Dabo Swinney attempts to troll South Carolina after Orange Bowl win


Steve Spurrier started it after the Capital One Bowl, and Dabo Swinney kept the trolling rolling after the Orange Bowl win over Ohio State. This rivalry is great for college football, and both teams are winning on the national stage…Clemson just isn’t winning against South Carolina.

After the Capital One Bowl victory over Wisconsin, Spurrier made sure the Tigers knew who the Carolina state champs really are.

“Hey, these two Capital One Bowls in a row are pretty nice, but that state championship ain’t bad either.”

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And in an attempt to get the last laugh after the Orange Bowl win, Swinney threw a jab back at South Carolina, saying they’ve entered uncharted waters and stand alone.

“We’re the first team from South Carolina to ever win a BCS bowl.”

South Carolina has beaten Clemson five years in a row, and the Gamecocks have now beaten two BCS bowl winners (Clemson and UCF) and the Cotton Bowl winner (Missouri) all in the same season. Three 11-win seasons in a row is a remarkable feat.

Spurrier was probably smoking a cigar and sipping bourbon when Dabo made the remarks, and he’ll have something special planned for him. After all, Clemson beat Ohio State, a team the SEC is undefeated against.

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  • Dabo’s reaction to FINALLY getting to use one of his pre-planned retorts to Darth Visor:


  • Ohio State beat Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl. But I guess that one doesn’t count.

  • Bless his little heart… poor dabo seems to have a selective memory when it comes to his listing clempsin’s accomplishments…

    Why yes, they were, in fact, the first team from SC to win a BCS bowl game… what he conveniently “forgot” to mention is that they were in a BCS game solely because of the two teams per conference limit rule and that BOTH South Carolina and Missouri were ranked ahead of clempsin in the BCS rankings

    They also have the distinct honor of giving up the most points (70 in the 2012 “O” Bowl) in a BCS bowl…

    He also pointed out that under his watch, clempsin had back to back 11 win seasons for the first time in their history…. I’m glad that he/they could achieve such a high level of wins…

    Playing in and finally winning a “showcase” BCS bowl is a high honor… I guess that we Carolina fans will just have to be content with five straight victories over such a fine coach and team… and our three straight eleven win seasons… of which dabo and clempsin contributed so much to…

    • Yes it sucks Tom. Like Spurrier said though, who said football’s fair. I don’t think anyone can deny what South Carolina did this year. The record is impressive and it speaks for it’s self. Look at what UCF, Clemson, and Missouri have done. Only Auburn can claim equally impressive victories. Add to that UNC won their bowl and Mississippi state won their bowl in blowout fashion. I suspect Vandy will as well. South Carolina was an elite football team in 2013 and are returning most of the team. It was a great year to be a Gamecock fan.

      • ehh. I meant to mention in there somewhere that those were all teams South Carolina beat. UCF, Clemson, Missouri, UNC, Mississippi State, Vandy.

    • “What he conveniently “forgot” to mention is that they were in a BCS game solely because of the two teams per conference limit rule ” Ah yes a.k.a. the anti S.E.C. rule. We saw what happened when two teams from the S.E.C. played for the National Championship. Suddenly that idea of a playoff sounded attractive. Oh I can’t wait until something happens in the final weeks of the season and the top four spots are held by S.E.C. teams.

      • It’ll never happen, Kidd. The selection committee will make sure that it doesn’t. If the BCS formula were used to select the four teams, then I could see maybe three teams making it in, but the CFP selection committee will never allow us to take all of spots from the other conferences.

        • When we go to a 4 team playoff I do expect to see 2 teams from the SEC in it from time to time. It will happen

  • Not as bad as his rant last year bragging about how Clemson’s all-time record vs USC is so much better and how they have such a great football tradition. So basically… the team owned USC until you got there and they lose 5 in a row. Steve and his school with a team awful history own you. Nice point Dabo.

  • Yeah, Ohio State never beat Arkansas. If that makes you SEC fans feel better, then keep repeating it. And USC didn’t win the BCS with Reggie Bush either.

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