Bovada posts SEC Championship odds

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SEC Media Days are just 11 days away, which is always the unofficial official start to the season.

Sportsbook Bovada released the SEC Championship odds yesterday for every team, and – shockingly, err not – Alabama has the best odds to win in Atlanta. Auburn, Georgia, LSU and South Carolina all have 5/1 odds.

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Here’s a look at all 14 teams’ odds:

  • Alabama: 3/2
  • Auburn: 5/1
  • Georgia: 5/1
  • LSU: 5/1
  • South Carolina: 5/1
  • Florida: 9/1
  • Ole Miss: 16/1
  • Tennessee: 18/1
  • Missouri: 25/1
  • Texas A&M: 25/1
  • Mississippi State: 33/1
  • Arkansas: 66/1
  • Kentucky: 100/1
  • Vanderbilt: 250/1

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Missouri isn’t getting much respect from any outlet during the preseason. The country is convinced to make the Tigers earn it this year, and Bovada has the Tigers at 25/1 odds. Does it surprise anyone else that Tennessee has better odds than Missouri, Texas A&M and Mississippi State?

Does Florida seem like the best bet out of all the teams? What about Missouri?



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  • Number 1. …..who in the hell is Bovada???? Number 2. …. He/she/they say Florida has almost a three times better chance of winning the SEC than Missouri!!! Are he/she/they high or something? Did Bovada see Florida last season? On to Number 3. …. Ole Miss & Tenn above Mizzou??? That’s it, I’ve had my big laugh for the day, Bring on Zou QB Maty Mauk & Company, can’t wait for the season start…… Peace out Bovada, get a clue.

    • After the turnaround Mizzou and Auburn had last year, you really find it that insane to see Florida make a turnaround? The fact that a Mizzou fan can’t believe that makes this very funny

    • I can’t believe I’m saying this but If I would have done this State would be in front of y’all. A&M hasn’t proved they can play with out Johnny yet so they are at a good spot. Mizzou is in a good spot actually considering Beckam is gone.

      • I know that’s not something you wanted to say. As a State fan, I think we may see a flashback to the late 90’s when both Mississippi schools were a force in the west. I would give them both better odds then this.

    • No offense, but emotional people like yourself are what make those setting the odds so much money. They’re unbiased and many people making bets are…not.

    • Well, one thing Bovada is not, and that is a loyal fan of any team, which so many times gets in the way of sound reasoning. They are in the business of money…..period.

  • UT just landed DT- KALIHL ((SP?)

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