College football’s best head coaching jobs

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Florida

Athlon Sports recently ranked the best college football head coaching jobs, and Texas is the best job in the country, according to the site.

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Florida came in at No. 2, and you could make the best case for Florida to be No. 1 if not for Texas. Alabama came in at No. 3; Georgia is No. 8; LSU is No. 9.

Four SEC jobs are ranked in top ten and nine jobs are ranked in the top 25, according to the site. Here’s where all SEC schools landed on the country’s best coaching jobs, via Athlon Sports:

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2. Florida
3. Alabama
8. Georgia
9. LSU
13. Texas A&M
15. Auburn
16. Tennessee
19. South Carolina
25. Arkansas
30. Ole Miss
31. Missouri
47. Kentucky
48. Mississippi State
49. Vanderbilt

Few thoughts:

  • LSU is a top five job in the country. From the in-state recruiting base talent, facilities and Death Valley, LSU is the total package for any coach. I wouldn’t be afraid to rank LSU ahead of Alabama, but since the ranking pertains to 2014, Alabama is fine at No. 3. But LSU deserves to be a top five job. Les Miles is sitting on a gold mine.
  • Although they’re outside the SEC, if I had one choice to pick a job where I know I could win, it would be Southern Cal. You could win a conference championship every year, although the Pac-12 is getting better overall as a league. Southern Cal was ranked No. 4 on the list. It would be the most attractive head coaching job in the country to me.
  • Seeing as so much SEC talent is being mined in the state of Georgia, the Bulldogs could also be ranked higher. Georgia continues to prove just how hard it is to win a national championship. Year after year, UGA has as much or more talent than any team in the country, but the elusive championship has escaped them during the BCS era. Maybe the College Football Playoff era will bring better luck. What more do you want in a program than Georgia?
  • Auburn or Texas A&M: which job is better? According to Athlon, Texas A&M is the better job. This isn’t majority opinion. Most would choose Auburn to have the most program upside; however, I would take Texas A&M, too. There’s money pouring into the program, the facilities are sweet and the recruiting base is loaded in Texas. You can’t go wrong with either program, though.
  • How about Kentucky being ranked above Mississippi State and Vanderbilt? Lexington is a beautiful city, but the football hasn’t been very beautiful. Four wins in the last two seasons. With what Dan Mullen has accomplished and with what James Franklin accomplished before he moved on, it’s hard not to have both MSU and Vanderbilt ranked over Kentucky.

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  • Florida is a top notch coaching position, so why did Florida settle on Muschamp.

  • Tenn, Arkansas & Ole Miss are not anywhere near better coaching jobs than MIzzou. SEC people just don’t know what a good thing Tiger fans have going on at Mizzou…extremely stable & capable coaching & A.D., outstanding stadium & facilities that are constantly improving even as we speak, and a rabid growing fan base very happy to be in the SEC! As George Jefferson from yester-year TV might say it…. we’re moving on up! Tenn, Ark., & Ole Miss….. seriously? Laughable!

    • Missouri does not compare to the University of Tennessee. Look at consensus NCs, (4-0), all time winning percentage, bowl wins, bowl appearances, your stadium holds 2/3 of what UTs does, talent base, tradition/history, alumni base, money, etc….University of Tennessee beats Missouri in all of those categories, that equals a better head coaching job. Missouri better than Ark and Ole Miss? Maybe. Better than UT? Definitely not.

      • I agree with StuDawg. Tennessee has a much stronger tradition and following. As a Missouri fan I love the move we made to the SEC. I have become a total Saturday football nut and couldn’t be happier about it. Hopefully, Mizzou will continue to play well and build on the respect they’ve earned this past season. SEC fans are the most knowledgeable in the country and it’s a pleasure reading these posts. That being said, I still hate Kansas!

    • This is what we call “homerism” to the 10th power. I’ve been to every SEC venue and I’ve lived in the states of Missouri and Tennessee. There is a huge gap in programs and Mizzou is no doubt doing well but has so far to go. National titles, bowl wins, overall wins… Along with so many other aspects which define successful college football programs. Trust me, a “rabid growing fan base” does not compare with the epicness of what transpires at Neyland Stadium. That place is scary huge and has a fan base that isn’t going anywhere win or lose. 16 to 31 may not seem like a huge gap but it really is as far as this list goes. Mizzou has some growing up to do.

    • The people at Athlon are parrots. The State of Missouri has a 5 million recruiting base and is the only top 120 football program in the State. Mizzou keeps bad coaches too long and good coaches even longer. Fan’s forgive coaches probably too much. History is history, Missouri has made 8 of the last 9 Bowl seasons, and these seasons include two Cottonbowl wins and 4 Conference Championship appearances.. Few programs in the NCAA have a higher winning percentage in THIS decade. (this= the one we are living in and ranking) Columbia is a manageable sized community near Missouri’s tourist and entertainment region. In this decade Pinkel has laid a foundation where the program values are ideal for student athletes. Fans who don’t appreciate this can spend their time and money at Chiefs and Rams games. If having a history of a fictional NC is the only thing you appreciate then you might be a slave to any organization that has ever done this in any sport and you might also have no conscious about how they got there and how often they sacrificed over-all quality for just one fan form of product results. (one example would be the well documented cheating of Texas, Oklahoma, SMU, and so many other programs). If you are a fan of cheaters they I feel sorry for your pathetic life) . If however you are a lucky fan of another program that wins and creates a quality environment of student athlete who are good citizens then congratulations to that institution also. THIS IS WHAT MAKES COLLEGE ATHLETICS WORTH WATCHING.

    • I loathe UT with an unbridled passion, but the idea that Mizzou is a better coaching position is frankly laughable at best. The facilities are inadequate for any large conference, much less the SEC (67K seats? Pfft, and the current projects only add about 6K more)

      • Missouri’s record crowd has been 75,248 quite a few improvements back. And Missouri’s program of 2014 is easily a better coaching job than all the above. As the SEC firings at Tennessee, Kentucky, aTm, Arkansas, Auburn…PROVE. The same people who are trying to tell us differently in this article are the ones who thought Missouri would and should Fire Pinkel in 2013. I rest my case about this brainless media list.

    • Anyone who would say mizzou is a better coaching job than Tennessee has no idea bout college football and is just going on who has been better the last couple years. Ut is better on NC, overall wins, bowl wins, and nfl players produced alone.

  • Athlon is a National Publication not an SEC publication. Agree with about 90% of list. Oxford MS and Ole Miss is a better job than 30. Top 10 recruiting class a while back. Great college town citizens love and support football and the coach. ‘The Grove’ is top 3 in the country for tailgating. (been to all SEC venues). Up and coming team with plenty of history. No way 30.!

  • What are the criteria? If you compare program tradition, home state talent, the program’s national recognition, football facilities, pipeline states, fan quality, and alumni pressure I’d have to say Alabama is the better school. Mostly becuase Alabama has proven they reach into Texas, Louisiana, and Florida more consistently than Florida has post-Tim Tebow. Not to mention Alabama has the surperior traditon. Also of course I’m gonna disagree with UGA over LSU, but I’m pretty biased in that matter.

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