Haters out in full force: Fans react to the SEC losing the BCS National Championship


The SEC’s BCS National Championship streak has been broken with Florida State’s 34-31 win over Auburn, and it’s safe to say fans outside the conference are happy it’s over.

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The BCS is over; the SEC’s streak is over, and life is just rosy for everyone around college football.

Here is how fans reacted to the SEC’s streak of seven straight championships coming to a close:

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  • Teams in Final Top 5: SEC 3, ACC 1
    Teams in Final Top 10: SEC 4, ACC 1
    Teams in Final Top 25: SEC 7, ACC 3

    So what’s all this about ACC superiority?

    • Oh, excuse me, the ACC actually had TWO teams in the Top 10. Still half of the SEC’s total. Even counting next year’s conference addition, Louisville, and the ACC’s impending permanent houseguest Notre Dame, the ACC still only charted 5 in the Top 25.

  • Why does the Chick-Fil-Bowl Bowl pick the top ACC team and fourth SEC team available if the ACC is better?
    Why has SC beaten Clemson 5 five years in a row when CU is the 2nd best ACC team and SC is usually the 5th best SEC squad?
    Who’s the 3rd best ACC team? UNC or Duke? Vanderbilt is better than those teams.

  • Well they do have a point….when it comes to the top, the SEC is 0-2 and they went 2-0. ef them

  • 1 out of 7 years isnt bad for the other conferences. I guess they will all really be pissed if the SEC gets all 4 playoff teams next year. Win more than 1 (one) big game ACC then lets talk.

  • I find it ironic that so many of you silly chuckleheads don’t understand a few of things. 1-It is only one game of thousands. 2-FSU is almost an extension of several SEC teams, esp. Bama. 3-Do you people really think this one NC in some way overshadows all that the SEC has accomplished in the last 10–TEN, that two hands full of fingers? 4-are all of you saying that the ACC is better than the SEC? that of course means overall better not this one game. 5-90% of the Bama fans were pulling for FSU to beat Auburn and 30% of the SEC fans were. My numbers are not scientific of course just based on what I have read. 6-My 2nd favorite team is FSU, my least favorite team is, you guessed it Auburn, then LSWho, Florida. Congratulations to Jimbo and FSU. they did have an amazing year and deserve the win and championship. They actually won all of their games and did not need miracles to get there. What I liked most about the NC game was FSU did to burn what they did to others with the exception of the Miracles. Now on to bigger and better grounds. The SEC will be back next year and will shut up all of you silly people who think the universe has changed, The SEC will never win another game and global warming is real. I have already put my money on 3 different SEC teams to win it all next year with My Bama boys taking the first NC under the new system. Could be a very lucrative year for me.

    • at least Auburn deserve to be there, unlike the year Alabama couldn’t even win their own division let alone the SEC but they gave em a second shot LSU. BS

      • So what if they didn’t win their division. They’re only loss was to number 1 ranked LSU! They worked their way back to the number 2 spot by winning out! Face it, the two best teams in the country played for all the marbles that season…..PERIOD!!! Whining loosers like YOU just hate the fact that your team isn’t as good as any one of half the teams in the SEC!!!

  • You just knew this was going to happen if Auburn lost. There is no point trying to justify SEC dominance to these people, the fact that they are acting so crazy because of 1 win in 7 years says it all.

    Plus this guy is just drunk: R.I.P #SEC Welcome #ACC with #BCSChampionship and the #heisman trophy. #MiamiFSU

    R.I.P. SEC? Laughable on so many levels.

  • SEC is (287-139-10) against ACC

    Average score: SEC 23.3 – ACC 16.5

    In bowl games: SEC is (36-19) against ACC


  • “My message would be stay in the ACC . . . Do you want to win a National Championship at Florida State? You’ve got a better chance in the ACC . . . You say, ‘Well, gosh, they’re much stronger in those conferences [the Big 12 and SEC].’ Yeah! They beat up on each other and you can’t hardly get there [to the national championship].” – Bobby Bowden

  • SEC envy. Coming to a conference near you.

  • I hope everyone enjoys this so called playoff next season, especially when their team is number 5 and they get to watch it. Not enough team. Need eight or probably sixteen. Going to be lots of unhappy folks net season. The weak SEC would have had two teams in the playoffs if it started this year.

  • Only 6 more to go ACC, then you can talk!

  • What a bunch of whiners! They act as if last season was the last time the SEC will EVER win a national championship. LMAO!! Jealousy and Envy running rampant!!

  • There was no doubt the SEC haters would be out in force after AU and UA lost BCS games and the SEC run of national championships was broken. So to them the SEC is going away now and that powerhouse, the ACC, will dominate. FSU is a very good team and deserved to win. Clemson can, at times, be a very good team. Notre Dame, next year’s quasi ACC member, can at times be a good team. However, don’t look for the ACC to go on a seven year run of national titles.

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