Brent Musburger could be replaced by Chris Fowler or Rece Davis on Saturday Night Football


Brent Musburger’s time with Kirk Herbstreit on ABC’s Saturday Night Football may be complete, according to

Musburger was offered the job of lead college football announcer for the new SEC Network, and it seems clear that Musburger is being ‘pulled away’ from the Saturday night job with Herbstreit. It’s unclear whether Musburger will accept the role with the new SEC Network.

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The leading candidates to replace Musburger are Chris Fowler and Rece Davis. Fowler currently dominates College GameDay, while Davis dominates studio work with Mark May and Lou Holtz, as well as ESPN’s Thursday Night Football. Fowler is reportedly the leading candidate to replace Musburger.

According to SI, some within ESPN don’t want Fowler hosting GameDay and calling Saturday night games, simply because of the demands of Fowler’s GameDay job. Some have mentioned Fowler may leave GameDay to broadcast live events solely.

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  • When ESPN announced Joe Tessitore would be hosting “SEC Nation” instead of Reece Davis you could see this coming. Musburger’s contract ended after the title game and Fowler has made it known he wants to do play-by-play. Fowler will take over for Musburger and Reece Davis will take over for Fowler on “Gameday”. I think it will be a great move for ESPN. I think Davis is just as good a host as Fowler and Fowler will be an upgrade over Musburger.

  • We are living in the age of bad football tv hosts. Mussburger is one of the very few exceptions. Lou Holtz could be good if he didn’t have such obvious bias problems. I miss the radio twosome from Mizzou’s 60s and 70s. Those guys could scream for 5 minutes, not say a dang thing, and still make the game better than todays tv cronies.

  • That would not be a smart move on ESPN to let Brent Musburger go to the new SEC Network. I have been watching and listening to Brent Musburger for many years on CBS Sports and ESPN, in my opinion he is still one of the best broadcasters in the country today especially for College Football if ESPN lets him go and replaces him with either Chris Fowler or Rece Davis ESPN will lose a lot of viewers.

  • Musburger is without a doubt one of, if not the worst announcer on TV. If I had a “Musburger mute” button I’d use it.

    • Verne and Gary take home that award

      • As bad as Verne and Gary are, at least they don’t have the very obvious bias against the SEC and Southern teams in general that Musburger displays. I agree with Chris, a “Musburger Mute” button would be a big seller with folks I know. I hope the rumor of him coming to the SEC Network are wrong—but with Paul Finebaum already on board, I question the competence of the HR department there, so it may be so. I’d vote for Reece Davis over Chris Fowler to do play by play if Musburger leaves that role. Davis brings a much higher level of excitement and passion for the game into his work. Fowler is knowledgeable and well spoken, but seems to somehow rise above the semi controlled chaos that is the college football world we all love.

  • Burnt Muffburger gone? Thank you. That obnoxious old queen should have stayed retired. His tendency to gush over Nota Daaaaaaame and Big Ten schools makes me reach for a barf bag every time he starts winding up his homerism and his obvious biases. Maybe he can stay gone this time….

  • Are you people listening to the same games I am? Brent Mustardburger is absolutely the WORST sports broadcaster in history. When I read that Herbstreet was getting rid of him, my first thought was “It’s about time.” Then comes the news that we in the SEC are going to be stuck with him! Gag!! I found an app on my phone that lets me tune into the radio broadcasts of my team’s games. Guess I will continue to turn off the TV sound and listen to the radio. Anybody would be better. I really miss Keith Jackson.

  • Good to see Brent Hamburger removed from primetime games. There was a reason CBS gave him the boot many years a go, he stunk!

    Agreed w/ other posters, Verne and Gary also blow. Wish CBS would replace both of them!

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