Mizzou’s Dorial Green-Beckham arrested for suspicion of felony drug activity

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Dorial Green-Beckham was arrested overnight for suspicion of drug activity , and he was released from the Greene County Jail early Saturday morning, according to Cpl. Wilcox, via TheManeater.com.

“(The release) probably means he wasn’t involved with what they thought he was involved in,” Wilcox said in a phone call from the Greene County Jail.

He was initially arrested for distribution and delivering less than five grams of marijuana. This is Green-Beckham’s second arrest while at Mizzou. He and two teammates were arrested October 2012 for marijuana.

DGB caught 59 passes for 883 yards and 12 TDs in a breakout sophomore season.

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DGB’s mug shot isn’t currently listed in the Greene County Jail database, but that’s because he has been released. Here’s a screen shot, via RockMNation:


Photo Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports



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  • Seems like this kid is another one those talented kids that just can’t get with the program. I’m wondering if the Mizzou coaching staff will actually punish him. I’m guessing they will suspend him for one of the OOC games against some team like Idaho or whatever. DGB will probably be lucky to make it to his junior year without being kick off the team. He may have a ton of talent, but it doesn’t matter if your dumb as dirt and make stupid choices.

  • Very sad, these kids are given an opportunity under their school guidelines when they accept the terms of a scholarship. It may seem harmless but pot is still illegal in MO, this is not his first run in with it. If there is smoke there is fire, Pinkel needs to send the team a message about drugs and player actions. I am a fan of his and his ability as a player, I am not a fan of his stupidness. A suspension is in order for sure, he will end up in the NFL and he knows that so he has limited time before he is drafted. Maybe there should be rules set by the NFL about conduct attached to contracts and that might make these players think twice!

    • Maybe there should be rules set by the NFL about their college conduct attached to contracts and that might make these players think twice! This is what I meant to say……

  • Less than 5 grams of marijuana? come on. this kid is no criminal.

    • Agreed. And now-a-days, if he was a Colorado Buffalo, this wouldn’t even be news.

    • 1 gram is to much. There is a reason pot is still illegal. You would think a talented kid would realize that he could end up risking his college and probably NFL career. He maybe talented, but you would think kids would be smart enough to know better. But then again DGB doesn’t seem like a very bright individual either.

      • ^ 007: since you called him dumber than dirt in another comment and are questioning his intelligence, i feel compelled to let you know that ‘to’ is a preposition or is used to show the infinitive form of a verb. i think you meant ‘too’.

        • Well I appreciate the you for correcting me. Do you usually go around trying to find grammar mistakes in everyone’s posts, are just the ones that you don’t agree with?

  • If you read the bottom right hand corner info, this “mug shot” looks to be from Dec. of 2012, not from last night. Since he was released so quickly, maybe they didn’t even take a picture last night. Also, I know he has a bit of a track record with this kind of stuff, but let’s not judge & convict him too fast. If he’s guilty, he should be punished accordingly, by both the law & Coach Pinkel…even if that means removing him from the team permanently. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that for his sake. He has such a bright future & seems genuinely to be a good-hearted down to earth kid.

  • Knucklehead. He just cost himself some playing time next year and plenty of money come NFL draft time. Nice example for your little brother Dorial. He is coming to Mizzou next year and I hope he is not a pot head like you.

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