking about hot chicks in the crowd not dogging out Chuck for having a crippling gambling addiction.

Fun Third Quarter Facts:

Good defense is boring.

Brent saying that Auburn DE Dee Ford “plays a mean piano” followed by Kirk Herbstreit saying he’s “so well spoken” was probably the most racist moment of the evening so far.

Even for a punter, Steven Clark is a shockingly white name.

End of Third Quarter: Auburn 21 Florida State 13

4th Quarter


Auburn is going sideways a lot tonight, and FSU is all over it.  Well, then they go vertical and Marshall throws a ugly interception.  Bad possession for Auburn.  Malzahn better figure something out or this is going to slip away fast.

Auburn finds themselves in a position that they typically put their opponents in. They need a long drive that allows their defense to rest.  Big moment for Malzahn here.

Nick Marshall is a mess right now.  He needs to make better reads.

“F*ck you, William Wallace!” – Nick Marshall, following 26 yard completion to Ricardo Louis

aaaaaaand, Auburn is moving again. 8:39 left, up 1.  Tre Mason time?  He’s due.

Tempo, Tempo, Tempo.  Jernigan is out and Auburn is chewing up yards and clock.  This is big.  If they get six here  this game might be over.

3rd and 4.  5:00 minutes left.  Ball on the 6 yard line… Incomplete pass.

Cody Parkey hits the field goal to put the Tigers up four… Is four enough?


Is there any magic left? Auburn looks tired.

NICK MARSHALL!  Third and eleven and Nick Marshall reminds the world that he is a freak athlete.

aaaaaaand, Auburn is moving again.  And Timmy Jernigan is down again.

Two minutes left.  Auburn is down three with the ball on the 31.  Three timeouts left

TRE MASON IS A MAN.  37 yard touchdown on 2nd and long.  He ran over every FSU defender on the field.  195 yards.

Yep, Auburn is Magic.  But FSU has Jameis…

And Auburn’s defense is Auburn’s defense…

Can there really be anything left?  They’ve used it all up, right?

Not this time.  It was good run Auburn.  It was a good run SEC.

Florida State:

Kelvin Benjamin isn’t helping himself today.  He’s too big not to be making these catches in traffic.

12:55 4th and FSU has their best starting field position of the night.  We might have a tie game in a minute.  FSU is in control and Auburn’s defense is gassed.

Touchdown FSU.  Winston hits Chad Abram for an eleven yard touchdown.  FSU could have gone for two and tied it up if it wasn’t for a dumb, dumb dumb, unsportsmanlike penalty by Devonta Freeman.  The Noles get pushed back 15 yards and have to take the 1 point kick.  They are still trailing by 21-20.

Timmy Jernigan is GASSED and Tre Mason is running right into his void.  This is the plan.

3rd and 4.  5:00 minutes left.  Ball on the 6 yard line… Incomplete pass.  HUGE Stop by a tired defense .

Auburn up 4.  “Thanks again, Devonta.  You better step it up right now.” – Everyone ever associated with FSU

Holy Shit! Who the hell was that guy!  Kermit Whitfield?  What is a Kermit Whitfield?  Holy Shit! Kick return for a touchdown. Florida State is up 27-24.

Twitter is on life support.

Can the Noles defense hang on.  This feels like a heavyweight boxing match from the 20’s that goes until one guy physically breaks down.  This tends to favor Auburn… Timmy is down.

The FSU defense is done.  1:11 left in the game.  Can Jameis pull this off?

Well, 49 yards on the second play of the drive will help.  Jameis hits Greene who takes it all the way to 28 with :55 left.

:27 left.  12 yard line…

3rd and 3. 5 yard line. :21 seconds…

Delay of game.  No timeout, Jimbo?  3rd and 8…

Pass interference, on Chris Davis.  1st down on the 2 yard line.  :17 seconds left…


Kelvin Benjamin Totally Redeems himself.  Perfectly thrown pass by Jameis.  Perfect.  That kid is ice cold.

It’s over.  Florida State – National Champions.


This is the game we all hoped it would be! This is the game we all hoped it would be!  This is the game we all hoped it would be!


Fun Fourth Quarter Facts:

Offense is fun.

Tre Mason has actually never been tried before.

Did we go the whole game not hearing that Nick O’Leary is Jack Nicklaus’ Grandson? That is the story of the night, right?

This is the best game I’ve ever seen.

Auburn blew it.

Jimbo seems like a sweet guy.

Jameis can say anything he wants tonight.  He’s earned it.

“I said, “You Strong?”  They said, “We’re strong if you’re strong.  We Strong.” – Jameis Winston

College Football is the best.

I’ll miss you BCS.

The King is Dead. Long Live the King.

End of Fourth Quarter: Auburn 34 Florida State 31



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  • You better give us some “What They Meant to Say” lines or I’m gonna make a very strong threat that I cannot back up because this is the internet and it doesn’t work that way, buddy.
    That “buddy” wasn’t friendly by the way, it was threatening, buddy.

  • Wait….Nick O’Leary is Jack Nicklaus’ grandson? Who knew????

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