Dorial Green-Beckham won’t be charged, but disturbing details emerge about incident

NCAA Football: Murray State at Missouri

The Columbia Police Department issued a statement regarding Missouri suspended wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham, who has been connected with an alleged burglary probe, and said he will not be charged.

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“The burglary investigation that occurred on 4/6/14 at 2:36 A.M. in the 300 block of Old Plank Road involving Dorial Green-Beckham has been completed. Based on the information obtained during the investigation there will be no arrests made in this case.”

Gary Pinkel indefinitely suspended DGB this week for violating team rules.

According to the Columbian Daily Tribune, the incident report released by the police indicated an altercation between Green-Beckham, his girlfriend and two other women early Sunday morning.

The report said DGB unlawfully entered the apartment and forced the door open as one of the occupants tried to keep him out. The report also said that DGB assaulted one of the occupants by pushing her and causing her to fall down “at least four stairs”.

Green-Beckham and his girlfriend then left. The other two women decided against pressing charges and signed “decline of prosecution” forms.

David Morrison, of the Columbia Daily Tribune, obtained the incident report and shared information on Twitter.

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  • Maybe some trauma from a disjointed childhood, maybe a little too much self entitlement assigned by the media, maybe having a brother with serious illness spanning some years when he needed some guidance?, who can say. Stark difference between him and teammate Henry Josey. I wonder if Pinkel has had the two young men in the office at the same time and asked Beckham to compare how he is handling himself to how Josey handled his devastating challenges? If that meeting woudn’t work, then could anything stop Beckham from learning the hard way.

    • …or maybe he’s just an asshole.

      • @CockyMike: Woah woah woah, are you implying that you should be held accountable for your actions, regardless of who you are and how much money you can earn? It’s this type of logic and critical thinking that are ruining America.

      • If poetry is conveying an accurate message efficiently, you are Ogden Nash. Good follow here. Same to Marc below. There is an overpowering air of selfishness in this. That’s why I felt like Josey was a great contrast. More to the story than devastating injury and rehab. When Josey was a freshman, Lawrence was a successful sophomore. But Josey took his starting job. in 2011 and 2, Lawrence got the job back. Throughout their careers both men were models of team attitudes. No matter how Dorial got to attitude-land, he is still responsible and he has to heed the warnings and advice and change directions. Who was the running back that went to Oklahoma that got such an attitude that he quit staying in shape and wound up playing in the world football league for about one year?

  • I am starting to sense that this guy is not going to mature mentally in whatever time he has left at Mizzou. So much going for him if he’d just chill a little. My gut says there will be more incidents before fall camp…or possible just one big incident, which could be the straw. Aren’t there any veteran players, as seniors this fall, who could basically “take charge” of DGB socially, as a big brother or parent might? I fear he could become a major distraction or ‘cancer’ on a team that could be just as good as last years, if he would just grow up & think about his future.

    • Reed, good comment, Missouri does use a big brother system in their family-team system. This makes it all the more disappointing that Dorial hasn’t taken advantage of the mentoring. It seems like he goes looking for forks in the road and can’t resist the wrong choice. Clearly he has no idea what he looks like demanding his way at the residence of these women at that time of the morning. Only a very young child mentally doesn’t understand that property can’t be recovered anytime a person wants (assuming it was his property). Kansas Jayhawk talk radio is having a field day with this story today.

  • I’d say we’re seeing a classic case of someone who gets away with so much because of who he is and how talented he is, that he begins to feel invincible. It would probably be scary to find out the things he has done without having the police called. Pinkel needs to do the right thing and let this kid go so DGB can see that there are consequences to his actions, even if the police and prosecutors won’t pursue charges.

  • I think the girls had something to do with this.

  • Now I wonder what could have possibly motivated those women not to press charges? I can’t imagine.

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