State of Florida, California dominate draft


Which states did the most NFL Draft picks come from?

Glad you asked.

Two hundred and fifty six total players were drafted over the weekend, and six of the top 10 states were SEC states. Specifically, the state of Florida and California dominated the draft, with Texas and Georgia finishing third and fourth.

The state selections aren’t based on college; they based on where a player went to high school. For instance, Florida’s Ronald Powell is from California, and he’s counted as a California native.

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Below is a state-by-state breakdown, and it’s easy to see why the southeast is the epicenter of college football:

State # of picks
Florida 44
California 37
Texas 25
Georgia 17
Ohio 11
Louisiana 10
Virginia 10
Missouri 8
North Carolina 8
Alabama 7
New York 7
South Carolina 7
Illinois 6
Pennsylvania 6
Arizona 5
Maryland 5
Massachusetts 4
Minnesota 4
New Jersey 4
Mississippi 3
Tennessee 4
Washington 3
Wisconsin 3
Connecticut 2
Michigan 2
Oregon 2
Arkansas 1
D.C. 1
Idaho 1
Indiana 1
Iowa 1
Kansas 1
Montana 1
Nebraska 1
Nevada 1
Oklahoma 1
Quebec 1
Utah 1

Photo Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports



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