Bovada releases national championship odds for 2014

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Alabama vs Oklahoma

Recently, Bovada is in full college football mode. The site released their 2014 SEC Championship odds last week, along with the national championship odds for 51 different teams.

Twelve different SEC teams were included in the odds, but Kentucky and Vanderbilt weren’t listed.

Coming at no surprise, Florida State has the best odds to win the championship, with Alabama being the SEC’s team with the best odds at 6/1. Auburn is right behind Alabama at 9/1. Arkansas has the SEC’s worst odds at 300/1.

Here’s a look at the odds for 51 different teams, via Bovada:

Florida State: 11/2
Alabama: 6/1
Oregon: 8/1
Auburn: 9/1
Ohio State: 10/1
Oklahoma: 12/1
Georgia: 16/1
UCLA: 16/1
LSU: 18/1
Michigan State: 25/1
South Carolina: 25/1
USC: 25/1
Baylor: 28/1
Stanford: 33/1
Wisconsin: 33/1
Florida: 40/1
Mississippi: 40/1
Notre Dame: 40/1
Texas: 40/1
Michigan: 50/1
Nebraska: 50/1
Arizona State: 66/1
Clemson: 66/1
Missouri: 66/1
Texas A&M: 66/1
Miami: 75/1
Oklahoma State: 75/1
Arizona: 100/1
Iowa: 100/1
Kansas State: 100/1
North Carolina: 100/1
Tennessee: 100/1
Texas Tech: 100/1
Washington: 100/1
BYU: 150/1
Mississippi State: 150/1
Virginia Tech: 150/1
Oregon State: 200/1
Cincinnati: 250/1
Louisville: 250/1
West Virginia: 250/1
Arkansas: 300/1
TCU: 300/1
Boise State: 500/1
Boston College: 500/1
California: 500/1
Georgia Tech: 500/1
Pittsburgh: 500/1
South Florida: 500/1
UCF: 500/1
Rutgers: 1000/1

Photo Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports



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  • Ole Miss odds just as good as Florida’s? Look Out!

  • Ole Piss with better odds than Mizzou or TAMU? Whatever.. UT is too high too but at least I know they have 4/5 stars littered all over the field…

    • Considering your a mizz fan, and your still new to the SEC, I understand that you have no clue about anything football. You do realize that Ole Miss would kill mizzou and they are going wreck A&M this year.

      • Armyguy007, Mizzou fans might not have a clue about anything football… but we know this… Mizzou has played in the SEC championship one more time in our two short years in the league than Ol Miss has in 22 years.

    • I actually agree with armyguy in the fact that Mizwho is not going anywhere. Any team in the west could crush them, now ole miss beating a&m? Yea right lol

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