NFL considering lengthening extra points to 42 yards; should college football do the same?


The NFL is currently discussing whether or not to lengthen extra points. The league is flirting with the idea of extending extra points to 42 yards, instead of the automatic 20-yard chip shot, according to

Should college football follow suit?

Former Clemson coach Tommy Bowden suggested college football rids itself of the extra point altogether, and it would make coaches think after touchdowns – should they keep seven points or do they risk going for eight points with a conversion attempt, missing and getting just six? He laid out his plan in detail here.

NFL extra points are nearly automatic, and they aren’t as automatic in college football, because of #collegekickers. We know college football won’t eliminate the extra point altogether, but could they move it back a few yards and make it a more impactful and pressure packed?

I’m a traditionalist by nature and love the game currently. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing extra points extended longer. I’m not in favor of eliminating them from the game completely, but lengthening extra points would create drama.



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  • On a side note, I’d like to see the NFL adopt something similar to the NCAA’s Overtime rules. Maybe start from the 35 or 45 yd line instead.

  • Ugh Alabama’s kicking team is already bad enough.

  • I like this idea. I absolutely hate the idea of removing extra points all together but I’d be all for making them difficult.

  • The NCAA better get “Little Nicky Satan’s” approval first.

  • Wow…interesting concept. I’d say I’m against it because you just don’t want to lose a game because of a missed extra point. Granted, it could happen already, but if an extra point is missed now, it’s a fluke and is easier to accept. Teams shouldn’t be more likely to lose because they have a worse kicker.

    • Dawg780… what? I honestly mean no offense but take a step back and think about what you wrote. lol Of course a team should be more likely to lose because they have a worse kicker. Like with any position in the game. The extra point system is broken and has been for years. When the game was first made an extra point was NOT a guarantee. There was no such thing as a skill position called: “kicker”. The people who created the rules back in the 1800s MEANT for the extra point to add an element of depth to the game. It was never meant to be a given with the exception of random flukes. And yeah the game SHOULD be played closer to its original intent and yeah a team that has a worse kicker SHOULD be more likely to lose the game… otherwise what’s the point of even keeping the extra point in football and have a kicker position?

      • Alan, no offense taken. I can certainly see your point and, candidly, was not aware of the original intent of the extra point. My point was that it would suck to see your team consistently lose by a few points because the kicker sucks. Then again, I guess that already sort of happens, just in the form of field goals. It’s a tough one, but that’s why I’m not adamantly against it. I wouldn’t mind maybe making the extra point kick 30 or even 35 yards.

  • I’m concerned about player safety, if you think about it logically, having a kicker kick the ball twice as far after everything touchdown would put more stress on his leg and make him more vulnerable to injuries. Plus all the injuries that could happen while whoever is playing Alabama tries to return every extra point.

  • 42 yards is a little overkill. Let’s start at 30 and see what happens from there.

  • No. But here is a better idea. To encourage the 2 point attempt, allow any player to punt the ball through the uprights at any time during the 2 point attempt (result would still be 1 point). The 1 point field goal is only a little boring because we know what they are going to try.

  • I don’t mind a little more excitement in the game. I tell you what tho, if they NCAA follows suit, the kickers will be almost have to be recruited. Which I have wanted to see more of. Too often, coaches “round up” a few on campus as walk-ons knowing full well that extra points and field goals are vital to winning games. Kickers have been afterthoughts, yet carry a helluva burden. That’s my two cents.

  • Hope they’ve researched this to make sure it’s safe for the players…..

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