Ole Miss freshman arrested for sexual battery, indefinitely suspended


Ole Miss freshman cornerback Bobby Hill was arrested for sexual battery, according to the Oxford Police Department and the Clarion Ledger.

Hill was taken to the Lafayette County Detention Center Tuesday after a victim claimed she was sexually assaulted and decided to press charges. Hill is still being held on $10,000 bond.

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Hill played mostly on special teams this past season and recorded one tackle.

Update: Hugh Freeze released a statement regarding Hill’s arrest.

“We are aware of the situation and recognize the proper authorities are responsible for the matter. Bobby has been indefinitely suspended from all football activities while the process moves forward. We take this very seriously and will make decisions once the course of action is complete.”

The incident allegedly took place last weekend, and it was first reported to the police Sunday morning. Hill was arrested Tuesday.

Photo Credit: Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports



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  • He can always transfer to Auburn or LSU.

  • Sorry man but UGA has had more arrested players than either Auburn or LSU in the past three years. You guys rank third behind Missouri and UF.

    • Well, most arrests for georgia are weed or underage drinking. and if the actions continue to go on, theyre kicked off the team. and the one guy who was ended up being LSU’s starting qb.

  • Why always so negative with Auburn giving players a second chance. I mean none of the players come to Auburn and make the same mistake as before. I see that as a positive thing, not a negative. I mean Cam is in the NFL and Marshall almost helped his team win a NC.

  • Well if this true and he did sexually assault this woman, then he should go away for a long time. But in this day and time, you can’t always believe what people say. I was an MP in the army for almost 9 years, and I can say that i have witness first hand at what people are capable of doing or saying.

  • Pastor Freeze runnin’ a clean program down there.

    • How on earth is this an indictment of Hugh Freeze?? Please enlighten us. One 18 year-old’s piss-poor decision does not constitute a track record of any kind. He allegedly raped a girl, was arrested for it, and has been suspended indefinitely. How else would this be handled Judge Bunkis???

  • Even the best coach in the world can’t monitor the actions of eighteen to twenty one year old kids (i.e. Nick Saban). Young men make wrong decisions all the time. Hopefully, Freeze will use this as an opportunity to educate the rest of the team on the dangers involved when you mix alcohol with females.

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