College Football Playoff will release weekly rankings


If you love college football polls you’ll like that the College Football Playoff selection committee will release weekly rankings starting Tuesday, October 28th.

The committee will release the rankings every Tuesday night, which is a good night to do so because, with no NFL games, all eyes will be on the committee’s top 25. By starting the rankings October 28th, it will give the committee seven total rankings, compared to the BCS’s eight rankings.

The recusal policy is expected to be announced Wednesday afternoon.

Although strength of schedule will play a prevalent part in the committee’s selection process, executive director Bill Hancock said the SEC’s decision to stay at eight conference games wouldn’t matter.

An eight- or nine-game league schedule “is not a big deal [for the selection committee], but strength of schedule is,” Hancock told ESPN.

Here are the details we do know about the CFB Playoff:

  • The committee will rank the top 25 teams starting October 28th, but they won’t be transparent. We will not know first-place votes or the total number of points like the AP makes available now.
  • The data will be evaluated individually before the committee comes together to make a collective decision.
  • The committee will give us weekly rankings, not bi-weekly like previously thought.
  • The top 25 will be released on Tuesday nights, as opposed to the BCS’s Sunday night rankings.

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